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Fashion Critic Tells Anyone Over 132 Pounds to Stay Away From Shows

Body-shaming accusations are nothing new in the industry, but one fashion critic is feeling the heat after her recent comment.Prominent Malaysian critic Zaihani Mohd Zain quickly learned her recent Facebook comment went too far...
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The 6 Best Designer Belts for Men to Buckle

Designer belts are a salient accessory that every luxurious man should have in his wardrobe.They are so much more than a piece of material that helps you keep your pants in place. Designer belts...
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The 6 Best Suit Brands for the Style-Conscious Man

If the clothes make the man, then why not choose from the suit brands that speak to your style?With much of modern society shunning formal attire, the right suit can truly make a statement....
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Bathroom Chandeliers – The Perfect Accessory To Enhance Your Washroom

Do you have a taste for the finer things in life? ​​​​If so, I bet you didn’t know that bathroom chandeliers in your washroom are a great way for you to show off that luxurious...
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Best Luxury Watch Brands For The Classic Man

With all the Fitbits, Samsung and Apple smart watches, and other digital wrist gadgets technology brings us, it can be easy to forget about classic luxury watch brands. Sure, technology ridden watches/gadgets and the...
Front shot of a woman with a watch on her right hand

Top 7 Best Luxury Watches for Women 2018

Luxury watches are more than a way to tell time. They have become a fashion statement, a tool for showing off beauty and femininity. From minimalist to ornate, small to large, watches are an...