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The Coolest Fancy Restaurants in the United States

Fancy restaurants are most influential people’s playing ground be it politicians, celebrities…or Average Joe’s aiming to impress their first date. These fancy restaurants come with class, the major thing that glamorous people look for when deciding which establishment to dine in. America is a world of possibilities and gives these people uncountable hotels to choose from. This article brings you a directory of the most cool and fancy restaurants in all of America.

The Fanciest Hotel Restaurants in the US


Menton: Boston, Massachusetts 

menton restaurant boston

This fine establishment is in Boston and specializes mostly in Italian and French food. The fancy hotel boasts of the most recent addition to its amenities; the golden bar. This bar gives the place a sparkle of a golden theme with the gold gilt seats, golden marble tables, bar tops and golden shakers making everything shimmer. Menton restaurant comes with a class and elegance in all angles. The dining room and top notch creative menus give you great dining experience. All you need is to book a reservation and dress up for a dinner of a lifetime.

Victoria and Albert’s: Buena Vista, Florida

victoria & albert's restaurant

For a grand evening dinner with a loved one or family, the Victoria and Albert’s restaurant in Buena Vista, Florida is the place for you. With an ancient setting, the restaurant keeps its traditions alive as they offer a Gilded Age dinner experience. From the Linen-covered tables, the wallpapered walls to the painted ceiling, this eatery brings takes you back to a dining feel with our ancestors. The waiters dressed in distinct 19th Century wear will serve you in a friendly and professional manner. The coffee will be brewed with vacuum pots at your table as you watch. This restaurant is clearly something to check out.

Café La Cave: Des Plaines, Illinois

cafe la cave

Just as its name suggests, the hotel situated in Des Plaines, Illinois gives you a caveman dining feel. Yes, caveman, the walls are plastered white in cave designs and a low ceiling with dim light making you feel like you are inside a real cave. The bar also depicts a cave man way of living with shelves made from cuts on the walls. Apart from their design, the restaurant also serves great and exquisite meals as well as memorable service from the staff. It’s one of the most desired wedding venues in the Chicago area.

Aerie Restaurant and Lounge: Acme, Michigan

aerie resort

Located inside the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Michigan, this restaurant is for the adventurous who want to step out of their normal lives. Found on the 16th floor, the hotel has floor to ceiling windows giving you a panoramic view of the environment around. The food served here is delicious and all sourced from local ingredients.

The Restaurant at The Inn at Little Washington: Washington, Virginia

the inn at little washington rstaurant

If you need a dining experience at the farm, this is a place to consider. The Inn at Little Washington runs amidst a farm of sheep and llamas. This eatery will knock your socks off with the delicious food served course after the other as well as the best wine from their 14,000-bottle wine cellar.

Beatrice and Woodsley: Denver, CO

Beatrice and Woodsley restaurant denver, co

Forget about modern day architecture as you walk into this establishment in Denver. The interior decor, as well as their menu, is inspired by a love story between a lumberjack and a wine maker which is well represented in the design. It gives the patrons a feel like they are dining in a forest of trees. The food here is made with excellent quality making sure you visit again.

Ocean: Kennebunkport, Maine

This one of the fanciest restaurants in America, located within the Cape Arundel Hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine. The restaurant brings out sophistication mixed with a calm environment. With a small dining room with just the right amount of décor, the food served here is mainly seafood. Ocean at the Cape Arundel Inn and Resort lets you dine with no formal clothing restrictions.

The Fanciest Restaurants in the United States by City

Fancy Restaurants in New York



Esca is an Italian word for bait and just as the name suggests, the bistro deals in seafood. The chefs select only the freshest fish, slice them expertly and prepare them in one of Italian’s numerous olive oils, delivering you a scrumptious meal. The hotel’s dining area is elegant and perfect for any occasion as well as an outdoor patio overlooking the busy New York Theatre district.

