Top 5 Cool Car Accessories for the Ultra-Selective User

Welcome to the era of the Internet of Things, where everything and everyone is about to be connected. This year, one giant step forward has been taken in the automobile market, allowing drivers unprecedented comfort in their cars. If you’re one of the people who spend a lot of time driving, it just proves that you need to check out these cool car accessories.

The products in our list are presented from the cheapest to the most expensive.


1. Hudly – Full Color Heads-Up Display – $179

Hudly allows you to project your phone’s screen onto the car’s windshield. Hudley’s purpose is to project the information you might need directly in your line of sight. As you always keep your eyes on the road, driving becomes much safer.

Compatible with both iOS and Android, Hudly can be connected in all cars that have a cigarette lighter adapter or an OBD2 port. It looks great in any light condition with the built-in light sensitivity sensor and special optical Since it connects directly to the car’s power source, Hudley needs no charging or batteries.

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2. SkyScreen – Head-Up Display – $291

If you are even more of an ultra-selective User, you might want to try our second recommendation. In terms of really cool car accessories, SkyScreen, is the best. Another head-up display on the market, it works as a transparent gel base that you apply on the windshield. Basically, it’s a fancy sticker!

Thanks to the flexible and transparent OLED screen, you get to enjoy projected images that are sharp and bright. Just like Hudly, it can pair with both iOS and Android devices to mirror the screen of your phone. However, SkyScreen takes it up a notch with cool 3D gesture control features.

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3. Garmin BabyCam Wireless Backseat Camera – $338

Are you a parent and a driver? Then you might want to keep an eye on your little one while also making sure you are a responsible participant to the traffic. With the Garmin BabyCam Wireless Backseat Camera, which is securely attached to the back of the headrest, you’ll never have to worry again.

The BabyCam is perfectly angled to watch and record your baby, providing a live feed right to your Garmin navigation device which serves as the monitor screen. No more turning around to check on your baby!

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4. RearVision Back Up Camera by Pearl Auto – $499

To those who secretly wished technology will revolutionize the way you park your car, here’s RearVision Back Up Camera by Pearl Auto. More than any other regular camera, this particular smart system provides you with a full view of what’s behind your vehicle; reversing and parking has never been easier.

Equipped with two HD and night vision cameras, RearVision will fit perfectly around your license place. Install it in a couple of minutes and pair it with your smartphone – you’re done!

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5. Louis Vuitton Bags for the BMW i8 – $20,000

And for the pièce de résistance, we have this insane set of luggage offered by BMW and Louis Vuitton themselves. We know, the price of these bags is way too high for anyone in their right mind to buy them. However, BMW has an explanation.

Since the BMW i8 has a teeny-tiny luggage space, the manufacturer had to do something to appeal to buyers who still wanted to travel longer distances in the car. The solution? A partnership with LV to create bags that perfectly fit the interior of the nearly non-existent trunk. The set includes a garment bag, a business case, and two smaller travel bags. Let the mighty black reign!

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So, do you think cool car accessories like these are too expensive? Or are you excited about where the technology is heading? Whether it’s a better baby camera or a better navigational system, advancements like these can make our driving much more fun and much less stressful.

Image Source: Gadget Flow

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