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13 Popular Haircuts For Men


These trendy haircuts are cool looks for men that come with a fade on the sides and back with stylish longer hair on top. Modern men’s haircuts are versatile and fresh styles that look classy, masculine and sleek. Whether you want a new look or just need some inspiration, these trending haircuts for men can help you change up your style.

Trending Men’s Haircuts

French Crop

The French crop is a simple, modern style that makes the fringe the defining feature. While short and chopped up, this cropped haircut looks similar to the Caesar, which has its roots in ancient Roman culture. Guys who tend to shy away from classic cuts may find this one more to their liking, especially if they want to draw attention to their eyes or cover part of the forehead. The coolest French crop hairstyles feature a taper fade and are styled to achieve a textured finish for a fuller look. This clean cut is ideal for guys who have thick wavy or straight hair. 


The quiff has been a favorite among men and adolescent boys for years, and its popularity continues to grow. It comes in numerous variations, but they all share one common feature – a longer piece of upswept hair in the very front near the forehead paired with shorter locks everywhere else. The additional volume at the top gives the illusion of a slightly elongated face, so this style is perfect for guys who have round or square faces, but at the end of the day, it looks phenomenal on everyone.

Faux Hawk

If a traditional mohawk is a bit too much, but you aren’t ready for a classic corporate cut, the faux hawk offers a perfect balance. Rather than shaving the sides and back of your head and spiking the hair on top straight up, this cut involves a less aggressive taper fade or undercut that produces less contrast. The hair on top can be as spiky or textured as you’d like, and you can pair it with a beard, goatee, stubble, or shaven face. For a cool mohawk-inspired style, the drop fade can be combined with a spiky textured faux hawk for a bold fashion statement.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a cool and low-maintenance style that requires little to no effort to achieve. As a military-inspired look, the crew cut can be the perfect choice for busy men who can’t or don’t want to invest time styling their hair. This is a close-cropped cut that is slightly longer on top than on the sides, and while many crew cuts look similar, slight variations in the length of the hair and the rate at which it tapers can produce different results.

Buzz Cut

The classic buzz cut is the perfect short haircut for guys who want the only style simpler to maintain than a military-like crew cut. It’s an extremely short and masculine style that requires virtually zero maintenance and highlights your facial features. Depending on the color and texture of your hair, you can vary the length of the buzz to create a look that best suits your personality. A line up can immediately add an air of professionalism suitable for the boardroom.

Slick Back

If you’re going for a polished appearance, the slick back is both glamorous and sexy at the same time. Looking your best doesn’t have to be difficult; just grow the hair on top of your head slightly longer than the hair on the sides and back, apply high-hold gel to damp hair, comb it all straight back, then blow-dry. If you like the textured look, make sure you use a fine-tooth comb on wet hair, then don’t touch your hair until it dries.

Side Part

There’s something about a side part that’s both playful and professional, and it works well for straight and wavy hair of various lengths. If you want a more professional, clean-cut look, go for shorter locks. For an edgy, more rugged look, feel free to grow your tresses a little longer. You can create a hard part for a crisp and polished effect, or you can make the part less prominent for a boyish and flirty style.

Bro Flow

If you have medium-length or long hair – or even if you’re in the process of growing out your locks – the bro flow is a phenomenal choice. The goal with this cut is to work with your hair’s natural texture by brushing it back and letting it fall where it may. This cut works best for guys who have straight or wavy hair since the curls can be a bit unruly, and it pairs wonderfully with a clean-shaven face, a full beard, or anything in between.

Comb Over

When done correctly, the comb over is clean and sophisticated, especially on guys who have thinning hair. Just grow the top sections of hair longer than the sides and back, create a deep part, and comb all the hair over to one side. You can make it your own by pairing it with a fade, though this is completely optional. The wet-look comb over is a popular trend that involves slicking down damp with a high-shine gel, then allowing it to dry.

Messy Hair

Messy hairstyles are a stylish and versatile look for guys who want a casually cool finish. The style works well with short, medium, and long lengths, whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly. From slightly tousled beach waves to multidirectional texture and side-swept variations of the classic quiff, there’s a bedhead look to suit almost every occasion. From rugged and manly to flirtatious and breezy, there are countless ways to make this style your own.

