Galiner Cigar Humidor Case Review: A Safe, Stylish Way to Transport Your Stogies

If you love great cigars, you probably already know the importance of a great humidor.

But what about when you're traveling? There are certainly some fashionable and effective cigar cases out there. Few provide the safety and freshness of the Galiner cigar humidor case, though.

Keep reading for a thorough review of this clever product. It's got room for your favorite cigars and a humidor built in for a perfect experience every time. Whatever occasion you find yourself celebrating with a fine cigar, one thing is clear: you want it fresh. And even if you have a long trip ahead of you, the Galiner cigar humidor case can provide an optimum environment.

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

A Little About the Galiner Cigar Humidor Case

Galiner has a huge selection of products geared toward those who truly appreciate a great cigar. And the Galiner cigar humidor case builds on that history of performance with a tremendous travel option. It's got room for a selection of your favorite stogies. And the built in humidor keeps the perfect environment to keep them fresh.

We'll get into all the details below. And if you are looking for a reliable way to transport your cigars, it's worth your consideration. Functions and features abound in this highly portable little product. Whether you've already got Galiner products or not, this case gives cigar smokers a clear idea of what the company can do.

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

Background About the Brand

Galiner has been around for more than a decade. And in that time, the company has become known for its dedication to great cigar related products. Focused largely on an online customer base, it's easy to get these products delivered.

This is a brand that has combined today's high tech culture with the time honored tradition of enjoying cigars. The company's founders pride themselves as "passionate champions" for aficionados of all stripes. So whatever type of cigar you enjoy and wherever you enjoy them, Galiner probably has a product for you.

We're focused on the Galiner cigar humidor case for this review. But with its own factory, the company produces more than 1,500 different products. Among them are traditional humidors and cases along with cigar cutters and unique ashtrays. Not only does the brand deliver on the quality it promises, it does so at a reasonable price. 

Why Should You Consider This Brand?

It might go without saying that the Galiner cigar humidor case is great for cigar fans. But it's also an accurate description of the ideal buyers. If keeping your cigars fresh -- even on the go -- is important, we recommend checking it out. Even if you don't travel a lot, having this option around could save some hassle. 

It's easy to pack a few great cigars in this case and zip it up, secure in the knowledge it will arrive fresh. Beyond the high quality humidor function, the case is made to protect the cigars themselves. Not only is the construction solid and rigid, it's crafted from an elegant design.

And it's just big enough to hold up to six cigars. Any bigger and it wouldn't be as convenient to toss in your bag. Any smaller and you couldn't take a full sample of your favorite cigars. Every inch is put to good use in the Galiner cigar humidor case. And you can benefit from that great design the next time you travel.

Who Do These Products Work Best For?

We have our own factory, provide more than 1500 products include cigar humidor, cigar case, cigar ashtray, etc. Our products with high quality and competitive price.

We now offer products in worldwide. And depending on the market, our products are distributed through retail channels, by every country’s cigar accessories stores. 

We have a strong track record of producing cigar accessories, particularly cigar humidor, cigar case and cigar lighters. All of our products with stringent quality standards, regardless of which product.

Our most valuable asset is our global workforce, each member of which is a passionate supporter of our cause to deliver good cigar accessories for cigar aficionado. 

Features & Benefits of the Galiner Cigar Humidor Case

You might expect any product from a company dedicated to cigar aficionados will perform admirably. But the Galiner cigar humidor case might just surprise you by going above and beyond your expectations. 

We'll take a look at everything that goes into creating this clever product. If you love a quality cigar and want a case worthy of your collection, this one might just be for you. Keep reading to find out why it has become so popular with many smokers who have already discovered its potential.

1. Beautiful Design

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

Let's start with what will doubtlessly be the first thing you notice when unpacking this product. The Galiner cigar humidor case projects a luxurious look from the very start. Rich, opulent polyurethane leather gives the exterior a soft feel and beautiful look.

Open it up to see the great design extends to the interior. Rich wood grain makes a statement with the tray for your cigars. And a matching humidor completes the look. Whether open or closed, we think this beautiful product is worthy of even the most expensive cigar collection.

2. Quality Construction

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

Design only goes as far as a first impression. If there aren't quality components and craftsmanship underneath, you've only got an attractive box. But fortunately, the Galiner cigar humidor case delivers on both counts.

