Find the Best Wheel Rims to Give Your Car a Stylish Upgrade Today

Choosing the best wheel rims for your car can be a tricky proposition.

You can take a look online or in your favorite store and find an overwhelming selection. There are various metals and alloys you can choose from -- not to mention countless styles and designs. But with a bit of insight, you can choose the right wheels for your situation. We'll get into some of our recommended brands. After you're comfortable with the brand, you can match the right style and size to your vehicle. The best wheel rims are an instant upgrade that anyone can immediately notice.

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The Best Wheel Rims for Your Automotive Needs

How do you choose the right wheels for your car? First of all, you need to start with the basics. Different vehicles have different tire and wheel needs. For example, you might want a different design on a classic muscle car than a modern exotic. But the main focus should be strength.

No matter how beautiful a set of rims looks, it has to stand up to the pressure of driving. So you'll only find wheels on our list that pass that toughness test. When you find the brand that speaks to you, then comes the fun part of picking out the right style.

1. Konig Wheels

best wheel rims, wheel rims, top wheel rims

Konig has always made some of our favorite rims. But when the company got its start, it was focused primarily on German vehicles. So if you weren't in a BMW or Mercedes-Benz, you might have had some trouble finding the right set. 

The engineers of these sturdy, attractive wheels listened to their customers, though. Now you can find a long line of wheel styles and sizes for most any vehicle. And that development helped them earn a prominent spot on our list of best wheel rims.

Don't expect anything too out of the mainstream from these rims. They are beautiful and expertly crafted. But at the end of the day, Konig makes more traditional wheels that add to a car's beauty. Some drivers prefer extravagant designs that can actually detract from a car's beauty. We think these wheels enhance the lines and curves of the car you already drive. And they are much sturdier than some top competitors. That means you won't have to constantly worry about chipping or bending a wheel.

2. HRE Wheels 

best wheel rims, wheel rims, top wheel rims

If you want some of the very best wheel rims on the market today, we recommend checking out HRE. This brand might not have quite the name recognition of some of its peers. But those who know great wheels know all about these strong, stylish rims.

First of all, they are crafted from the finest, sturdiest materials. And they are put together to be long lasting and reliable. Of course, strength is only part of the equation. 

With a range of sizes and styles available, HRE aims to meet the needs of almost any wheel shopper. One of the more interesting sets in recent years is its Vintage series. Many drivers with cars 20 or 30 years old notice it's harder to find the right sizes. But this innovative series of rims gives drivers a different option. HRE makes styles that perfectly match the era of the car while also matching the popular sizes of today. This is one of the pricier brands on our list. But if you value your car's appearance and performance, we think you'll be impressed.

3. Enkei Wheels

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Here's another brand that has really proven reliable and popular among a range of drivers. Whether you're looking for something reliable and rugged or elegant and beautiful, Enkei has you covered. 

Let's start with the style. This Japanese brand makes a wide variety of looks -- from elegant luxury to performance racing. They are rarely showy, but they're likely to stand out from the crowd. Many of the styles are designed specifically for Japanese auto makers. But regardless of your make and model, chances are Enkei has a great set for you.

You can tell at first glance that they are quality products. But driving on them proves that fact. The rims are designed with longevity in mind. Simple features like keeping spokes flush with the rim itself mean less chipping. And it's easy to find the perfect fit for almost any type of vehicle.

4. American Racing Wheels

best wheel rims, wheel rims, top wheel rims

Now we get to one of the most popular among classic car enthusiasts. As its name implies, American Racing wheels are popular among folks who drive American race cars. Specifically, these fit well with muscle cars and classic autos. 

And the styles are often perfect matches for the big, powerful and aggressive styling of those cars. You can count on rims made of strong aluminum alloy construction. Part of what makes them some of the best wheel rims around today is their strength. 

Of course you'll need that strength if a big body muscle car will ride on them. But you also want them to be stunningly beautiful. Just like the classic autos they're often paired with, American Racing rims are eye catching. They capture both the toughness and sleek elegance of your fast machine.

5. BBS Wheels

best wheel rims, wheel rims, top wheel rims

We believe all of the brands on our list belong on the list of best wheel rims available for your car. But BBS just might be the best all around maker of luxury and performance wheels. 

Let's begin with the construction. There's plenty to be said about the alloys that make them both light and tough. But perhaps the biggest feature is their fit and finish. First of all, BBS is well respected among auto makers and has worked with some of the best. Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen are some of the brands that have trusted these rims.

But as an aftermarket choice, it also has some great advantages. The advanced construction carries through to all its products. So you can rely on beautiful and expertly crafted wheels no matter which style you choose.

6. Ronal Wheels

best wheel rims, wheel rims, top wheel rims

Here's a brand that qualifies for our list based on its toughness alone. Ronal makes really sturdy wheels for just about any application imaginable. If you're looking for new rims, chances are you can find one you love here. But there is a significant problem -- at least if you're living in the U.S. 

As it turns out, these rims haven't been available in the states for some time. That might be why the name doesn't ring as many bells as BBS or some other brands. But true enthusiasts know all about these products. And many wheel fanatics won't settle for anything less. They take more abuse than almost any other wheels on the road. In fact, some of them are actually made with a titanium alloy that's virtually indestructible.

You can get some used Ronals in the U.S., or shop new in many countries across Europe. If you're looking for the perfect combination of strength and style, it might be worth the effort.

7. SSR Wheels

best wheel rims, wheel rims, top wheel rims

SSR has built a reputation for delivering a wide array of styles, typically to fit racing tires and sporty cars. Beyond the classic and aggressive looks on display, drivers also enjoy the range of technology.

The company has perfected several ways to create wheels that emphasize styling and resilience. There are rims that provide a great combination of lightweight construction and sturdy design.

But what might put this brand over the finish line is the visual element. Whether you go for a simple design or the latest hybrid construction, you're sure to find a beautiful set. SSR typically opts for a clean look that can make your car appear fast even when it's standing still. 

8. Voxx Wheels

best wheel rims, wheel rims, top wheel rims

We'll end our list of the best wheel rims with an economical option. Maybe you have a car that you don't want to put thousands of dollars into. If your family sedan or kid's car could use a new set of wheels, consider Voxx.

As you can tell from first glance, this company makes some really attractive wheels. And unless you really start digging into the details, you might never know how inexpensive they are.

Of course, those hidden aspects can affect the long term reliability of your wheels. For example, they aren't made of quite as sturdy materials. And you won't find lightweight wheels on par with some of the more costly brands. But for the money, we think Voxx offers a great product for any number of auto applications.

Finding the best wheel rims for your car is an important step.

Few things on your car stand out as quickly and consistently as your wheels. That's why you want to find a set that will accentuate your car's beauty and functionality.

We hope our list has helped steer you in the right direction. If so, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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