How to Enjoy a Gourmet Tea Experience at Home: Three Ideas

Aesthetics add flavor to the world’s favorite hot or cold beverage. We’re not talking freshly ground coffee yet, but tea. From the Indian chai to the British five o’clock addiction, from the less informal Tibetan butter tea – or Po cha- to the Japanese ceremonious pouring, gourmet tea has been holding a firm grasp on the world for thousands of years.

On the one hand, there’s the teahouse of all styles and levels of extravagance to cater to the thirsty drinker. On the other hand, if you want to move the experience of enjoying the best tea in the intimacy of your home, we can pour a few tips in your way.

Gourmet Tea – A Taste of ‘Homely’ Luxury

A Selection Worth ‘All the Tea in China’

A cup of hot tea gourmet tea

Or is it all the tea in Sri Lanka? Nowadays, Dilmah tea is handpicked from the company’s private gardens in Ceylon’s best estates. The founder of the famous tea company, Merill J. Fernando, turned his passion for the soft beverage into a family-owned international business.

Starting with the 1950s, Dilmah says, the company has made it its mission to combat the quick cuppa. A tea sortiment made by the usual CTC method and distributed across the continents. In contrast, single origin tea is the only desirable beverage, states the company’s website.

To spread the message, Dilmah has customized its tea selections. Furthermore, the company is shipping it in elegant, wooden tea chest tea at home.

The Dilmah designed hand-finished box includes 120 tea bags and 12 gourmet slots.

No Need for a ‘Tempest in a Teakettle’

Cast Iron Teapot gourmet tea

 ‘The truth lies in a bowl of tea’, a Japanese quote says. The culture of the Rising Sun has made brewing and preparing tea a ritual of elegant choreography and almost Heideggerrian philosophy. Traditionally, the host spends days going over every detail to make sure that the ceremony is without fault.

If you want to cultivate serenity and calm as a state of mind, why not use tea as the medium? Tea accessories play a crucial role in forging the Way of the Tea, as the Japanese call their tea ceremony.

A simple tea set includes a teapot, a trivet, and two cups. The four black pieces are made from iron cast with a nail head design. The typical sturdy material keeps an even temperature whilst the tea is brewing, and afterward. On the interior, the matte enamel coating prevents rusting.

Tea Is ‘Everyone’s Cup of tea’

Teapot and service designed by Paul Cardew Gourmet tea

“Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always tea time.” – Quote from Alice in Wonderland

If you’re a tea lunatic as well and every hour is tea time, there’s no finer company to have around than the wacky crowd from Alice in Wonderland. Inspired by Lewis Carol’s iconic characters, the Cardew Design Alice in Wonderland Porcelain 3-Ounce Tea Party Cup and Saucer Set service is made of high quality ceramic ware. As a plus, it comes from a world-renowned designer with a penchant for cartoons and children’s stories imprinted on teapots.

Not only the funky or serious tableware collection, but also the sweet tasting wrapped tea envelopes will refresh your gourmet tea experience at home.

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