Beyond the beautiful leather, find a durable frame and high quality zipper to keep your cigars safe. And the cedar wood inside is crafted for beauty and performance. They keep your cigars separate and in a perfect level of humidity. Just like the company's larger humidors, this one gives you effortless peace of mind. Add the solution prior to zipping it up and rest assured you'll arrive at your destination with fresh cigars.

3. Powerful Protection

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

For the true aficionado, this might just be the most important feature. The kiln dried Spanish cedar wood obviously gives you a great aroma. But it is also designed for maximum protection.

Some cases can result in the sinking feeling of pulling out a broken or damaged stogie. But with the toughness and sturdy construction of the Galiner cigar humidor case, put those concerns away. Even extreme turbulence along the way will be absorbed by this rigid case. You might not expect such an attractive product to be so utilitarian. But this brand proved once again to be a master of its craft with this travel case.

4. Easy to Use

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

Of course you're looking for something high quality. And you probably want it to look good, too. But all of that is pointless if it's too difficult to operate or tote. You likely want a product you can pack and forget until you want to light up a cigar.

And that is exactly what the Galiner cigar humidor case delivers. Whether you're packing for a long vacation or a round of golf, you can just grab the case and go. After filling up the built in humidor, the case takes over to protect your cigars. With a perfect size for on the go storage, it might be the simplest part of your packing process.

What Cigar Aficionados Have to Say About the Galiner Cigar Humidor Case

Do you think this case might be right for your needs? Don't take our word for it. We've searched online for reviews from folks who have actually used it. And generally speaking, they were impressed by the construction, appearance and performance. 

But no product will suit every cigar fan. So pay attention to some of the most common pros and cons we encountered along the way. And if you still aren't sold on the Galiner cigar humidor case, keep reading. We've also compiled three other options that might be exactly what you hope to find.


  • plus
    Simple, reliable protection
  • plus
    Great appearance
  • plus
    Small footprint in your bag


  • close
    Won't accommodate largest sizes
  • No humidor gauge included

If you like what you see, it's easy to have a Galiner cigar humidor case delivered right to you. And these products are also available in many of the best cigar accessory shops around the world. But if you're still shopping, we've got a few other options to consider. Each reaches a slightly different segment of the same market. So keep looking until you find just the right one.

Alternative Cigar Humidor Cases to Consider

Whether you want something utilitarian or opulent, choices in travel humidors run the gamut. But quality is a clear component among all of the best options out there. Here are a few we think deserve some consideration if you're in the market.

1. CiTree Cigar Humidor

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

This is a premium option that shares many features with the Galiner cigar humidor case. But it has a different shape and a few other options we think you might want to consider. Your order will include a stainless steel cigar cutter and a refillable jet flame lighter. So it will have virtually anything you'll need -- except the cigars, that is. 

And you can still count on the protection and style you want. You can store up to four cigars with a ring gauge size of up to 56. And the quality construction includes high quality cedar wood. It all zips up securely to toss in your bag until you get where you're going. 

2. Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

Need a little more room for your cigars? Don't need the luxurious appearance of leather or other opulent materials. Here's a choice that can quite simply get the job done.

It's crafted from crush proof plastic. While it's not the most ornate or beautiful design, you can count on it to protect your cigars. With stainless steel latch hinges and an air pressure release valve, it gives you lots of functionality. A humidifier disk located in the lid gives you security that your cigars will arrive in great condition.

3. Lagute Groucho Cigar Case Travel

galiner cigar humidor case, galiner cigar humidor case review

Here's one of the most beautiful travel cigar cases we've ever reviewed. The luxurious leather wraps the entire product for an unmistakably opulent appearance. And inside, find room for up to six cigars in a wide range of sizes. 

And the interior is designed to keep your cigars seriously safe. Not only is it rigid enough to protect your possessions, it's also made of specialized materials. This case will help protect your cigars from harmful elements including tobacco worms. Easily add liquid to the built in humidifier with an included dropper. And a high quality zipper keeps all of it in place until you need it.

Keeping your favorite cigars in top shape is a big concern.

That can be especially true when you're packing them for a trip. But with the right travel case, you can focus on more important things. And the Galiner cigar humidor case, you can.

We hope you found our review informative and helpful. If so, share it with the cigar aficionados in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or comments.

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