Electric Cars: Pros and Cons of Ditching the Gas Pump

Electric cars are on the rise, but like anything, they’re not for everyone. Some aspire for luxury cars for the comfort and speed factor, whilst others prefer a more energy-efficient mode of transport.

Though popularly discussed in modern times, electric cars were first introduced the 1800s. Innovators in Hungary, the Netherlands, and the United States began toying with the idea of a battery-powered vehicle. It wasn’t until the late 19th century though that English and French inventors made them more practical and what we formally recognize them as. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of purchasing electric cars and the rise and fall of its popularity.

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Pros of Owning an Electric Car

Switching from a conventional car to an electric car an be daunting. Check out the advantages of owning electric cars below. It will be no time before you're reaping the benefits of convenience and savings!

1. Charge at Home

Charging is so convenient. Switch from visiting a gas station and install a charging inlet in your home instead. This method of charging saves so much time, energy, and nuisance. Owners should consider where to store the plug first, as it’s not always possible in most condos and apartments.

Thankfully, access to charging facilities is improving and increasing quickly. If you’re concerned about the battery lasting on a long journey, supermarkets and parking lots have now introduced them. Rising popularity ensures that you'll never be too far from a plug!

2. Cheaper To Run Than a Gas Car

Electricity is a lot cheaper than the average cost of petroleum. The cost per mile to fuel in an electric car then to fuel an EV is around one-third to one-quarter of the cost of gasoline. That’s a huge saving! Of course, you can opt for an energy-efficient service from your provider to bring down your electricity bill even more. The price of purchasing a green motor is reducing with popularity too.

Cons of Owning an Electric Car

As with any major purchase, you'll want to evaluate any potential drawbacks. Of course, electric cars have their quirks and limitations. Here are a few to consider.

1. Not as Much Choice of Vehicle

A major con of owning an electric car is the lack of choice and customizable options with purchasing it. Drivers like to have an option of brand, engine sizes and more. The field is expanding with plug-in minivans and all-electric SUV’s, but it’s currently still very limited.

2. Limited Range

As with any car, there’s a limit to how far it’ll drive without gas/charge. A major concern with electric cars is that they reach around 100 miles until needing a further charge. This requires a considerable amount of planning, because you can’t just quickly go to a gas station and charge it up. You’ll need around 30 minutes spare to extend another 50 miles of range (and that’s with using a public DC Quick Charger).

The Future of Battery-Powered Cars

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Many predict that we’ll see more electric cars on the road with additional makes introducing them too. They’ll have more features and look more appealing to a luxury driver. Audi created a prototype of an SUV concept which is capable of travelling up to 300 miles one a single charge, and can be fully charged in 50 minutes. We’d love to see more brands introducing elements like this.

Are you onboard with electric cars? Let us know your thoughts and/or experience in the comments.

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