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Five of the Coolest Dash Cam Videos Caught by Drivers

Everyone knows that the fun of any good luxury sportscar is just as much where you go as it is how you get there.

Dash cams are very popular, and they make a lot of sense. A dash cam keeps a record of where you go and how you got there. They are perfect for the aftermath of accidents or for security. They are also a great idea, because since they are always recording, you can catch incredible video that everyone wants to see. Though, this makes it a bad idea if you wanted to drive fast and recklessly, or something like that. But let’s be honest, if you’re the type of person to do something like that anyway, you’d definitely want a record of it. After all, dash cam videos capture some pretty amazing things.

Because they are most useful that way, people tend to think dash cams are all dents and disasters on the road. However, there are a number of awesome sights the world gets to see thanks to these eagle-eyed dashboard companions. Below you will find five dash cam videos, each with amazing, and sometimes a little scary, sights therein.

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Five Dash Cam Videos You Must See

Whether you personally own a dash cam or not, there's no denying that dash cam videos are interesting to watch. From the terrifying to the amazing, and everything in between, these gadgets capture some incredible footage. So, without further ado, here are our favorite dash cam videos you must see in order to believe.

1. Deer Fracas in North Carolina

Our first of the favorite dash cam videos comes from a police officer in Blue Ash, North Carolina. In the video, two male deer are rushing around a cul-de-sac. The video has been edited, so we end up seeing a close up of the two deer going at it, locked “horns” and all. The two bucks break from antler-fighting to move into the street, and the camera goes with them. The video then cuts off. Either the two deer broke it off and escaped in their own directions, the police intervened, or something not pleasant for work happened. No matter what, this dash cam caught a clash as riveting as any found in a nature documentary. And we can all do our own impression of a posh British presenter narrating the thing!

2. Baby in Your Face

Thanks to a security camera, one car was protected from a pretty prowler. The rearward-facing dash cam caught a little girl named Charlie delighted to be in a big-girl car. Once inside, she’s immediately taken by the camera. We’re not sure if she could see her image on a display or if she just liked the look of the Owl camera, but the hamming it up she does for the camera shows she’s a natural. Videos like this remind us that dash cam videos don’t just capture stats and mile-markers. They can create moments that go viral, on social media or just in your own family’s memories. And busy parents know, there is always too much to do to take pictures, so a continuously recording camera can’t hurt.

3. To Protect and Serve Up a Double-Windsor

Anyone who went to college understands this familiar story: Stay up late finishing a presentation due in class tomorrow. Fall asleep for, like, twenty minutes, tops, after finishing. Wake up with seconds to spare and run or drive like an action-movie star to make it on time. Well one student caught up in that timeless drama caught the attention of a University of Wisconsin-Stout patrol car. The officer pulled up to the car, and the student got out. Now, the officer could have reacted fearfully, but like a good peace officer he first waited to get the facts. Listening to the genuinely apologetic kid’s explanation, the officer noted he didn’t know how to tie a tie. Instead of giving him a ticket, the cop gave the student a lesson in tying ties. As the officer and student parted, he warned him again to slow down when driving. For that reason, this is one of the most endearing dash cam videos.

4. From Russia with a Freaking Meteor!

In 2013, a meteor blazed across the horizon in Chelyabinsk Oblast in the Ural region of Russia. A near-earth asteroid fell into the atmosphere of Earth and became what’s known as a superbollide. This essentially means that the light produced by the object while it burned away in the atmosphere shone brighter than the sun. Unfortunately, the angle of entry for this meteor caused an airburst. It broke windows, knocked people over, and set off car alarms. Thanks to the popularity of dash cams in the region, we have a number of dash cam recordings of the moment it hit. It’s an amazing site that we all get to see without the disastrous after-effects. This is something select few humans ever got to see in the past, but thanks to these dash cam videos, everyone can.

5. Mountains on Fire

In December of 2017, a great wildfire raged in Southern California. While there were plenty of news crews covering the event, so of the most compelling footage came from dash cam videos. Above you can see the stunning dash cam footage from a commuter on the 405 freeway as the landscape around them burns. It looks like the planet made of lava from the Star Wars films, not Hollywood itself. There was even more harrowing dash camera footage from people who made the questionable-but-desperate decision to drive through the wildfire. You can hear the real terror in their voices as they make their way through. However, you are also captivated by the smoldering landscape behind them. These wildfires are terribly devastating. Seeing just how devastating first hand like this might just make some people think twice about fire safety.

Of all the crazy things that happen to us while driving, dash cam videos capture it all.

There is a lot more to having a dash cam than just accident records or lane-drift warning systems. However, if you’re the type of person who likes to take pictures or home movies, a dash cam is just another chance to do that. They catch beautiful scenery, impromptu family sing-a-longs, and lots of other things you might want to remember. Sure, you’re going to delete more of those videos than you’d ever save. Still, if you’re lucky enough to capture a meteor or a deer fight or something else awesome, it will be worth it. 

What do you think? What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the road that you wish you’d had a dash cam to capture? Share them, your thoughts, and your reactions in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on social media if you liked it.

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