Jeff Goldblum, short shorts, shorts for men

Jeff Goldblum and fashion industry help bring back men’s short shorts for 2019

In a world that is seeing more and more spells of hot weather, a fashion trend for men's short shorts for spring/summer 2019 could be a welcome and liberating surprise for some. Although some...
impact of star wars, cultural impact of star wars, star wars influence, influence of star wars

40 Star Wars Costume Ideas for Halloween, Conventions, or Just for Fun

When people love something, from sports to film franchises, they love to dress up in the costumes and colors to show off that love.The best Star Wars costume ideas don’t often come from Halloween...
Star Wars Filming Locations

Travel to Your Favorite Star Wars Filming Locations In This Galaxy

The epic science fantasy saga Star Wars may take place in galaxy far, far away, but it’s filmed right here on boring ol’ Earth.Star Wars is a movie series that may have reminded a...
fashion month, fashion faux pas, clothing faux pas, fashion fopax, fashion fopa, fashion faux pas for guys, Famous men dressed elegantly in the front row at a fashion show

The Three Hottest Trends to Watch for After Fashion Month 2018

The Big Four fashion weeks are behind us, and that means it’s time to figure out what we learned, what we loved, and where the trends are going. Luxury fashion is an art, and...
best 90s albums, best albums of the 90s, top ten albums of the 90s, greatest albums of the 90s, best albums of the 1990s

The Best Albums of the 1990s to Start Your Vinyl Collection

Any record collection that doesn’t feature at least some sampling of the genre-bending, industry-defining music of the 1990s is woefully incomplete.The last decade of the 20th Century was chock-full of momentous events in history,...
best 1990s hip hop albums, best hip hop albums of the 1990s, top ten hip hop albums of the 1990s, greatest hip hop albums of the 1990s

25 Best 1990s Hip-Hop Albums to Keep Your Vinyl Collection Fly

As vinyl records make a comeback in the age of digital streaming and luxury smartphones, you want to make sure your collection has a nice variety.One of the most prolific and experimental periods of...

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