The Best Mongolian Restaurants for an Authentically Delicious Vacation

A trip to Mongolia will be packed with unforgettable experiences and instant friendships.

But as almost any world traveler would note, cuisine is also a big part of a successful trip. And in that category, the best Mongolian restaurants do not disappoint. Let's be clear, there are plenty of great places to eat. From a quick bite to fine dining, you can fill your belly with some of the best eats you can imagine. 

And don't try to predict what you think you'll find. Of course there will be plenty of Asian fare. Grilled entrees prepared in the traditional way are common and almost invariably tasty. But there is so much more going on. Find tastes from across Asia and far beyond. French, German and other European options are ready to provide whatever you crave. There's even easy and delicious access to classic and familiar American cuisine. 

If you've been to Mongolia before, you know much of it is rugged terrain. This provides some incredible opportunities to visit an unparalleled way of life. And if you want to get to know the locals, the nomadic camps that populate much of this region offer plenty of opportunities. But for the best Mongolian restaurants, Ulaanbaatar is your best bet.

This capital city is by far Mongolia's largest and most populated. So it makes sense that you'll find the best of the nation's culinary talent here. That's not to say you won't find incredible places to eat elsewhere. But like the population, these are far more sporadic and scattered in number.

best mongolian restaurants, best restaurants in mongolia

The Best Mongolian Restaurants for World Travelers of All Types

Wherever you travel, you've got to eat. And unless you're packing three meals a day, restaurants are probably a big part of the process. So if you're planning a trip to Mongolia, pay attention to the following stops. These are among the best Mongolian restaurants out there. Don't just take our word for it. Plenty of locals and traveling foodies have their own rave reviews. 

You'll certainly want to try some of the local favorites. Asian food with a regional flair offer some incredible combinations of flavor and service. Count on hospitality at every stop and food that will exceed your expectations. Maybe you want to try out an adventurous menu. Perhaps you're looking for comfort food reminding you of home. But whatever you have a taste for is probably just a short ride away. So try it all and you might just find an entree that become one of your new favorites.

1. Luna Blanca

best mongolian restaurants, best restaurants in mongolia

Credit: Luna Blanca

We'll start with a twist on the classic Mongolian restaurant, done to a near perfect level of excellence. The experience starts off on the right foot from the moment you walk in. You'll be greeted by some of the the city's friendliest staff. After you're escorted to your seat, pay attention to a menu sure to please guests of all appetites. The Asian influence is naturally a big part of the overall vibe. But there are plenty of options for those with dietary restrictions. For instance, there is a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. You'll find this is a common theme among many of the best Mongolian restaurants. 

Plus, it's a fusion restaurant. That means you'll find influences from far beyond the local Mongolian and even regional Asian tastes. The international flair is clear in many of the best dishes on the menu. Need a bit of help deciding? Just ask your server for a recommendation. You'll find the staff is extremely hospitable and eager to provide you with a great dining memory.

2. Namaste

best mongolian restaurants, best restaurants in mongolia

Credit: Namaste

There's a reason Namaste is consistently ranked among the best Mongolian restaurants. Actually, there are a few clear reasons. But let's start with the restaurant itself. A seat in the dining room gives you a great atmosphere for enjoying a delicious meal. And you'll have a choice of plenty of traditional dishes prepared by an expert chef and staff. The precision service is perfectly combined with friendly interactions with the servers, hosts and others. 

Review after review on travel sites gives this restaurant rave reviews. In fact, there appear to be few if any consistent complaints we can find. But the business actually provides much more. For example, there is a catering service that can provide the same incredible food and service at your event. Whatever it is you're looking for to make this fresh food part of your diet, Namaste wants to help. And we think you should give it a shot. Like many of the others on our list, it's suitable for a range of tastes and needs. Those who avoid meat, animal products or gluten can find plenty to please their palates. 

3. Rosewood Kitchen & Enoteca

best mongolian restaurants, best restaurants in mongolia

Credit: Rosewood

We love fresh regional fare prepared in some of the best Mongolian restaurants. But this is also home to some other types of food, including many of European influence. One of our favorites is Rosewood Kitchen & Enoteca. Find many of your Italian favorites on the menu. And each one is prepared with a fresh, unique spin. The result is a dish you won't soon forget. But the experience of dining here is also a memory in itself. 

The service is personal and friendly. Find exactly what you're looking for and order with confidence. Each dish is prepared precisely by a team of talented chefs. And again, this is a great place to dine if you have almost any common dietary restriction. Find your favorite European meals and discover authentic tastes right there in Ulaanbaatar. Entrees like duck and many other staples represent a mastery of many culinary styles.

4. Fairfield Guesthouse & Bakery

best mongolian restaurants, best restaurants in mongolia

Credit: Fairfield

OK, European food is one thing. Travelers might expect to find a great Italian restaurant among the best Mongolian restaurants. But what if you want a truly Western experience. Transport yourself all across Europe and into the Americas by visiting Fairfield Guesthouse & Bakery. There are some Italian dishes like lasagna and spaghetti bolognese. Then you'll find staples of other regional cuisines like chicken Caesar salad and hamburgers. Want a great pancake during your stay in Mongolia? This might be your spot. 

And another great thing about this place is that it's well beyond the beaten path of the big city. If you're the adventurous type who wants to backpack and camp through Mongolia, it's a must stop. Get the tasty fill up you need and stop by the bakery to pick up something to take on the road with you. Whatever you order will prepared to your satisfaction. And you won't feel like you're out in the wilderness when you're here. Save the adventure for when you leave this warm and welcoming spot. All you'll think about here is a chance to unload and refuel before tackling the next task on your list.

5. Arig & Anya

best mongolian restaurants, best restaurants in mongolia

Credit: Arig & Anya

Ramen is a huge part of the regional fare. And if you're in the mood for a great bowl, check this place out. Local and travelers alike say its among the best place to get it prepared. And there are tons of options for just about every taste out there. The overall vibe is reminiscent of traditional Japanese and Asian eateries. There are delicious vegetarian options and dishes to suit your palate and budget.

If you're looking for a quick stop during a busy day traveling through Ulaanbaatar, stop in. Pick up a tasty bowl, get in and out in no time. Friendly staff and a precision kitchen team keep the food flowing and customers smiling. Ramen is this place's claim to fame. But don't sell it short. There are a lot of different ways to prepare these versatile noodles. And the menu is packed with many other incredible dishes. It's a spot for authentic flavors and modern preparations. Casual dining done right is a sure winner on any vacation. This is one of the best Mongolian restaurants to meet and exceed that standar.

6. Mexikhan & Guantanamera Restaurant

best mongolian restaurants, best restaurants in mongolia

Mexikhan & Guantanamera Restaurant

No matter where you travel, the classic flavors of Mexican inspired dishes are a welcome addition. And when you're looking for such a menu in Mongolia, there aren't many places better than Mexikhan. It's a bit of a fusion influence as regional flair leaves its mark on the more classic Latin cuisine. The dishes are full of flavor and served fresh to your table at every visit. This is a sure bet for those who want to try a range of cuisines while visiting Mongolia.

The best Mongolian restaurants might be concentrated in the Ulaanbaatar area.

But don't limit your search to the places and tastes you'd expect to find on your trip. Instead, try a variety of tastes and get a well rounded experience of an unforgettable country. There is no place quite like Mongolia, and you've got an opportunity to explore it during your next getaway.

We hope our guide has helped narrow down your dining options. If so, share this article with the world travelers in your life. And leave us a comment below if you've got any final thoughts or questions.

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