Del Frisco’s

del friscos nyc

This is one of the loved restaurants in New York city, with a 20-year experience in the business. The Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House brings you exceptionally tasty steak prepared by the best chefs. Apart from steak, enjoy a wide range of seafood among other cuisines. Their mouthwatering appetizers, side dishes, and desserts will guarantee a memorable dining experience for you.


riverpark restaurant nyc

This culinary place provides a good view of the East River as you enjoy modern American menus that change from time to time. The restaurant sources its ingredients from local farms, greenmarkets as well as the Riverpark’s own farm to bring you an exquisite meal. You can choose to dine inside or outside on the patio as you enjoy the view of the river.

Le Cirque

le cirque nyc

The establishment has been a family business since its inception in 1974 by Sirio Maccioni as is now operated by his sons. Located at the fancy Bloomberg building, this hotel offers a dining experience like none before as you gave into the abstract  ‘big top’ light shade. Their food is mainly Italian made with passion by the best of chefs who have mastered the art over the years. The all glass bar is in a separate space giving an amazing view of the architecture applied.

Eleven Madison Park

eleven madison park

Enjoy your meal dinner in this New York restaurant on either of their two balcony-level dining rooms overlooking the Madison Square Park. The rooms feature floor to ceiling windows giving you a panoramic view of the park. Their food is mainly made from local ingredients and consists of 8-10 courses of both communal and individual choices.


masa nyc

This is a Sushi restaurant named after its founder chef Masayoshi Takayama. This restaurant is breathtaking from its simple décor to the food served here. Branches of seasonal plants surround you in the Japanese designed space as you down your favorite sushi.

Le Bernardin

le bernardin nnyc

This restaurant started in Paris and found its way to America. Their cuisine is out of this world serving different types of food from beef, caviar, tuna among others. The restaurant prides itself for their exceptional service in their French-inspired meals.

Fancy Restaurants in Chicago


alinea chicago

It’s one of the most loved restaurants in Chicago and gives you a three-experience options for you to dine in. Whether you settle for the kitchen table, the gallery menu or the salon menu, you are sure to have a wonderful meal at the bistro. Plus, this hip eatery just got a remodel in 2016.

Fogo de Chao

fogo de chao chicago

This is a Brazilian steakhouse that originated from Brazil in 1997 and is known for their steak. The chefs here develop menus that include steak and seafood all prepared for their customer’s satisfaction.


acadia chicago

It is your best place to enjoy a seasonal American dish inspired by the coastal region of Maine. This sophisticated and elegant restaurant gives you a perfect dining experience as you enjoy your food by chef McCaskey.

El Ideas

el ideas chicago

It is a Chicago-based restaurant on a mission to make dining exceptional and fun. The hotel has an adventurous setting where the staff and patrons interact as they serve and dine. It’s a fine dining restaurant that really makes you feel less uptight than your run of the mill 5-star eatery.

Fancy Restaurants in Houston


saltair houston

SaltAir is a seafood restaurant open Tuesday to Sunday. It offers the best seafood dinner at a reservation. This sophisticated seafood kitchen sets the perfect scene between modern and hip yet beachy and airy.


tony's houston

Tony’s is a high-end Italian restaurant that brings you the most cultured dishes served on white-clothed tables and remarkable art on the walls. High quality ingredients and a chef that has been a leading innovator in Houston’s new American and Italian cuisine, Tony’s in a must-try dining destination in the Houston area.

BCN Taste & Tradition’s

bcn taste & traditions houston

This fancy restaurant serves the best cuisine mostly inspired by the Spanish tradition. Spectacular food and service sets this small and chic eatery apart. The name is a reference to Barcelona Spain and the establishment is build in an old 1920’s home that gives visitors that classic charm while savoring the most unique flavors in the area.


trinity houston

Triniti serves the best new American cuisine inside their wooden designed dining rooms. The hotel features an open kitchen where the food is prepared with excellence. This progressive American restaurant really gives patrons a unique experience with their open concept which allows them to see the talented chefs prepare their dishes right before their eyes.