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Kohler Furniture Brands Will Be Let go off the Company’s Portfolio


According to the latest news, Kohler Co. has agreed to sell its luxury furniture lines – Baker, Milling Road, and McGuire – to a Chinese company. Kohler is selling these to a U.S.-based subsidiary of Samson Holding Ltd. (for $35 million), a decision that effectively takes Kohler out of furniture manufacturing. The move is not a complete surprise, given the fact that over the past few years, the industry of furniture manufacturing has been wracked by overseas competition. Located in Wisconsin, Kohler is currently the employer of more than 32,000 people worldwide. Its annual revenue was estimated at $6 billion.

About Kohler

Baker and Milling Road have been a part of the Kohler brand ever since 1986, which does make this separation somewhat sentimental. In 1990, Kohler also acquired McGuire, which provides customers with “casual luxury” furniture with a touch of Californian sensibility. Kohler is probably best known for its kitchen & bath, lighting, luxury plumbing, cabinets, vanities, and golf courses. The company is a manufacturing giant, operating more than 50 factories across six continents.

So what made Kohler sell its luxury brands? According to spokesman Todd Weber, the company has evaluated its furniture business “and determined that it no longer aligned with the company’s strategy and core focus moving forward.”

Privately held Kohler’s businesses also include an interiors branch. Even though it’s shedding its furniture operations, Kohler plans to continue its decorative product brands which sell stone and tile; luxury plumbing; lighting and vanities; and cabinets. Being the high-end brand that it is, Kohler has also custom made chairs for the State Dining Room in the White House.

Kohler Says Bye-bye to Luxury Furniture

With its furniture brands, Kohler is also offering Samson Baker’s 750,000-square-foot factory in Hildebran, N.C., where more than 200 people currently work; a smaller plant in High Point, N.C.; potentially a distribution center (and 36 acres of land) in Hickory, N.C.; and two factories in Indonesia. According to the sale agreement, Samson will pay $29.5 million for the deal, in addition to another $5.5 million if it will decide to buy the distribution center and the surrounding property.

Kohler sold its luxury furniture brands due to the economical context. Asian manufacturers make furniture pieces that look the same as the domestic brands but for far cheaper price tags. The imports are usually structurally inferior, but the manufacturers compensate by working harder on the “face” of the product. The result is something that looks eerily similar to the good stuff, so customers buy it.

Kohler assured its employees the brands it sells will continue to operate out of their offices and facilities in Indonesia and North Carolina, as well as showrooms in England, North America, and France. At the same time, it’s noteworthy that the deal does not have any direct impact on any Samson Marketing companies or departments in the High Point, North Carolina.

Behind the Scenes

Samson is buying several businesses which have underperformed for the last two years, recording loses instead of profits. Samson revealed these facts in a disclosure statement posted on the website of the Hong Kong stock exchange. Over the past decade, Baker had to close two factories in North Carolina – an upholstery plant and a case-goods facility. However, this is not unusual in the industry.

Over half of the household-furniture manufacturing jobs in the U.S. disappeared from 2001 through 2015. Meanwhile, the number of factories dropped by 43 percent. On the other hand, Dongguan-based Samson, has its eyes set on expanding its U.S. furniture-making. Dongguan is one of the major industrial cities in south China, with a population of 7 million. Samson is a renowned furniture wholesaler and manufacturer for major retailers worldwide. It also opened an upholstered furniture manufacturing factory in North Carolina, which operates successfully. The company already employs more than 800 workers in the U.S.

Kohler Design Center: Visit the Ultimate Furniture Showroom

Opened in 1985, the Kohler Design Center is the main attraction in a small village west of Sheboygan. The village is also home to the Kohler Co., one of the most respected names in the industry of plumbing fixtures. About 130,000 visitors a year enter the doors of the Design Center, which remains a top tourist destination in Sheboygan County.

And it’s no surprise so many people are keen to visit it, given the hundreds of popular and innovative designs showcased in room settings and functional displays. The Center expands across three floors and almost 36,000 square feet. Open to the public 363 days a year (closed only on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day), the location offers visitors free admission. There’s plenty to see and do at the ever-changing Design Center, but here are our five favorite picks.

1. You can tour the 20-plus model bathrooms and kitchens.

The mezzanine level of the Design Center includes kitchen and bathroom vignettes created by famous interior designers. They incorporate products from the Kohler businesses, including Ann Sacks tile, Baker and McGuire furniture, Robern bathroom vanities, cabinets, mirrors and lighting – and so much more!

For example, designer Kim Lewis created an intimate kitchen called the “Copper Cottage.” Perfectly sized for an urban setting, the kitchen was inspired by nature. That’s why it features a palette of sky blue, light green, and Simply White. The result is something unexpected – fresh yet neutral. It also features Kohler’s Purist faucet and Whitehaven single basin sink.

