Car-Packing Equipment to Help Make Moving House Easy

Moving house is stressful, and there are so many things to consider before the big day.

However, we want to make the transition easier for you. Therefore, we’ve scoured the Internet for the best car-packing equipment to make the move bearable. Let’s take a look at our top three findings and reasons to purchase them.

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The Best Car-Packing Equipment

Not only do you need storage equipment which can hold your items, but they need to comfortably fit in your vehicle. Each of these three products won’t scratch or scuff your car’s interior. As a result, that’s one less thing off of your mind.  

1. Sure-Max 12 Moving & Packing Blankets

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These Sure-Max deluxe moving blankets offer the ideal combination of quality and durability. They’re cost-effectiveness to protect furniture, appliances, and other valuable items. As a result, they reduce scuffing, scratching, or breaking during transport or while in storage. These substantial-weight blankets are constructed of premium-grade materials. This includes ultra-plush, padded cotton batting with a resilient fabric cover. Also, zig-zag stitching and polyester binding offer extra reinforcement and strength.

Whether you are an individual doing a home move or a professional mover or cargo hauler, these are perfectly suited. Take the stress out of moving with peace of mind that fragile items will arrive safely and intact with Sure-Max moving blankets.

2. Folding Trolley Powerful Load

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If you’re looking for additional car-packing equipment to make your move easier, then this is also a great solution for you. Engineering plastic material, thickness 10MM, tasteless, this is tough. Also, as it comes in a folding portable model, it’s suitable for many items and can fit in a variety of car models. Also, the tank wheels come with built-in double carbon steel bearings (one bearing with two wheels). As a result, they’re more than 4 times more durable than other metal bearings.

By offering an enhanced version of the lightweight folding luggage cart, this is sturdy and reliable. Safely get heavy items into your car to move them from one destination to the next. We love that this car-packing equipment is an ideal height for most cars. Therefore, it makes lifting heavy, bulky items into your vehicle easier and prevents you from having to bend down.

3. Collapsible Storage Bins

car-packing equipment, car storage, equipment for cars, moving house,

Finally, this car-pacing equipment is ideal for most shapes and sizes of cars. These space-saving foldable storage boxes can hold up to 66 pounds when full. Also, they collapse flat to less than 3 inches when not in use. Easy to open and close, these lightweight durable totes can be stored in the trunk of your car or SUV. With comfortable, side grip handles, they make heavy lifting a breeze. CleverCrates offer stable, structured organization and storage for your car, home, garage and office.

Unlike other storage crates, the hinged-frame design saves space by collapsing down when not in use. Durable, solid wall design secures your items, comfortable side-grip handles for easy lifting, collapses flat for space-saving storage.

Do You Know Any Other Car-Packing Equipment?

If you’re moving house, finding boxes and storage equipment can be a challenge. And even when you’ve found items, they’re not always the right size to fit in your car. However, the car-packing equipment above are suitable for many vehicles. Also, they provide exceptional storage space to hold many items.

Do you know any other car-packing equipment which we haven’t mentioned above? Share your recommendations or tips in the comments to help others out.

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