The Best Sleep App Options to Relax Your Mind and Unwind Tonight

If you’re struggling to get some shut eye, you’re not the only one.

However, we’ve found a selection of the best sleep app options to help you unwind and relax. Sleep is one of the most important things for your health, so it’s crucial to get enough.

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The Best Sleep App Options to Try Tonight

Getting enough rest is easier said than done. However, why not download some sleeping apps to help put your mind at ease? Here are our best findings.

1. Calm

Calm is one of the best sleep app options for a variety of options. With so many features, it’s one of the most popular apps to help you relax and get some rest. Firstly, learn how to meditate properly and feel the benefits of it. Learn the life-changing skill to find peace throughout the following day.

Also, learn how to get more restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. The video lessons on mindful movements and gentle stretches help you to feel calm and at ease before ending your day. With exclusive music, this helps you to focus, relax and sleep. Alternatively, you can use this feature throughout the day if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

This is the number one app for mindfulness and meditation. Enjoy 100+ guided meditations to help you manage anxiety, sleep better and lower stress. This sleep app is perfect for beginners. Also, it includes hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users. If you find that reading or listening to a story helps you to relax and fell asleep, then you’ll love the Sleep Stories option. This reads soothing tales by well-known voices. Consequently, it helps you to unwind and fall into a deep sleep each evening.

With hundreds of hours of exclusive music tracks engineered to help you focus, relax or sleep, you’ll be grateful for this advanced feature. Calm Music includes nature sounds, white noise, original compositions and much more.

2. Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is created to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep and optimize your sleeping time. Thanks to the many programs, awake each day feeling refreshed and energized. The programme discovers your perfect bedtime and helps you to keep it consistent each night. It suggests that you head to bed within 15 minutes of your target bed time. Most people need to get 5 cycles of sleep. However, achieving this isn’t always easy. Therefore, this is the best sleep app to educate you about getting adequate shut eye.  

This app gradually awakes you within a gently 5-minute cycle to help you wake to soothing sounds and welcome you to a new day. This progressive alarm helps you wake from any sleep stage with periodic sound cycles. As a result, you’ll peacefully awake to get you set for a new day. In time, your brain will learn a new wake rhythm allowing you to rise naturally.

The Sleep Genius Relaxation Program is created to reduce stress and anxiety. This is achieved by calming both the mind and body. Also, the acoustically modified music induced the relaxation response. This targets the cardiac and respirator system as well as synchronizing brain activity. Sit back in a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Within minutes, you’ll feel your body relax, your breathing slow and your mind release tension.

Finally, recharge throughout the day with the Power Nap feature. Wake up ready to conquer the rest of your day. Not only will you feel more energetic and creative, but you will also be able to better handle social stress and overwhelming situations. Power Nap provides just the right amount of light sleep needed to recharge your mind. At the end of session, an alarm gradually wakes you up so you won’t oversleep.

3. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock. While you sleep, you go through cycles of sleep states. The first state in a sleep cycle is light sleep, followed by deep sleep and a dream state referred to as REM-sleep. A full sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes and is normally repeated several times each night. The Sleep Cycle alarm clock monitors your movement throughout your sleep phase. This uses sound analysis to identify sleep states by tracking your motion in bed.

The accelerometer is used to analyze your movements as you sleep. It’s important that you place your phone correctly to seek the full benefits. Depending on your type of bed and mattress, you might find certain placements work better. The Intelligent Snooze feature lets you snooze through your wake-up phase. Each duration becomes shorter, gently bringing you from asleep to completely awake at your desired alarm time.

4. Headspace

Headspace helps you to understand and properly conduct meditation to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Sleep meditations help create the inner conditions needed for a truly restful night. Restfulness is what makes it easier to wind down and drift off. Therefore, this is the best sleep app to help improve your mind and body throughout the day too. Meditation trains us to be more aware of the present moment. The mind’s tendency to get caught up in thoughts is perhaps strongest at bedtime. Meditation for sleep is a specific, guided experience which offers a natural sleep aid all on its own.

Also, meditation helps to lower your heart rate, thereby increasing the prospect of a quality night’s sleep.  While working through a sleep-based guided meditation), you may discover new tools and techniques. This helps to relax the body and mind and let go of the day, easing into restfulness.

Almost half of us are sleep deprived, but not because we don’t want to sleep. Sometimes we simply can’t fall asleep or stay asleep due to a range of biological forces and lifestyle choices. You know how it goes: You put your head on the pillow and it appears as though the mind suddenly goes into overdrive. Of course, the thoughts have been there all along; it’s just that without any distractions, you become aware of them.

5. Relax and Sleep Well

Relax and Sleep Well is the best sleep app for many people around the globe. This incredible app includes 4 free hypnosis and meditation recordings. The app includes over 80 of author Glenn Harrold’s highly acclaimed hypnosis and mediation range. Its 29-minute hypnotherapy session will take you on a relaxing journey into the deepest levels of self-hypnosis. The subtle background soundscapes will help you connect with a profound feeling of relaxation. This app’s focus is on connecting you with a feeling of relaxation. Listen to the sleep version at night or opt for the awake version during the day. These empowering recordings are completely safe and an effective way of helping you to relax. As a result, you’ll go into a deep state of hypnosis and connect with your creativity.

This app combines powerful hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art recording technology. The special background sound effects were recorded in certain keys and frequencies. As a result, they help enhance the meditation effect and guide you into a deep state of mental and physical relaxation.

6. Digipill

Digipill uses psychoacoustics to allow you to unlock your subconscious and change your perception. It uses completely unique techniques inside carefully crafted audio 'pills' which typically play for around half an hour. However, the effects can often last for much longer - sometimes even a lifetime. The technique has been specifically designed to help with real life issues. It can even be used to approach natural highs, as well as go into a restful and deep sleep.

Simply choose a pill to suit the issue you'd like help with. Sit back with some good quality headphones. Then, allow your mind to work with Digipill to unlock your subconscious. In just over 10 minutes, you’ll experience the benefits of a delightful experience which will set you up for the rest of the day. Alternatively, you can use this sleep app when you need to calm down or are looking for extra motivation throughout the day.

Which of These Sleep Apps Interest You?

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best sleep app options available right now. All of these are free to download, with the option of a payable premium option. Perhaps you’re searching for methods to relax throughout the day, or become more motivated during restful moments. On the other hand, if you’re looking for effective ways to drift off, then we’ve also found sleep apps to help with that.

After reading the descriptions of these 6 sleep apps, which interest you? We’d love to read your thoughts. Share what you think in the comments to keep this discussion going.

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