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Beach Outfits That Work For All Body Types and Holidays

Every body is different and unique in its own right. We want to celebrate different sizes and shapes and accentuate what you love about yourself, and hide what you don’t. Define your body shape before...
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Up and Coming Designers You Need To Watch Out For

As fashion shows kick off in the summer, there will be plenty of different brands and styles to watch out for. As new collections are looming, let’s mix up our wardrobe and explore the fashion...
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Fashion Capitals of The World For Everyone To See

Style is a global language, and there are so many amazing cities to travel in the world. Fashion designers have come from all around the world, which adds culture to the clothes. Music, sports and fashion...
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Why These Ten Classic Hairstyles for Men Are Timeless

For all that changes in fashion and style, certain things remain constant.Take pants, for example. Pants will always cover the legs (if only just with loose threads). Throughout the ages there have been short...
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Louis Vuitton: The History & Everything You Didn’t Know About The Brand

We’ve all heard of the brand and grown to love the symbolic patterns across its range of fashion. But, how much do you really know about this high-end fashion style? Since 1997, Louis Vuitton have collaborated...
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The 16 Best Sneakers for Men of Leisure and Luxury

When seeking out the best sneakers for men, it’s important to define what you mean by “the best.”Sneakers are more than just shoes you wear when being active. These shoes are a staple of...