Top 12 Decorating Ideas for Luxury Bathrooms

The design of modern luxury bathrooms today makes them pleasing to the eye and desirable to recreate in our own homes. We love the idea of indulging in that beautiful, customized luxury on a daily basis. Modern luxury bathrooms give off a simplistic and clean feeling that we would like to experience in our own bathrooms, so why not try it?

To design your modern bathroom, there are some principles you should keep in mind and try to follow as you map out your design. First, make sure you seek to incorporate clean lines and geometric shapes and patterns. Minimal colors (even just black and white) will also help create that sterile and clean yet relaxing environment. Don’t forget the power of designing with mid-century furniture like classy cabinets and sinks to add that sophisticated and elegant touch that pairs so well with the modern colors and designs.

The best part about modern luxury bathrooms is that they can become very luxurious with just one twist. A trough sink. A geometrical mirror. You can turn your bathroom into a modern sanctuary for comfort and cleanliness, and we’re here to help.

We use our bathrooms every day, which makes them one of the most heavily used areas of the house. They should be a pleasant, inviting space. From cheery and bright to imposing and sophisticated, modern luxury bathrooms transform dull bathrooms into fantastic and refreshing spaces.

Mid-Century Modern

The style of the mid-19th century (1933-1965) offers exquisite architectural, furniture, graphic detail to any room, particularly a bathroom. Natural colors, geometric shapes, and straight lines are all part of the design signature of mid-century modern style. Planning to redesign your bathroom? You should start with bathroom furniture by creating a focal point.

Simply place a modern chair in the corner or – why not – even a small sofa. Keep inside the lines and patterns of mid-century style when looking for faucets, mirrors and fixtures.

“Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” — Charles Eames

Simple and Minimalist Design

Modern design relies heavily on simplicity. Keep your bathroom space open, organic, and free of clutter by making use of built-in shelving and cabinetry. Hide away all toiletries and novelty items to achieve a clean design. Your bathroom is a place for relaxation, so don’t clutter it up with unnecessary things. Read on to find out more about the type of tile and flooring you can use to add interest and character to the space without sacrificing minimalistic design.

Below you will find a list of 15 designing ideas for the luxury bathroom of your dreams. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share with us in the comment section.

1. Freestanding Bathtubs

A lot of modern bathroom designs include an accent element that you can imitate: A freestanding tub. Balance is vital, so keep your bathroom sharp and symmetrical by placing the tub strategically in a spot that gives you clarity and better feng shui. You can go with the traditional oval bathtub, but also feel free to try the rectangular or pedestal tub. Our recommendation for a pedestal tub comes with a slip resistant floor, high gloss interior and exterior shells. The classy claw feet are chrome plated cast iron, offering strength and durability.

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2. Greenery

Bring the feel of the outdoors into your bathroom with a touch of greenery. This organic connection coincides with modern design, meaning that you are encouraged to allow the natural outdoor space to mesh with the bathroom. Add an indoor plant or two, as you prefer. If you don’t want leaves ending up in your tub, you can always go for highly realistic fake plants. They look absolutely gorgeous all year round and don’t die on you if you go on a prolonged vacation.

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3. Gold & Black Color Palette

There’s something about this color combo that just makes you to never want to leave your bathroom again. It works great with a modern-looking apartment, especially for a luxury bachelor pad if you’re looking for something more masculine. However, it’s easy to add touches of decor to bring a more feminine feel to the space. The fixtures are a signature of Waterworks and you can find the sink in the online catalog of Urban Archaeology.

4. Modern Lighting

Lighting is a key component to any modern design, especially in the bathroom. There are many options to choose from so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the perfect fixture for your newly designed bathroom. Keep in mind however, that a modern style will require clean lines and geometric shapes, so follow this pattern when shopping for windows, light fixtures, and placement of lighting. You want to make sure that your lighting matches the decor and adds to the cohesiveness of the design, rather than detracting from it. At the same time, the quality of the light is equally important, if not more, than the actual light fixture. When you’re shopping, look to find a balance between design and functionality. You could also consider installing a skylight that would allow more natural light into your bathroom.

