Authorized Volvo Dealerships vs. Independent Service Centers

When you own a vehicle, it becomes important to take proper care of it, be it a car, truck, or even a bike.

This is especially true for premium and quality brands such as Volvo. Quite often when it is about your car service you will come across terms like car maintenance, service, and repair. If you want to retain the maximum value of your money for your car, you need to understand the basic differences between them. Servicing and routine maintenance include the vital routine check and care processes, both technical and manual listed in the manufacturer’s guide. This guide is essential for sustained performance. Alternatively, repairs are services oriented from need of solving sudden or persistent problems. Whichever you require, it may be difficult to decide whether to take the car to one of Volvo's authorized dealerships or an outside mechanic. We break down a few tips to help decide below.


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Where to Get Maintenance Services Performed

Now, every brand has its exclusive list of manufacture specified servicing requirements. Therefore, if you own a Volvo car, you must look for particular Volvo mechanic services for your car’s maintenance. Thus, when you are looking for trained and experienced mechanic services for Volvo you can:


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  • Find Volvo authorized service centers near your location. The basic advantage of choosing authorized service centers is the guarantee of availing manufacturer authorized servicing procedures and genuine parts for Volvo.
  • However, you can also choose any other reputed dealer near you, since in big dealership houses, the mechanics are professionally trained and well-equipped with essential tools and equipment.
  • Moreover, if you choose independent auto-repair stores or franchises, it is a cost-efficient alternative since these are comparatively cheaper than manufacturer servicing outlets. However, before you choose an independent dealer, you must ensure all your rights from warranty coverage in the event of outside service.

When to Visit One of Volvo's Authorized Dealerships

When you feel the passion of a car like Volvo you ought to take due care of it as well. Thus, you must choose the best Volvo mechanic services for your car. Now, if you go to one of their direct authorized dealerships, you need not worry about their servicing processes. This is because these are always lined up with latest manufacturer’s guidelines. But if you pick an individual auto servicing operator, it is essential to ensure if they are following the TSB format, or the manufacturer's latest technical service bulletins, with technical and non-technical elaborations for each automobile model.

Auto servicing includes routine maintenance checkup and technical supervision of your Volvo. But if any such servicing comes up with specific repair requirements like auto body repair, overhauling a transmission, or a gear problem and your car is within the warranty period, your dealership can help you solve the problem and get it paid by the manufacturer. 


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It is also beneficial to use dealerships when you need to avail a service campaign declared by the automaker. Or maybe if your car has been recalled and the manufacturer offers a rectification of certain defects.

Sometimes, a model of a Volvo or other branded cars tends to have exclusive features. If you are experiencing any issues with such features like your navigation display or control body, it is always preferable to go for a dealership servicing to receive the best specific fixes. If you are unaware of your nearest dealerships, you can either call up on the manufacturer’s helpline number or check online for contact details. You must always get your car serviced from time to time.

Do you take your Volvo to authorized dealerships or an independent service center when in need of repairs?

There are certainly advantages to each. However, in most cases with premium cars, you’ll want to stick to the dealership to ensure you receive proper care and maintain warranty coverage.

What are your thoughts? Share them with us in the comments below, and be sure to share this with fellow Volvo owners.

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