Hubbell & Hudson

hubbell & hudson

Hubbell & Hudson is a fancy restaurant that serves contemporary new American dishes with an intimate chef’s table experience. Hubbell & Hudson have three unique ways to dine with them; the bistro, Cureight and kitchen. Each one provides a blissfully vibrant atmosphere completely different from one another but similarly scrumptious.

Fancy Restaurants in Dallas


frank underground dallas

Frank is an underground restaurant serving dishes from MasterChef finalists Jennie Kelley and Ben Starr at big communal tables. To get, however, you must book via email a week in advance.

Nobu Dallas

nobu dallas

Nobu Dallas is a Japanese restaurant selling sushi and most Japanese dishes.

Eddie V’ Prime Seafood

eddie v prime seafood

Eddie V’ Prime Seafood is a chain of restaurants dealing in seafood and steak. Patrons get to enjoy their dinner as live music plays in the background.


abacus dallas

Abacus serves a diverse cuisine of Mediterranean, Southwest, and the Pacific Rim meals. The chefs unveil homemade bread and dessert every day.


Fancy Restaurants in Atlanta


bones atlanta

Bones is voted the best restaurant in Atlanta and offers personalized dining to its patrons in the vintage designed dining rooms.

Two Urban Licks

two urban licks atlanta

Two Urban Licks is a vintage Atlanta restaurant and probably one of the fanciest.

The Canoe

the canoe atlanta

The Canoe is a recognized restaurant in Atlanta named among the top 100 best restaurants in America. This Hotlanta luxury restaurant also features some of the most unique and picturesque outdoor dining ambience around.

Season 52

seasons 52 atlanta

Season 52 is a known brand that has been around for a long time, with time, the restaurant has perfected the art of delivering quality and delicious food to its customers.


Fancy Restaurants in Boston


L’Espalier boston

this fancy hotel offers a diverse New English-French cuisine basing their meals mostly on ingredients from England.

O Ya

o ya boston

O Ya ­is a Japanese Contemporary dining restaurant. It comes with a 37-seat dining capacity and a 17-seat chef’s counter giving guests a chance to see the chef at work. This oriental cuisine was such a hit in Boston that they opened one in NYC.

Mooo Restaurant

mooo boston

Mooo Restaurant is a modern steakhouse that welcomes many with a warm décor that gives it a warm ambiance for the guests.

No. 9 Park

no. 9 park boston

No.9 Park is a French and Italian bistro with beautiful interior décor and delicious food on the menus.

Fancy Restaurants in Seattle


canlis seattle

Canlis is a family owned business recognized for professionalism world-class wine cellar and cuisine. The restaurant has bagged several awards and nominations in categories such as the Top Restaurants in the US, the 10 Romantic Restaurants in the US and the Best Seattle New Year’s Eve Restaurant.


altura seattle

Altura is an Italian restaurant where the chefs prepare meals that strive to elevate each ingredient used to produce the best meals. Guests get a course of 5 – 7 meals.

El Gaucho

el gaucho seattle

El Gaucho is a fancy Seattle restaurant known for its steak and seafood dishes. The hotel also offers venues and spaces to hold events. Sushi Kashiba is a Seattle restaurant that serves the Japanese sushi. The restaurant is headed by chef Shiro Kashiba and other notable chefs to deliver the best Japanese cuisine.

Fancy Restaurants in DC

Minibar by José Andrés

Minibar is a fancy restaurant in Washington DC that only serves up to 12 guests. Everyone pays close to $325 dollars for a meal at this bistro. It’s like attending a dinner party where you can watch the food prepared right before your eyes. The modern design is so fabulous that even the most pretentious patron can agree about it’s beauty.

Pineapple and Pearls

pineapple and pearls

Pineapple and Pearls restaurant offers elegant yet playful menus comprising of 13 courses at each meal. The establishment is loved for its excellent service and mouthwatering meals.

