Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Review: A Wearable Gadget Done Right

If you are interested in purchasing a new smartwatch, then you should definitely take a look at this Fossil Hybrid smartwatch review.

The new Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch is one of the most luxurious smartwatches you have ever seen. All its smart features are hidden behind an understated face.

The trend of wearing smartwatches started with the launch of time pieces made by Michael Kors and Skagen. Many manufacturers tend to use the same movements, like MMT and others. All smartwatches seem to do the same thing. However, let’s see what makes the one from Fossil so special.

Fossil Watches

The Fossil Q Hybrid can be used as an alarm, waking you up in the morning and it can also track your sleep and activity. Furthermore, this smartwatch is able to support second time zones. The new smartwatch can set automatically, being connected to your phone. You will not have to worry about its battery because it will last for months.

Some people may say that a smartwatch is not a real watch since its internal parts do not move and it resembles gadgets when featuring a touchscreen. If you are one of those who believes that smartwatches do not have the sophistication of an analog time piece, then you should think twice. The Fossil Q Hybrid is like no other.

Basically, hybrid smartwatches can bridge the gap between the world of mechanical watches and smartwatches. Furthermore, they can also feature the characteristics of a fitness band.

Features and Benefits: A Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Review

Of course before making a significant style purchase, you want to know exactly what to expect. In our Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch review, we’ll walk you through all of the best features and benefits.

1. This luxurious timepiece will enhance your style.

The Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch - Q Crewmaster Blue Silicone

Besides being a watch, this is also an activity tracker that features a wide range of great characteristics. Furthermore, it has an exquisite design, completing your look. Fossil is known to be a famous watch company which has recently tried to break into the smartwatch area of the watch-makers industry too. They are trying their best, and they want to find out their customers’ opinion on the new hybrid.

The new smartwatch features a 44 mm face and a removable strap. To control the watch, you will need to use your phone. The watch is provided with a Bluetooth connection. The pushers and the crown are covered in buttons. Nevertheless, the watch app is a basic one, providing features like tracking your sleep and also your activities. This smartwatch works with Android and iOS being very accurate when it comes to step tracking.

Up to this point, a knowledgeable watch lover may not be impressed. If you are wondering why you should buy this time piece is because it has a great battery. We all know how difficult is for us nowadays to leave the house without all sorts of chargers. We all depend on technology, both at work and in our spare time. It is great to know that its battery has a long life.

2. The Fossil Hybrid smartwatch review comprises all the data you’ll need.

fossil hybrid smartwatch review

The Q smartwatch has a fantastic design, having a solid body. What is interesting about it is that it looks just like a mechanical watch, even though behind this armor it hides a lot more features. Are you elated yet? Well, you should also know that there are some downsides too. It is better to find out before purchasing it to decide upon the matter.

Some of the bad news indicates that this watch does not feature a lume. Therefore, you would be unable to read it at night. The smartwatch can announce you whenever you have new social media messages or other notifications. The disadvantage is that making a buzzing noise is not enough details.

Some may even say that the primary role of this device is an activity tracker with some extra features. These specialists also indicate that the new Fossil Q Hybrid is not really a fully-featured smartwatch. Furthermore, a calibration process also indicates that this smartwatch may gain or lose time depending on weather fluctuations.

However, this is an amazing wearable for just $175. Smartwatches like this one might soon replace traditional quartz watches. Let’s face it: everyone would like a watch which is not just a watch but also has a few extra features. This is an exquisite alternative for an Android Wear or Apple Watch. It is a daily wear time piece that will define your style.

3. It has an exquisite and stylish design.

fossil hybrid smartwatch review

The stainless steel body, strong straps, chunky lugs and big buttons make this watch one of the greatest hybrid smartwatches on the market.

This exquisite watch looks amazing when poking out from beneath the sleeve. The black strap can tone the look down. The strap is malleable and very soft, being very comfortable all the time. Furthermore, if you do not like the strap, you can always change it, purchasing a new one from the Fossil collection. This amazing time piece features a curved glass cover, and it is also water resistant up to 50 meters.

There is no doubt that this one is better than the rest of smartwatches because you will not have to worry about it when going to the gym and sweating. The watch will continue to work perfectly fine. The bezel rotates anti-clockwise, being set up for dive timing while the inner bezel is marked for the 24-hour clock. Sadly, this smartwatch does not count the seconds.

The Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch features three buttons on the side of the body. If you press the top one, you will see the hands moving to indicate the date. The center button will make the hands move to show the time zone. You can first set it in the Fossil app. The third button starts a feature on your smartphone.

Besides being a luxurious watch, this is also a fine fitness tracker. This smartwatch can count your steps, estimating the calories you burnt and measuring the distance you have traveled. All this data is displayed via your Fossil Q app on your phone. If you wear this watch at night, it will show you how many hours you slept while also displaying your sleep phases.

4. Forget about others fitness trackers when using the new smartwatch.

fossil hybrid smartwatch review

When you want to workout, you can use the Fossil Q app to set a certain goal for the day, like walking 5 kilometers. Then, your smartwatch will signal you when you fulfilled the goal you have set. The watch will vibrate, and the hands will rotate, congratulating you for your victory. Isn’t this fun? However, if you would want to track specific exercises using this smartwatch, you should know that it can only track running and walking. Therefore, you will only get the basics.

This luxurious smartwatch will also let you know about your social media notifications. The Fossil Q app can handle the notifications in a very clever way, without triggering your watch to vibrate the whole day. In this way, the watch is more helpful. You smartwatch will notify you when you receive an SMS, call email, or notifications on Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, WeChat, Viber, Instagram, Twitter, Uber, and Skype.

However, you should know that the Fossil smartwatch will vibrate just the same, irrespective of the type of notification because you will eventually take your phone out to see it. The smart thing here, however, is that you can set a number to any app and when a notification comes through, the hands of the watch will indicate the respective number after you press the center button.

Before using the smartwatch, make sure you install the new Fossil app. It will take you just a minute to sync your new watch with the app. The fitness data will sync as soon as you open the app on your phone. The app is very easy to use, containing visual instructions on activating the features you want on the watch. Now that you know everything about its features, it is time to take a look at a list of pros and cons based on buyers’ opinion about the Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Review Pros and Cons

What do those who wear the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch have to say about their investment? Well, our Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch review explores the pros and cons below.


  • plus Timeless and classic look
  • plus It stays clasped irrespective of the activity you perform.
  • plusCustomizable notification alerts.


  • close Might be a bit bulky for some wrists.
  • Lack of a night glow.

Those who have had the pleasure of owning the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch often cite the chic design, long battery life, and fitness tracking function as reasons they love the gadget. While some had a few issues with syncing to the app and the limited notification settings, ultimately these were not deal breakers. Overall, the benefits far outweigh the cons.

The Fossil Hybrid smartwatch review offered a perspective on how the device works, both as a watch and a fitness tracker.

As always, some customers were really satisfied with it, while others find it difficult to use or were not happy with the features. Nevertheless, this is an incredible smartwatch that is worth the money.

Either way, we’d love to hear your thoughts. After reading the Fossil Hybrid smartwatch review and experiencing the device for yourself, what do you think? Let us know in the commets below.

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