Designer Alison Victoria created the “An American Designer in Paris” vignette. It’s actually a kitchen, seating nook, dining area; all the rooms feature a smoky palette with ornate details and clean lines. The overall result resembles the grandeur of Parisian architecture combined with the edginess of its fashion and art. Her design incorporates a Kohler Strive sink and Purist matte black kitchen faucet, as well as furniture pieces by Baker.

2. You can touch and operate Kohler faucets and fixtures.

One of the best things about the Design Center is that it provides its visitors with a hands-on experience. The kitchen and bath displays on the main level display the range of Kohler’s product designs and conceptual ideas. The wall of sinks allows potential customers to see the differences between apron-front or under-mount sinks, as well as the proportions available for dual-basin sinks. It’s easier to compare and contrast the appearance of stainless vs. enameled cast iron with the products right in front of you. Staff can explain visitors the custom showering technology, while the impressive variety of toilet options is something to behold. The main floor also hosts the Wall of China, a dramatic wall covered in many toilets and sinks.

3. You can learn about Kohler’s history.

The lower level of the Design Center is home to the Heritage Museum, which chronicles the evolution of the company. Everything is on display, from the first horse trough turned bathtub to cast-iron cemetery crosses to the development of world-class golf courses. Visitors can also watch a 20-minute video that tells the story of Kohler and its product innovation. The short visual history is shown at regular intervals.

4. You can meet with a designer on staff.

If you want, you can make an appointment – call (902) 457-3699 – and bring your plans to the Center. There, you can meet with one of the staff designers, who will be more than happy to show you what’s available and offer advice on products, colors, and more. The appointment will arm you with custom plans and product specifications that you can present to your own contractor or designer. So far, people have be surprised and impressed with what the designers have come up with to suit their style.

5. You can take a tour to see the manufacturing process.

If you are curious to see how kitchen sinks, cast-iron tubs, or other Kohler items are made, feel free to take an “Industry in Action” walking tour. A Kohler retiree will be delighted to show you around the Kohler factory. Tours are available Monday through Friday, and reservations are required. Call (920) 457-3699 to book your tour. While taking photos as you walk around the Design Center is encouraged, it is strictly prohibited during the factory tour.

Bonus: The one thing you CAN’T do at the Design Center

Everything that’s on display at the Kohler Design Center is just for show. You cannot purchase anything. According to the company, this is part of the “pressure-free experience,” because customers simply cannot buy anything there. People visit the Center for inspiration and then they go to any Kohler distributor to get the products they want.

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Reasons To Study Abroad In The UK


Studying for a degree is a defining moment in many people’s life. It sets a trajectory that you could well be following for the rest of your life.

While deciding what you want to study is critical, deciding where to study can be just as important.

If you’ve been considering studying abroad, the UK has to be on your radar. In this article, we’ll be talking about why you should study abroad in the UK.

University prestige

The UK has a long history of higher education and being home to universities like Cambridge and Oxford, it’s no wonder why.

Oxford University, which is nearly 1,000 years old, is ranked as the number one university in the world (Times Higher Education rankings) and has been for the last 6 years. 

Even if you aren’t considering attending Oxford or Cambridge, the UK actually has 8 out of the top 50 universities worldwide with schools across London, Manchester and Edinburgh making the grade.

With some of the most prestigious and historic universities in the world, the UK is a nation that clearly offers education of the highest standards.

Experience new cultures

University life is about more than just your degree. This may well be your first time heading out into the wider world.

It’s an incredible opportunity to make new connections, visit new places and experience new cultures, and the UK is a great place to do that.

For starters, the UK is made up of 4 different countries (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) each with its own unique culture. This might seem strange for such a small island, but there’s a distinct difference in everything from geography, to accent, to the way of life from one area to another.

Not only that, but the UK has a deep history of international relations and a rich and diverse population. Cities like London & Manchester are cultural melting pots and offer a unique opportunity to not only experience British culture, but also that of the hundreds of different nationalities that have decided to call the UK home over the last century.

London itself is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world with an estimated 230 languages spoken. London is home to 4 universities in the top 10 in terms of the number of international students.

You’ll never struggle to find something to do in England’s capital city either. With a rich history, countless tourist destinations and dozens of suburbs with their own unique sense of style, London is a fantastic place to study abroad in the UK.

Standard of living

The UK is known for its high standard of living in comparison with the rest of the world. With higher than average wages, life expectancy, civic engagement and life satisfaction it’s clear that, statistically, the UK is a great place to live and study.

But what does that all really mean to you?


