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Fly in luxury with the new Boeing ‘Mansion-in-the-sky’

Move over Gulfstream and Airbus luxury jets. Boeing has just set a record for the longest-range jet in history that’s also the perfect picture of a super-sized luxury mansion-in-the-sky.

But, if you want a shot at owning one, you’ll have to get in line – now.

Boeing announced its BBJ 777X at the Dubai Middle East Business Aviation Association Show (MEBAA) in December of 2018, and the company is making two models available. The 777-8 and 777-9. The reception to the two new models was immense, to say the least.

The BBJ 777-8 is the smaller of the two at just over 3,250 square feet, and the 777-9 boasts just over 3,680 square feet. Boeing is partnering with three different companies so that they can work with customers to customize the jets to their liking including Swiss-based Jet Aviation, which unveiled some of its customization concepts at the MEBAA show alongside Boeing.

While a wide-body jet like this normally could seat 300 – 400 people, these luxury jets are only designed to hold a maximum of 43 passengers and a small crew of 11 people. According to Jet Aviation:

“The interior concept takes advantage of the BBJ 777X’s [sic] size; featuring lounges, a game and cinema area, a stately office, private work spaces, three guest bedrooms and a master suite that includes its own lounge, luxurious bedroom, spacious dressing/bathroom area and a very large shower and hammam.”

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the Jet Aviation’s design concept goes all in with super-detailed ceiling and flooring work, according to Director of Design, Elisabeth Harvey, of the Jet Aviation Basel Completions Center. She goes on to say:

“This is intensified with extremely detailed, very light ceilings and sidewall treatments with patterns and traditional paneling structures, opposing the darker wood floor which replicates the ceiling pattern with fine marquetry inlays. Light sidewall and bulkhead treatments are balanced by minimalistic but colorful furniture with delicate detailing, such as engraving inlays and floral fabric inserts.”

Top off these creative, but minimalist design concepts with some playful artwork, and you have yourself a masterpiece mansion designed for the sky.

boeing, jet aviation

Image Courtesy of Jet Aviation

Jet Aviation, Boeing,

Image Courtesy of Jet Aviation

Two other companies, Greenpoint Technologies, and Unique Aircraft Design are also partnering with Boeing to deliver customers with the luxury designs they want.

Some examples include multiple lounges, bars, offices, guest bedrooms with private sitting areas, and more.

So what will these luxury jets run you? Be ready to fork over up to $450 million – and more. According to the reports, the smaller of the two, the 777-8 costs upwards of $395 million, while the larger, the 777-9, can run you about $450 million – or more, depending on your specific customizations.

While Boeing plans to have them in the air for service by 2020, the reports note that they’ve already sold out of the 21 they’re able to produce in the first year and that the waiting list is a long one. So if you really want to fly in luxury, get your order in now while you still have a chance of getting one before 2022.



Featured Image: Courtesy of Jet Aviation


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