What types of clothes can you embroider?


When you look in your closet, you feel depressed because all of your clothes look so boring. You want to do something to liven your wardrobe up but cannot afford new threads. Hence, you have decided to rejuvenate your old duds and add flair to them, by using embroidery on clothes.

You have always admired embroidered designs when you see them on other people’s clothes, and you wonder if that wouldn’t be the simplest way to change your style. Embroidery can definitely give your wardrobe a whole new look, but some articles of clothing will not look good embroidered. According to Printful, you should only put embroidery on certain types of fabric.

What kind of fabric should I use for embroidery on clothes?

Natural woven fabrics are considered the best for embroidery. It is not a good idea to embroider fabric that is very lightweight. The fabric will not be able to stand up to the embroidery thread, and it will either get snagged or weighed down. An embroidered design may look lopsided on a shirt made of fabric that is too lightweight.

100% cotton is a good fabric to use for embroidery. You can make an article of clothing, pillowcase, or blanket out of cotton, or you can simply buy an item and add embroidery to it. Cotton comes in many different colors, so you will have plenty of choices when looking for the perfect canvas for your design. 

Bear in mind that cotton tends to shrink when you wash it, so you should always make an article of clothing a size or two larger than you want it to be.


Canvas is an inexpensive and eco-friendly option for making shoes, tote bags, and backpacks. Canvas holds embroidery very well and also makes an excellent backdrop for colorful threads. Canvas can be made of either cotton or linen. You may find some synthetic canvas, but it is best to stick to natural fibers. 

Canvas is thicker than other kinds of material, so it can be difficult to embroider on canvas because it is not as pliable as other materials. You may want to use a sewing machine or embroidery machine when you put a design on canvas.

There are on-demand printing companies that can handle the needlework for you. All you have to do is upload a design to the printing company’s website and then select the article of clothing, accessory, or novelty item on which you would like the design to appear. A computerized embroidery machine will flawlessly stitch the design onto the item of your choice. The company will then ship it out to you.


Denim is one of the most popular kinds of fabric to embroider. You will see embroidered designs on the backs of jean jackets and on tote bags made of denim. You will also see small embroidered accents used as trim on jean jackets and blue jeans. 

Denim is a very rigid fabric and it will not move much when you sew on it. It is not very pliable and some stitches may be hard to create. You should always wash a denim jacket with embroidery on it inside out.

Embroidery on clothes can liven up the dullest of wardrobes, but knowing what material to use can save you time and money.

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