The UK scores 7.8 out of 10 in terms of health and this comes largely down to the free health care system, the NHS.

As an international student, you’ll have access to healthcare any time you need it. Whether it’s a routine checkup or something more serious, you’ll always be able to see a doctor free of charge if you study in the UK.


The UK score, again above average, 6.5 out of 10 in terms of standard and cost of housing.

As a student, though, you’ll likely find that your experience is much better than you’d expect.

Student accommodation in the UK is built to an extremely high standard and Novel’s student accommodation in Canterbury that will surpass expectations is a testament to that.

You’ll find that this type of student accommodation in the UK puts the emphasis on providing a safe and comfortable space for you to carry out your studies, experience the culture and make new friends. By providing exceptional amenities such as games areas, social lounges, fully-equipped gyms and communal cinema rooms – all features of Novel’s student accommodation – a community atmosphere is immediately present from move-in day.

Graduate visa

The UK isn’t just a great palace to study, it’s also a highly desirable destination to live and work.

As an economic hub of Europe, the UK is home to some of the leading businesses worldwide where you could be working with some of the brightest and best in your industry. 

In many situations, applying for and being granted a visa to live and work in the UK can be difficult, but with the introduction of the 2-year graduate visa, staying on to further your career has never been easier.

Not only does this give you an opportunity to stay and work in the 16th highest paying country in the world the graduate visa, although only for 2 years, opens up opportunities to stay and work in the UK even longer.

How? Well once your graduate visa expires you’ll have spent 2 years working and improving your likelihood of being accepted for the skilled worker visa.

So, if you have hopes of working in the UK, or even living here long term, studying at a British University can dramatically improve your chances.

Already popular with international students

Experiencing new cultures is a rewarding and positive experience for most, but it’s nice to know that you’re not alone in your experience.

Well UK universities have you covered there. In 2020-21 there were 605,130 international students studying in the UK! Of those, over 400,000 were from non-EU countries.

That number is massively on the rise too. Since 2016.17, the number of international students attending UK universities has grown by nearly 25%.

Preparing For A Campervan Road Trip In Winters

People enjoying a trip


Thinking of winters in Denver automatically transports you to a paradise brimming with snowy meadows and warm springs. It is the best time of the year for one to look for camper vans for sale in Colorado and go on road trips with their loved ones for some of the reasons stated below:

·        Pleasant weather: Winters make everything look even more beautiful. The snow-capped mountains and the most serene camping spots will offer you a completely different enchanting experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

·        No crowd: People generally avoid going on road trips during the winter season because of the hassles they might face during the journey, and hence, if you are someone who enjoys peace and tranquility, this is the right time for you to plan a trip with your friends.

·       Fewer expenses: It is a no-brainer that prices in tourist places shoot up when there are more visitors, and on the other hand, the off-season is relatively not that expensive. So if you are one of the budget travelers, traveling in winter will help you save a lot of money except for sports like skiing, and snowboarding, obviously.

However, winter road trips can get messy and dangerous if not appropriately planned. To solve that problem, here is a quick guide for you to prep for your winter road trip in Colorado:

·       Make your van winter-ready: Winters can be the most dramatic season of the year, which is why it is extremely important you do all your homework and be ready with all the essentials you will need in your campervan. Some of the things to start with are as follows:

  •    Extra blankets, coats, hats, gloves, and boots to keep you warm. Make sure your coats and gloves are water-proof and quick drying.
  •    Thermos and hot drinks to warm up your body and make your kids happy
  •   Hair dryer to defrost the pipes
  •    Extra firewood for campsites

·       Check with campsites ahead: Nobody likes surprises in absolutely chilly weather, which is why it is better to check with campsites beforehand if they are functional. You wouldn’t want to arrive at the camp and find out they are closed or full in the freezing cold with your kids.

·       Keep a check on the weather forecast: It is better to constantly check the weather forecast before starting your trip, which will help ensure you have everything you need throughout the journey. If it is going to snow on your way, for instance, make sure you keep a snow shovel and ice scraper in your van so that you are not left stranded on the snowy roads.

·       Stock an emergency kit: Don’t leave for the trip without packing an absolute essential emergency kit that includes some basic medicines, basic car tools, extra clothes, and towels in case there’s some unforeseen circumstances you are stuck in. Furthermore, it is equally essential to keep some emergency numbers handy for such cases.

·       Take it slow: Lastly, do not rush on the trip. It generally becomes a little challenging on ice-covered roads to accelerate, brake, and slow down. And hence, it is better to go with the flow and not hurry. Take it slow, enjoy the beauty of Colorado and find new places to explore on your way.     