The Shaw Bijou

The Shaw Bijou is a modern American restaurant serving the best chef-driven new America dinners in multiple courses per meal.


Métier dc

Métier is a fancy restaurant located in Washington DC bringing its customers a modern American menu chosen by the chef. The restaurant is elegant and stylish and hence the pricing.

Fancy Restaurants in Los Angeles


gwen los angeles

Gwen is a high-end restaurant focusing on whole animal cooking. The restaurant started as a butcher shop with a bistro at the back. The dining bar features 6 seats dining bar, upstairs, mezzanine bar and outdoor patio.

Patina Restaurant


Patina Restaurant brings a three, five and eight-course meal to its guests on preference. It serves French-American cuisines in its very posh space.


Providence is a modern establishment in Los Angeles serving the best seafood to its patrons in a serene environment.

Sushi Tsujita Restaurant

Sushi Tsujita Restaurant is a sushi bar owned by Takehiro Tsujita offering the best Japanese cuisine based on Omakase. The restaurant has a geometric interior décor which gives the place a stylish outlook. All the traditional and contemporary Japanese meals are carefully selected by the chef.



Baltaire is a stylish dining room with an outdoor patio serving the best steak cuts. Guests can choose to enjoy their meals inside or outside as they please. It offers the best place to catch up with a friend or family over dinner under the stars.

Fancy Restaurants in Miami

Barton G

barton g

Barton G is a luxurious and posh restaurant with a serene ambiance. It is well known for its original menu which is well thought of by the chefs.

Joe Stones Crab

joe's stone crab miami

Joe Stones Crab serves the best stone crab a well as other regional seafood. This restaurant does not have a reservation policy.



Michy’s is a traditional American and French cuisine restaurant. The establishment delivers exceptional food. The restaurant is best suited for families or couples who want to dine out.


Azul miami

Azul is an Asian and Mediterranean restaurant with a heavenly lighting in the dining rooms. The hotel has an open kitchen and stunning Bay that gives you a breathtaking experience. Guests are treated to dishes that are done perfectly by the chef.

Fancy Restaurants in Phoenix

Different Pointe of View

Different Pointe of View is a fancy restaurant in Phoenix full of elegance and class. It is situated in the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort giving guests a beautiful view of the valleys sweeping below. The food served here includes an American cuisine integrated with some Mediterranean’s influences.

Steak 44

steak 44

Steak 44 is a high-end steak restaurant that includes gourmet filets, classic American food, and seafood.


Durants serves seafood, steak and drinks in the cozy seeing. The restaurant has been in operation for 58 years thus giving finesse with their meal and service.


Rokerij restaurant serves the best New Mexican cuisine in the stylish setting that even has a fireplace, giving the restaurant a homely feel.


Fancy Restaurants in Nashville

The Southern Steak & Oyster

The Southern Steak & Oyster this restaurant only uses locally grown ingredients of seafood, beef products, and even wood to make their renown dishes. Their main aim is bringing satisfaction to their customers while at the focusing on sustainability at the same time.

Kanye Prime Steakhouse

Kayne Prime Steakhouse is one of Nashville’s loved and most frequented restaurant. The high-end joint brings great American steak to its guests as well as different assortments of wine and other various drinks. This establishment is a modern evolution of the best restaurants.

Miel Restaurant

Miel Restaurant offers French cuisine with a touch of elegance. It is in the Sylvan Park in Nashville and the chefs derive inspiration from the fresh farm to table ingredients that they use to deliver the tasty meals. The restaurant is also coupled with a bar where revelers can enjoy various drinks.


Husk is a fancy restaurant offering a dining experience to Nashville residents especially those near Historic Broadway. The menu changes daily guided by the ingredients in the market to ensure they only use the best fresh products. Unlike other restaurants, this establishment only uses local ingredients.

