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Holiday Party Outfits to Stand Out From The Crowd Tonight

It’s officially the Christmas-party season, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.If you’re stuck on some suggestions of what to wear, let us share some of our favourite holiday party outfits. Ditch the...
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Winter Beauty Tips and Products to Help You Feel Your Best Right Now

Caring for your skin all-year round is important, but it’s even more so during winter.Pamper yourself during this cold season as we reveal our best winter beauty tips and products to help you feel...

Five Ugly Christmas Sweaters to Stand Out from the Pack

In today’s world, overly decorative Christmas sweaters have never been more popular.Three or four decades ago, people wore these ugly Christmas sweaters unironically. Either from nostalgia or heavy levels of irony (or both) millennials...
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The Best Luxury Ski Gear to Make Your Mountain Outing Unforgettable

There aren't many winter sports more universally popular than skiing.But there is a big difference from heading down the bunny slopes and tackling a black diamond. There's also an equally gaping chasm between merely...
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Fashion Gifts That the Women in Your Life Most Want

During the holidays, you want to get people gifts they love, but if what they love is fashion this can be risky. If the woman or women in your life love fashion, any self-respecting...
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The Best Skin Care Products for Men of All Ages and Complexions

Shopping for the best skin care products for men can reveal an obvious bias.It seems clear there are more treatments aimed and marketed toward women in this sector. But that doesn't mean there aren't...