Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS Review: More Than Just Directions

There are many ways technology can enhance your experience behind the wheel.

And the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS device represents one of many great leaps forward in auto ownership. But you might not know exactly what a product like this can add to your time in traffic. After all, many of us have navigation and other capabilities built right into our smartphone. 

But this device and some of its worthier competitors provide benefits many motorists feel are worth the cost. We'll get into all of the features below. But it basically makes all of the current tech capabilities easily accessible. And best of all, it can allow you to keep more of your attention where it belongs. That means your eyes stay on the road as you get step by step assistance. When used as intended, you and everyone else on the road are a little bit safer as a result

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A Little About the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS

Maybe you've had GPS systems in the early days. Sure, they were helpful and groundbreaking for the time. But many of us have since allowed a smartphone to fill in. So why would you need a product like the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS? Well, keep reading to find out exactly what this offers that your average navigation app doesn't. But in broad terms, it customizes the best of what a smartphone can do into a device built for drivers.

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Background About Garmin

Perhaps you've heard of Garmin, considering it has consistently ruled the GPS market. So it should be no surprise that the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS is a solid choice today. Whether you're looking for step by step navigation or any number of other functions, give it a look. This might provide not only what you're looking for, but also solve some problems you hadn't even considered. 

Who is the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS Great For?

Anybody who drives a significant amount can probably find plenty to love about the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS. But it's particularly useful for motorists who like to explore new places. The clever voice control and turn by turn navigation make it virtually impossible to get lost. But then there are the entertainment options and other features that can enhance even a local drive.

What are the Best Uses for the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS?

With a clever design and easy installation, it is easy to get the most out of this product. And there are some features you're likely to rely on regularly. We'll let you in on the specifics below. But think of all the things on the typical smartphone that you can use to aid you on the road. Now picture those features clearly displayed on a screen in your dashboard. 

Features & Benefits of the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS

Let's get down to the actual benefits of owning this product. Once you get it installed and start using it, we think there are a few things you'll immediately notice. And we've selected the features that struck us as the most advanced and user friendly. If all of this sounds useful to you, the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS might be right for your vehicle.

1. Intuitive Voice Command

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For starters, this device is excellent in terms of connectivity. It doesn't just sync with your own devices, it works with other companies like Foursquare. This allows the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS to provide updated maps and easy to follow directions. And a big part of that is the voice commands that guide your trip. These prompts can be more useful in the moment than simple street names. Using natural landmarks, buildings or other features, you can easily determine where to turn.

Then there are the ordinary alerts that are just helpful to know. For example, if the speed limit is about to change you'll have an advance notice. And it also serves as an extra notification for railroad and animal crossings. If you've been driving for a particularly long stretch, it will even recommend taking a rest. Among the other innovative features is an alert in case you happen to venture the wrong way down the road.​

These alerts and voice commands serve to enhance other features in this advanced product. This can include a backup camera or any other external device. And the satellite capabilities bring everything together for a fully integrated GPS product.

2. Free Map Updates For Life

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Chances are, it will be easy to find a map of the places you're likely to travel. Of course, you'll want to make sure before you purchase a particular version. The Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS offers wide coverage, but some other models provide even more. In any case, when you find the product that has the maps you need, don't worry about updates.

This was one of the primary complaints of early GPS devices. Updating maps could be difficult and expensive in some of those models. But this is one that takes all of those concerns out of the equation. You can simply update for free for as long as you have the device in your car. And for models that include the traffic updates, those maps are also included in the free updates. Each of the maps are presented in brilliant quality on a very advanced screen. Follow along with all the turns and keep up with traffic in real time through this innovative display.

3. Great Display

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We've already mentioned that the screen has great resolution and looks splendid in your dash. But the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS screen is also designed intelligently. That means you'll be able to keep up with what's going on from the very first use. If you've had earlier Garmin products, a lot of the menu options will probably look familiar.

But there are also likely some clever integrations you might not have seen in previous models. Easily distinguish between the search function for a new destination and a database of other addresses. You can even get suggestions about places you might want to visit along the way. These could be places you've visited before or spots you would likely be interested in seeing. And there's a spot for your most commonly used categories so you can find the most important stuff quickly.

4. Easy to Use

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All of these cool features are hardly worth mentioning if they're hard to access. But fortunately, the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS is a breeze to install and set up. Plus, there's a suction cup mount that makes it clear this thing isn't going anywhere. 

You can use a power adapter to keep your device plugged up and running through even the longest drives. And some of the features you want to use might require the extra power. But it all operates smoothly and makes sense as its designed. You don't need to be an expert in technology to learn how to integrate these functions into your routine. Plus, with free map updates, there's really no upkeep you need to worry about. Just cruise along, secure in the knowledge that this device is here to help.

What Motorists Have to Say About the Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS

There's a lot to recommend about this product. And many satisfied motorists are eager to sing its praises. But don't take our word for it. We've also taken a close look at the most common reviews by folks who have actually used it. So keep reading to find the pros and cons we saw most often during our research. 


  • plus
    Traffic warning
  • plus
    Free map updates for life
  • plus
    Easy voice commands


  • close
    Some features not as advanced
  • Requires power cable for some functions

Sound good? Well, it's easy to find a Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS to install in your ride today. But if you're not quite sold on it, read further. We've also compiled a list of three different but related products that might meet your needs more precisely. No matter what you're looking for, we think you'll find it somewhere on our list.

Alternative GPS Systems to Consider

Here are some of the most innovative dashboard devices currently on the market. From rocking your favorite tunes to cruising new roads, these products aim to help you along the road.

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Here's an option from a proven leader in the auto stereo and in dash navigation system market. And this one is arguably the cream of the crop. Kenwood has provided easy integration with your Apple or Android smart device. Then there is the Bluetooth connectivity to give you easy hands free operation. Perhaps it goes without saying to point out the useful GPS navigation. But it works as well as you could hope for and is easy to master. Everything works together in a perfect orchestra of helpful and clever driver assistance. 

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JVC is another proven brand in the market. And it proves its mastery of in dash GPS units with this system. You'll find great features like a night vision camera that will help you navigate in all situations. Typical options like Bluetooth and GPS work as expected and offer lots of help. You can hook up whatever external devices you need with lots of ports and inputs. A water resistant camera keeps you tuned in to whatever is going on around you. And then there's a stereo control that gives you a rich, full sound regardless of what you're playing.

3. Lexxson Car Navigation

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Here's a fun device that almost any driver can get behind. You can sync it with many of your favorite apps from your smartphone. And then there is a wide selection of maps you can choose from. Pick your favorite and rely on helpful step by step navigation when you need it most. A touch screen interface is easy to use and all of the icons are simple to distinguish. Then there is the Bluetooth integration that allows for even more convenient voice controls.

The Garmin Drive 60 LM GPS is one of several great devices to install in your vehicle.

Some of the features help to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. Others are geared more toward increasing the fun factor. And then there are the helpful programs designed to keep you on the right path. Whichever reason you're looking into a new GPS unit, we hope our guide has helped you decide.

If we've made the choice a bit easier for you, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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