Fancy Restaurants in Las Vegas

Bar Masa

Bar Masa is a Las Vegas favorite place for sushi and sashimi. The ingredients are flown from japan to deliver the best dining experience to guests.


Cut is the fanciest steakhouse in Las Vegas but still serves non-steak dishes. If is a fancy restaurant preferred by the affluent.


Carvevino is a steakhouse famous for their scrumptious steak. They serve super aged strips of meat that keep the guests coming back for more.

Fancy Restaurants in San Diego

Mille Fleurs

Mille Fleurs

Mille Fleurs is a French inspired restaurant in San Diego. It features a beautiful indoor and outdoor dining space decorated with beautiful colors. It’s a high-end restaurant in a country home divided into patios, private rooms, and a piano bar. The food served in the restaurant is mouthwatering and gives you value for your money.

Mister A’s Restaurant

mister a's

Mister A’s Restaurant is an American restaurant with a touch of French in the cooking. Guests get to enjoy the food as well as beautiful bay and skyline views. The restaurant is fitted with simple furniture that makes a statement for its class.

Fancy Restaurants in San Francisco

Gary Danko

Gary Danko

Gary Danko is a fixed price restaurant selling American cuisines in a stylish setting. It is named after its owner-chef Danko.


Jardiniere is a French-American restaurant featuring a new champagne bar. The restaurant can be found on Hayes Valley San Francisco.


Saison is a cozy restaurant with the most innovative menus which are fixed priced by the chefs. This fine eatery also has a renown big wine cellar.

Fancy Restaurants in New Orleans

Commander’s Palace

Square Root

Commander’s Palace is a distinguished place to dine or have lunch with friends or loved ones. This restaurant has won several awards for its quality food and the good ambiance it provides. Emeril’s Delmonico serves creole meals in its vintage building giving you a dignified dining experience.

Restaurant August

Restaurant August is loved for its New French meals all brought together by the chefs in this historically light restaurant that takes a 19th-century look.

Square Root

square root

Square Root offers an out of this life dining experience. designed with food bar that surrounds the kitchen, the guests can see their meal being made from the 16 seats available. The bar is situated upstairs where you can enjoy a drink after food.

Fancy restaurants in Sacramento

The Firehouse Restaurant

the firehouse sacremento

The Firehouse Restaurant is a historic hotel that brings upscale meals to its customers all made from local ingredients.

Ella Dining Room & Bar

Ella Dining Room & Bar is a superior restaurant dealing with new American and French meals. The staff knows their craft and represents the food in an elegant manner to the guests.

The Waterboy

The Waterboy is famous for its Italian, French and American cuisine, and more particularly. Californian dishes. The chefs pay attention to seasonal and local ingredients which they use in making their meals.

Fancy Restaurants in St Louis


niche identity

Niche is a renowned restaurant serving New American meals with a mix of Italian cuisine. It is owned by the award-winning chef Gerard Craft who sees to it that the food at his establishment is world class. Guests can enjoy the tasting chef’s meals or choose from the menu such as Shishito peppers, local mushrooms all served with your preferred accompaniment.

Sidney Street Café

Sidney Street Café is a restaurant offering new American cuisine that is improved with innovations on the menu by the joint’s chefs. Located in a century-old building, the restaurant dissipates a vibrant vintage feel to the guests as they enjoy their meals. What’s more, the restaurant has its own garden where they pick their ingredients and encourage the community to also pick fruits and vegetables freely.

Fancy Restaurants in Philadelphia


Barbuzzo is a restaurant in Philadelphia which features meals prepared with the best ingredients fresh from the farm. It brings Mediterranean dishes.


Zahav is an Israeli restaurant owned by chef Michael Solomonov. Guests get to enjoy this restaurant as everything served here is exceptional.


Amada – Philadelphia, PA

Amada is a Spanish restaurant serving the best Spanish dishes to its guests. Dinner is served from 5-11 and you get to enjoy a chef’s special.


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