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5. Black & White

Nothing spells modern more like a monochromatic bathroom. Keep things minimal and allow yourself to relax and calm down thanks to the black and white color palette. The under-mounted twin Kathryn sinks have been designed by Kohler in the master bathroom you can admire in the picture above. The faucets are from Kallista and the custom mirrors are by McAlpine.

6. Trough Sink

Today’s trough sinks are inspired by the traditional communal sinks which were very popular in the early days of indoor plumbing. However, they more than transcend their humble beginnings, given their sleek lines, spacious capacity, and variety of sizes. One of the best bathroom & kitchen brands, Native Trails, offers some of the best hand hammered copper trough sinks.

If you’re looking for a sink for your family bathroom, the trough sink will be a perfect match. It’s the ideal size for larger bathrooms, often providing space for two faucets. Some of the best bathroom sinks are artisan-crafted by NativeStone; they are made of an innovative blend of jute fiber and cement. The result is a lightweight skin, as well as durable, and easy to clean.

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7. Pink Peonies Wallpaper


This works best for a beach house powder room, but who’s to stop you from turning your home bathroom in a flowery splendor? Wallpaper murals – such as the one we propose – are an excellent way to refresh and update the look of your bathroom. It transforms the designated space instantly. The installation is effortlessly achieved with the assistance of a step by step guide.

You can also purchase the fixture used for the vintage brass console (Waterstone Faucets), as well as the custom counter and backsplash (made of Stone Surfaces’ Black Absolute granite).

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8. Travertine Bathroom

You can sheath the walls and floors in travertine for the maximum effect of a modern bathroom. And for the added luxurious feel, tile the shower with Cipollino tumbled marble. What you might need to complement the exquisite walls and floors is an exclusive travertine stone top twin sink.

The superb Brazilian Rosewood finish on the bio-friendly solid hardwood will match any décor. All throughout the cabinet, you’ll see intricate carvings that accentuate the durable profile and give this furniture piece a unique character. You can find the elegant furniture bath cabinet by clicking on the link below.

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9.  Cobalt Blue

Shampoo storage never looked so chic. Adriatic Sea hexagonal tiles are by Fireclay Tile. As for the golden fixtures, what about this golden polished solid brass shower head? It comes with a slide bar and an extra attached shower head. If you’re going for a bold statement in your bathroom, use the cold cobalt blue to achieve that goal.

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10. Mosaic Tile

Use mosaic tiles to accent the shower stall and the floor in the master bathroom of the house. We recommend an oyster mother of pearl square shell mosaic made of genuine natural mother of pearls. In addition, the mosaic is water & fire proof, 100% eco-friendly material, and suffers little to no color fading. The luxury tiles are covered with a natural pearl luster.

But our recommendation goes beyond the eco-responsibility of reusing materials. It’s also a known fact that mother of pearl shell mosaic wall tile will bring such beauty and character like nothing else will. Given that the shells are salvaged from nature, you’ll enjoy the uniqueness of each piece’s imperfections.

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11. Corner Mirror

Are you trying to pimp up your tiny bathroom space? This configuration is easily replicable even in the world’s tiniest powder room. Just hang a mirror at an angle above a corner sink to maximize every inch; the fabric skirt will help you hide all the clutter. For an added dose of charm, mount cute plates on the walls and sneak in a classy orchid. If you’re into the latest trends, you can replace the round mirror with a geometrical one, just like the one in the link below.

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12. Marble & Granite

A bathroom fit for kings is one that features granite flooring and marble walls. You’ll feel beyond luxurious with walls clad in Brèche de Médicis marble and the cold floor in dark granite. Pair everything with a large rectangular mirror that will make the bathroom look a lot more spacious than it really is.

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You may not be interested in incorporating all of these elements into your bathroom but even selecting a couple different ones will add a touch of luxury and comfort to your bathroom that you don’t currently have. Enjoy the process of designing the bathroom to be tailor made to your personal preferences and design tastes!

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