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Bring home more designer luxury items you love — without the guilt

Owning the best designer luxury items are an indulgence that seems unattainable to many of us. Although we love to see the top fashion trends worn by celebrities on award shows, it seems like it’s out of reach. The beautiful people post their glamorous images on Instagram and we look and wonder what if I had that life?


The truth is, everyone can enjoy top designer luxury items, even those of us on a fixed budget. Now, you and the celebs can take advantage of new shopping possibilities that are revolutionizing the fashion industry.


If your goal is to own top designer luxury items, you can achieve it. Often, top-quality merchandise is worth the higher price because it outlasts items you would have to replace frequently. Luxury items can end up becoming affordable in the long run if you are picky about what you buy, selecting for the best quality and carefully saving your dollars until you can pay without busting your budget. You’ll be much happier with the items that you do own. They “spark joy,” as Marie Kondo would say. That makes them keepers, which you shouldn’t feel guilty about.

When it comes to getting top quality designer luxury items, you can get them in outlet malls, occasional sales, and even gently used items from consignment sites. When you buy, consider what you are likely to use for many years – the real classics. If an item follows a current trend, it could be something you will regret spending your hard-earned cash for when it’s no longer in style. Instead, pick items that will stand the test of time.


If buying what you want in a sale isn’t an option, then you’ll have to do some extra planning, and the process is revealing and helpful. Set aside a savings account and wait until you have the cash to cover the items you love the most. As you save, it offers you time to consider if it’s something you can’t live without, avoiding impulse buys that could drive you into credit card debt. If you have saved the cash to splurge at last, then when you do you will know that you made a good choice that won’t hurt you financially. In fact, you’ll be satisfied with your purchase, knowing you’ll have it for the long run and that you love it.


While owning designer luxury clothing can be satisfying, it also takes up a lot of space. Plus, fashion trends come and go so quickly. It’s hard to keep up, especially on a budget. That’s why the concept of clothing rental and “designer libraries” are catching on fast, even for celebrities. This new fashion revolution just might do away with the concept of large walk-in closets for some people. Instead, you have a constantly updated closet of new options, and you only keep the items you love the most. For people working overtime in a fast-paced world, it can be a time-saver that allows you to find the best style for you without breaking the bank or your wallet.


Let’s look at a few of the options available to you and the A-list below:


Allume offers an affordable way to have your own personal stylist. What can often cost thousands of dollars suddenly seems quite affordable. According to USA TODAY, the site gives you a one-to-one personal shopping experience with an experienced stylist who you text with for a consultation about your fashion sense. Then they create a lookbook based on your input, and they send you the clothing that looks right for you. You only buy the pieces that you love and can return the rest.



LeTote offers fashion rental for everyday wear. For a subscription of as low as $60, you can order multiple garments and accessories. After the company chooses clothing options, you can swap them for something you like better in your virtual closet. Wear the clothes and send them back when you’re ready. Keep the ones you like best and buy them at a discount.



Stitch Fix and DailyLook are “try and buy” services, allowing you to order clothing online after paying a styling fee for a personal stylist to help determine the best clothing options for you. You then receive a box of clothing selected for you and have a few days to decide what you want to keep. If you don’t want the items, just send them back.



Bag Borrow or Steal is a website with a sensational name that rents designer handbags. The company will also buy used handbags and sell bags at a discount. That way, you can switch out your handbag every month and keep people guessing how you manage to do it. Some of the bags go for $100 a month while others can be much higher, depending on the brand. Choose among the best of the best like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Prada.



Trunk Club, a Nordstrom Company, offers clothing rentals to men and women. You can work with a personal stylist online or visit a “Clubhouse” to be fitted in person. You pay a small styling fee and have five days to return items, and then you are charged for the items you keep.



Another option for men and women is The Mr. & Ms. Collection. Pick a membership plan starting at $59 a month and you have access to hundreds of brands and thousands of styles. The clothing rental service allows you to have a constantly rotating closet. You provide input into your preferences, style, fit and sizing, and the company stylists send you a surprise box of clothing based on your input. You keep only what you love the most and return everything else. In the process, you discover what looks best on you –your personal style taken to new levels.



Rent the Runway got its start nine years ago renting single dresses for special occasions but now, the company is revolutionizing the fashion industry with clothing on demand. ABC News described it as “The Netflix of Fashion.” Imagine the convenience of ordering online and space it could save in your closet to only need room for temporary garments you send back.


Co-founder Jennifer Hyman believes her company will make large walk-in closets obsolete.


“I think between ten and fifteen years from now, the closet is going to feel like a relic of the past just like a landline or a CD does today,” said Hyman.

Hyman got the idea from her younger sister after she purchased an expensive designer dress for a wedding that put her into credit card debt. That gave her the idea to start the company with a former business school classmate.


Today, the company offers hundreds of top designers to everyone starting at just $30, on up to unlimited rentals, depending on how much you want to pay a month. The store started opening physical locations for clothing rentals even as many retailers across America face difficult markets.


See a video about Rent the Runway below:

It’s not just the average American who is looking to rent high-end luxury designer clothing. Even celebrities like Anne Hathaway are enjoying the concept, wearing designer clothing that comes from a fashion library in Beverly Hills. The Albright Fashion Library LA founded by former stylist Irene Albright offers more than 7,000 items from high-end designers and labels, including Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Alexandre Vauthier, Gucci and Elie Saab. The designs are available for rent by celebrities, their stylists, and consumers who love fashion.


The fashion library keeps celebs in style for big events like the Golden Globes and for everyday life through personal appointments.


The Los Angeles Times described the luxurious and personalized atmosphere of the library without books.


“A flat fee of $1,000 covers the rental of a dress, a pair of heels and a purse to wear to an event. Like at a posh boutique, visitors can sip on complimentary coffee, tea, and bottled water under sparkling chandeliers, while stopping to pet Albright’s bulldog, Gus, between fittings to find the perfect outfit.”


In addition to saving your budget and keeping you in style, renting designer clothing is also great for those who want to join the movement for sustainable fashion and consumption. Reusing clothing through renting or fashion libraries helps reduce consumerism and reduces waste in addition to keeping you in style. All around, the options look fabulous and so will you.


See more about Fashion Libraries below:

Featured image: Designer handbag via Pixabay

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