The First Ferrari Car: Its History and Impact on the Brand Today

What’s so special about a Ferrari? It seems everyone aspires to own one. 

It isn’t just a fast car that’s appealing to look at, but it’s the combination of power with drivability which makes it so desirable. We recently spoke about rare cars, so let’s take a look at the first ever Ferrari created.

Ferrari In The Early Days

Ferrari originated in 1947 when the owner, Enzo Ferrari, developed a car business for people who also had a love for cars. When the business was first set up, gentlemen drivers would compete in his models. He founded a new company built as sports cars.

At 10 years old, Enzo saw his first car and become hooked to the sport. As a young adult, he fought in the first World War. Upon arriving home, he aspired to find work in the auto world. He was continuously rejected because of an excess of unemployed war veterans. He persisted and found work at a small garage.  

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Credit: Pixabay, Toby_Parsons

By 1920, Enzo landed a job as a race car driver. He launched Ferrari, then called ‘Team Ferrari’ in 1929. At that time, there was no car company. It consisted of a group of drivers racing cars they already owned. His journey in the auto business wasn’t straight forward, as he then worked for a car company, but didn’t enjoy it. In 1939, he began to build Ferrari’s first car.  

The second World War forced Ferrari to postpone his racing activities, but his company got straight back to work following the war. In 1945, he introduced a V12 engine that would then become the brand’s signature element.

The First Car On The Roads: Ferrari 125 S

The first test of this Ferrari wasn’t complete, but rather, consisted of unbodied steel rolling around the streets of Maranello. This was a moment in history as it was the first Ferrari car to hit the road. It was a 1.5-litre V12 producing around 118bhp – a lot slower than the 812 Superfast at 6.5 litres and a 789bhp V12.

The 125 S wasn’t as fast as its models to date, but did have a top speed of 130mph. It only had a weight of 650kg so it could travel faster than heavier cars at that time.

Although it was a short-lived car, it led an intense life. It was only used in Ferrari’s first year of business, but the chassis was present in 13 races. The car debuted at the Circuito di Piacenza, but it wasn’t unable to finish the race. Two weeks later, the 125 S claimed first place at the Grand Prix of Rome. The car was later repaired after taking a beating on the track.

The Ferrari won 14 races in the year of 1947, though it didn’t always come first in the races. However, it was victorious because it was the first model produced.

Where Is Ferrari Now?

ferrari, ferrari history, car history, where did ferrari begin, luxury car, racing drivers, sports cars,

Credit: Pixabay, Toby_Parsons

After 70 years of business, Ferrari is now a multi-billion-dollar luxury car brand for people around the world. It’s one of the most recognisable brands in the world and doesn’t seem defeated. Now, there’s even a Ferrari-themed amusement park and is still at the top of the game in racing.

It has completely transformed from a start-up racing company to a multi-billion-dollar global brand. But, it will always stay true to its roots.

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