Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world.

From the array of cuisines served in the city, to the adrenaline-fuelled activities and cultural outlets, Dubai is diversifying at a rapid pace and is likely to see increased footfall over the course of the next decade.

Aside from Dubai’s most famous locations, the city is home to a number of hidden gems that will surprise and delight holiday-makers in equal measure. Here are some the must-visit hotspots:

Food and Drink – Get Back to Nature with Life ‘N One

Dubai caters for all dining, activity and shopping tastes, but it is its range of eateries that truly sets it apart.

A secret breakfast spot in the heart of Jumeirah, no single location embodies this better than the superb Life ‘N One. At this resort, you get back to nature by enjoying the most important meal of the day surrounded by greenery and beneath the warmth of the relentless sun. Whether you want a full breakfast or a morning coffee before starting your day, simply claim your picnic blanket or rustic wooden table and enjoy a uniquely tranquil dining experience.

The menu certainly offers a fun and healthy range of dishes from which to choose, while each item is free from gluten, dairy and sugar and ideal for those with allergies. It is certainly an increasingly popular outlet, and one that you should visit while it remains competitively priced.

Culture – Visit Al Serkal Avenue

A constantly evolving diamond in the rough, Al Serkal offers visitors an insight into a Dubai that existed prior to globalisation and big business.

In short, it is an industrial warehouse site in the heartland of Al Quoz, which houses some of the city’s coolest art galleries and culture-inspired venues. You can browse the majority of these in a single day, while also grabbing a coffee and perusing some of the region’s most fascinating pop-up stores in the A4 Space.

We also recommend that you visit Flowground in the evening, as this provides access to some alluring, fairy-lit avenues and the traditional JamJar gallery (which offers both exhibitions and classes to art enthusiasts). 

Activities – Mount the Dorrell Sports Climbing Wall

If you are visiting Dubai with your family, you should definitely plan a visit to the little-known and criminally underrated Dorrell Sports Climbing Wall.

Suitable for adults and children aged four and older, this wall can be tackled with an instructor and can challenge everyone from novices to experienced climbers. Interestingly, the wall is located outside and exposed to the elements, which can add a unique dimension to the experience and ensure that your skills are tested to the limit!

Located at the World Trading Centre Hotel Apartments, this activity is addictive and one that provides an entire day of family fun!