Why You Need Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels NOW

100% Egyptian Cotton. Those simple words are enough to spur an image of sumptuous silky desert sand feel and sweet dreams in the shadow of the Pyramids. However, Egyptian cotton is a malleable enough fabric to lend itself to more than the making of bed sheets. If you ever come across a super-fluffy, airy-looking towel, the label is more likely to read ‘Made in Egypt’.

Once upon a time, the oversized high-end towels were a luxury only hotels and spas could afford. Nowadays, the shops are awash with every sort and brand of towel imaginable. The best of them feature fancy ribbing, super absorbency, Zero Twist manufacturing technology, and 100 percent cotton.

100% Egyptian Cotton to Wrap Yourself Up in Sumptuous Luxury

Luxor Linens – Oversize Bath Towel Set – Solano Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Luxor Collection of Towels Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton features particularly long, thick loops for that opulent feel. And Luxor Linens towel collections is a brand that promises the highest standard Egyptian cotton has to offer. It boasts its towels at a 650 GSM (grams per square meter) which translates to ‘density of fabric’. Obviously, the higher the number, the heavier and more absorbent the material.

In other words, the softness of the towels should endure through the wear and tear of time. And of your washing machine.

Another plus for the Luxor Linens is the customized embroidery. If you’ve ever fancied having your initials sewn to more than your lucky traveling undies, then make room on the bathroom rack for some king-styled Egyptian cotton towels.

Marks and Spencer ‘Stay New’ Collection of Egyptian Towels

The Cotton Plant Egyptian Cotton

If you want to wrap yourself in whipped cream softness, try the M&S collection of Egyptian towels. Marketed under a new technology bearing the extremely transparent title ‘StayNew’, the towels promise a fresh, brand-new look after each wash.

Beyond the fancy name, the manufacturing process is easy to explain. It implies the towels are using more mature cotton fibers than the normal ones, thus keeping their fluffiness around for several years of tumbling around the washing and drying machines. Softness is not the only feature that promises to last longer than the pyramids.

The brand also boasts specially engineered dyes that won’t leave the towel looking meagerly shabby and whitewashed with time. Either way, no matter which color you choose, the size will be the right one. A generous 68 x 137cm will definitely leave you covered for your money.

Superior ZT BTOWEL JD Zero Twist Cotton Bath Towel Set – Jade&44; 2 Pieces

Superior Collection of Towels

It’s pure physics. Thinner towels are more easy to air-dry. However, Egyptian cotton is famed for its plush thickness. Obviously, the two features are working against each other, right?

Not if your towels are weaved using the Zero Twist technology. Of course, luxury fibers such as Egyptian cotton have a natural low twist count – which can be downgraded to absolute zero. But for other fabrics, yarns will be twisted artificially during the manufacturing process to achieve extra strength and durability.

Furthermore, Zero Twist cotton means it washes easy and tumble dries even quicker. So, if you’re the kind of person who needs to wrap itself up in its favorite towel after every shower and can’t wait for them to dry naturally, the Zero Twist jade-colored towels from Superior are designed especially for you.

Egyptian cotton ensures the trinity of optimum fluffiness, softness, and absorbency is woven into every piece of towel you wrap yourself in.

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