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Craves App Helps You Get More Luxury Fashion Inspiration

Celebrities are fashion icons. It’s the insight Calgary-based Craves tripped into last year when the company debuted on the online luxury fashion market with Craves App.

Craves’ newest app keeps you up to date with what the celebs are wearing and finds you a similar item. Next day, you might be wearing last week’s Kirsten Stewart’s black long-sleeve dress from the cover of T-Magazine.

Craves works as a subsidiary of the parent company Slyce. Its president, Ted Mann, explains how the idea caught root.

‘Every time a celebrity outfit was submitted to the app, engagement was off-the-charts.’

Craves App for the Celebrity Touch

Snapping a photo Craves App

This relatively new fashion-focused app lets you snap photos of the clothes you want and promises a return find in just seconds. If the results are satisfactory, you can purchase the item directly from the app. No barcode-scanning required.

This year, Craves App upped the game. If it had previously expected users to submit photos of their friends’ outfits, for example, the company was in for a surprise.

People were 6 times more likely to look for an outfit worn by a celebrity. And so, Craves App was remodeled around this new discovery.

Now you can stay on top of the latest trends while following specific celebrity profiles. You can either snap a photo from a magazine and upload it, or browse through Craves App’s feed of fashionistas and Hollywood A-listers.

You don’t even have to quit your daily job and become a Hollywood style-stalker. Craves App does all the paparazzi work for you.

It will peek into a celeb’s virtual closet, perform a quick scan of the complete wardrobe, and then do the online window-gazing for you. No brands, retailer shops, magazines or catalogs will escape the vigilant search of Craves App.

While it shows you where you can buy the same or similar items celebrities are wearing, it also takes into consideration price tags. With the feature ‘Find similar’, you won’t slip into a sighing fit whenever a glamorous sapphire-speckled dress looks down on you from those unreachable price heights.

So whose style has wowed you most? Which red-carpet actress has given you a major case of wardrobe envy this year?

Craves App gives women a shot to exude chic from tip to toe like some of their favorite divas, from Jennifer Lawrence to J-Lo, from Amal Alammudin Clooney to Kate Moss.

The Instagram for Fashion

Kristen Stewart Craves App

In addition, celebrities and fashion gurus, in a word anyone who has a say on how the new trends roll to the masses can sign up to become a Craves Curator. They share their favorite looks and get a cut of every purchase made from their profile.

Publishers who want to activate their print content can also sign up to become a Content Curators.

The app is also addressing problems faced by other search engines, like Google Shopping or Pinterest. Often images shared on the latter, for example, are recycled links that are not only out of fashion but lead users to dead ends – unknown retailers or bad links.

Craves keeps a constantly updated database of trusted products and retailers that you can buy from now. The app is simply on its way to becoming one of the best tools for product discovery.

What the eye sees not, the heart craves not. Craves App took this old word of wisdom to the new luxury fashion online market. The object of your craving will always be out there, but with this app, it might not be quite so out of reach.

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