Now that you know everything, it is time to pack your bags, look at some top camper vans for sale in Colorado, embark on your super-exciting road trip with your friends, and have the time of your life.

Tips to Make Luxury Travel More Affordable

2 glasses of orange cocktail drink

As more people begin making travel plans, you may be dreaming about destinations you wouldn’t have dreamed of going to in 2022. While traveling first class and staying at luxury hotels can bring your trip to the next level, you may not feel you have the budget to do so. The good news is there are ways of making luxury travel much more affordable with these tips. There are several ways to optimize your expenses.

Affordable Luxury Travel - a woman standing above a stone cave

Look for Alternative Options

Take some time to plan out your travel budget. This can ensure you are not surprised by any last-minute expenses. One option is to take out a personal loan, especially if you find the expenses will be higher than the amount of money you have saved up. A personal loan may offer better terms than simply putting everything on a credit card and carrying the balance.

Use the Right Search Engines

There are travel search engines that will help you plan a trip for maximum fun and compare prices across different hotels and airlines. Some will check the price of a certain trip across several sites at once, and you can sort the results based on a variety of filters. They may allow you to have some flexibility with your travel plans as well. Make sure you check a variety of search engines, since some may not show you all the results.

Look for Airline Sales For Your Affordable Luxury Travel

Many times, airlines run sales, so you can find tickets for a steep discount. If you sign up for airline mailing lists, you can get information on when sales are running. Some offer discounts on first-class tickets, and these can be less expensive than going, business class. In some cases, you can also find two-for-one sales, where a friend or family member can receive a steeply discounted ticket.

Affordable Luxury Travel - airplane window seat with mountains below

Use Credit Card Miles For Your Affordable Luxury Travel

You may have heard about airline miles, but if you have not used them in the past, they are a kind of customer loyalty program. Airlines will allow you to earn miles that you can redeem for flights or discounts on them. But credit cards can also give you miles for each dollar you spend, depending on the type of card you get. While you should not spend money on your credit card

What types of clothes can you embroider?



When you look in your closet, you feel depressed because all of your clothes look so boring. You want to do something to liven your wardrobe up but cannot afford new threads. Hence, you have decided to rejuvenate your old duds and add flair to them, by using embroidery on clothes.

You have always admired embroidered designs when you see them on other people’s clothes, and you wonder if that wouldn’t be the simplest way to change your style. Embroidery can definitely give your wardrobe a whole new look, but some articles of clothing will not look good embroidered. According to Printful, you should only put embroidery on certain types of fabric.

What kind of fabric should I use for embroidery on clothes?

Natural woven fabrics are considered the best for embroidery. It is not a good idea to embroider fabric that is very lightweight. The fabric will not be able to stand up to the embroidery thread, and it will either get snagged or weighed down. An embroidered design may look lopsided on a shirt made of fabric that is too lightweight.

100% cotton is a good fabric to use for embroidery. You can make an article of clothing, pillowcase, or blanket out of cotton, or you can simply buy an item and add embroidery to it. Cotton comes in many different colors, so you will have plenty of choices when looking for the perfect canvas for your design. 

Bear in mind that cotton tends to shrink when you wash it, so you should always make an article of clothing a size or two larger than you want it to be.


Canvas is an inexpensive and eco-friendly option for making shoes, tote bags, and backpacks. Canvas holds embroidery very well and also makes an excellent backdrop for colorful threads. Canvas can be made of either cotton or linen. You may find some synthetic canvas, but it is best to stick to natural fibers. 

Canvas is thicker than other kinds of material, so it can be difficult to embroider on canvas because it is not as pliable as other materials. You may want to use a sewing machine or embroidery machine when you put a design on canvas.

There are on-demand printing companies that can handle the needlework for you. All you have to do is upload a design to the printing company’s website and then select the article of clothing, accessory, or novelty item on which you would like the design to appear. A computerized embroidery machine will flawlessly stitch the design onto the item of your choice. The company will then ship it out to you.


Denim is one of the most popular kinds of fabric to embroider. You will see embroidered designs on the backs of jean jackets and on tote bags made of denim. You will also see small embroidered accents used as trim on jean jackets and blue jeans. 

Denim is a very rigid fabric and it will not move much when you sew on it. It is not very pliable and some stitches may be hard to create. You should always wash a denim jacket with embroidery on it inside out.

Embroidery on clothes can liven up the dullest of wardrobes, but knowing what material to use can save you time and money.

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