New Charles Bombardier Luxury Yacht Would Swim Like a Whale

First, it was the Solar Express train that would shuttle passengers and payloads between celestial planets faster than you could say ‘sci-fi dream’. Now, Charles Bombardier, the Montreal-based industrial engineer and billionaire angel investor took another plunge into the impossibly whimsical with his second brainchild – the Seataci.

However, our natural incredulity should never foil an apparently fantastical but daring idea in its steps. In the end, speculative science fiction always finds a way to materialize itself in the reality of the future. Furthermore, Charles Bombardier did a tremendous job in garnering public attention. All the core elements of his sleek, planet friendly watercraft seem to be within reach. If not easy, at least not impossible.

Charles Bombardier and the Dream of the Whale-Tail Powered Seataci

Charles Bombardier at work

“How inappropriate to call this planet “Earth,” when it is clearly “Ocean.” – Arthur C.Clarke

The quote could just as well belong to the inventor of the Seataci. Ignoring present limitations such as budget, technology, and timelines, Charles Bombardier just glimpsed longingly towards an oceanic horizon to find inspiration for the Seataci.

The concept is drawn from cetacean, particularly whales. In order to move, it disposes of the traditional rotary propeller and replaces it instead with an eco-friendly propulsion system.

‘The Seataci would submerge its main hull with a water ballast system. The two side pods would stabilize the ship. A hydraulic system would link them, and double as a dynamic suspension.’, writes Charles Bombardier.

Hydro-electricity would manufacture hydrogen, which in turn would fuel the craft. Therefore, the sometimes drowning noise of the classic engine would be replaced by the swish of the side wings as they’re slicing the waves. Also, the Seataci could dock in shallower waters due to the aerodynamic design.

Why Build a Whale-like Luxury Yacht?

Seataci as brainchild of Charles Bombardier

The uses of the Seataci are manifold, as its designer cruises on the modern idea of multidimensionality. Foremost, it lends itself as a luxury yacht. However, the cool watercraft could be anything from private schooner to tourist cruiser. Why not a research station for the next Charles Darwin to explore the remaining unknown?

As a commercial excursion ship, passengers could board the Seataci in subaquatic villas equipped with windows, of course. For the early morning pleasure of waking up and having a friendly shark wave its fin at you. The craft’s sunken hull would feature a restaurant doubling as an observatory lounge.

The main deck would cater to late guests and their helipads. The available space also affords for a couple of swimming pools surrounded by greenery. In addition, Charles Bombardier wants to book some place on Seataci’s landing dock for a fleet of personal drones. Guests could fly these extra pairs of eyes to nearby atolls for a preview peak.

Now that we’re sold on the idea, let’s talk price. The inventor-slash-dreamer estimates that the cost of a prototype for this cool water creature would start at $100 million.

In the words of Charles Bombardier: ‘This is an early version of the concept, and more developed versions must account for weight, water displacement, materials, ballast, and the practicalities of a new sort of propulsion. But hey, why not give it a shot?’

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