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A Crew of Christmas Cars Rev Up the Holiday Spirit on the Streets of London

As the winter holidays move on towards Christmas and Chanukah, you expect to see a light display on houses but what about on cars?

With Thanksgiving (the American version, at least) behind us, the most reluctant among us are finally breaking out the tangled strings of lights. Even though you’re sure that you put them away carefully, their always tangled in a giant knot. You definitely didn’t just rip them down as quick as you could and shove them away with nary a thought to next year. Nope, it’s Christmas magic, used to frustrate parents and office decorators across the land. Yet, we go through all this because when it’s all said and done, the effort is worth it. Throughout the United States, there are entire communities where people travel from miles around just to see their light displays. But what if you live in an apartment in one of the most densely packed cities on Earth? Well, you can bling out your ride, though that’s a very liberal use of that (outdated) term. These Christmas cars are festive and fun.

The Car Throttle Christmas Cars Parade

A group of car enthusiasts from the United Kingdom, based in London, started an online social media company all about cars. Called Car Throttle, they produce a wide range of content but mostly videos for YouTube and other such sites. They conduct interviews, ride-along with racers, and all sorts of other serious things. However, in the ever-pressing need for content, they decided to make a video for the holidays that is just silly and fun. Instead of decorating the façade of their homes or offices with Christmas lights, they wrapped up their cars in them. Then they did the only sensible thing they could - drive the Christmas cars around London.

Christmas cars

Admittedly, we’re not experts on London’s driving laws, but a dozen sports cars bedazzled with strings of lights doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that would be “street legal.” Yet, instead of “keeping it on the down-low,” these guys drove out into London, complete with a camera crew in tow. Again this is silly, maybe reckless, and possibly illegal. Nonetheless, just like your front porch after hours spent freezing your butt off, the end result is worth it. Driving along the roads, alone or interspersed with traffic, these cars look way better than you’d expect them to.

Never Forget the Holidays Are a Time of Celebration

Christmas cars

Image via screengrab

Sure, this might have just been a fun video they created to get “likes” and subscribers to their YouTube channel or Facebook page. Yet, even if it was purely viral bait, it’s pretty good viral bait. As the holidays come around, people tend to find the run-up to it stressful.

Do you get your Dad that humidor he’s always wanted? Maybe you could get your parents a luxury cruise? What about laptops for the kids? Should you go with the internet-dependent Chromebook or a more traditional computer?

There are so many things to stress about, we often forget that all of this is supposed to be fun. You can easily imagine that some cross Londoner, angry about shopping for gifts or something else, stopping in their tracks as a dozens Christmas-light strewn cars zipped by. Even if you hate everything about the winter holidays, you can’t help but smile in that moment at the sight of Christmas cars.

Maybe Don’t Bedazzle Your Car, But Find a Way to Really Celebrate

There is a pervasive cynicism in the world today. Perhaps it’s a survival instinct, especially with how difficult it can be to find information you can trust. Well, trust us when we tell you that it’s okay to let those walls down, even if only for a little bit, during the holidays. Sure, they can seem overly-commercialized and a million other terrible things.

Christmas cars

But they don’t have to be. You’re in charge of how you feel, and if you resist the urge to give into the cynicism, you’ve just made the decision to feel good. That’s the kind of feeling that might possess you to wrap string lights around your car and go for a festive joyride. (Maybe don’t do that, though, local driving laws and all.)

If you find yourself stressed, frustrated, or just worn out this holiday season, think back to this silly little video of Christmas cars.

Imagine what it would be like to see a car roll by decorated like these ones. It’ll be impossible not to smile a little at Christmas cars.

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