Having a Car Isn’t Always Worth It, and We’ll Show You Why

Having a car is what many people want, simply because everyone else has one. 

Owning a vehicle isn’t just for practicality, but to show the world your success and flaunt your entrepreneurship. Gone are the days when people purchasing a car solely for transportation, as we’re seeing more sports cars and them being used for leisure. Whether you currently own a vehicle or are eager to purchase one, let’s take an unusual approach on whether having a car is worth it.

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Having a Car Is a Hassle

Some may believe that having a car makes life easier, because you can jump in it and head to your destination easily. These individuals don’t always consider how you have to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, and ways to do that.

With little car knowledge, it can suddenly become a burden. Out of nowhere, you need new tyres, or the turbo has broken. Money aside, it’s a huge inconvenience to arrange a garage to pick up the vehicle and look at it. Meanwhile, your business schedule still has to take priority.

Car ownership becomes something you have to think about, unconsciously. Where will you park? Have I paid my insurance? Is my car service due? These are all things to consider which can consume your thoughts, and it’s a waste of time. Divert your energy to your business, family and health. These are the real things that matter.

Owning a Car Is To Impress Others

There are plenty of reasons to not own a vehicle. We are programmed to add more and more material items into our life to elevate our confidence. If you don’t have anything to show for your success, how will people know you’re successful? But, the more things we add to our life, the more complicated it becomes. The easier we lose focus. The quicker we want more.

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Over complicating our lives makes it more difficult to remain positive when these things are suddenly taken away. Businesses flop, but outgoings still exist. Is it the best business investment, or could you allocate that money to something worthwhile?

Do You Avoid Owning a Car?

Cars add to pollution and stress on the roads. They have their benefits of course, but if you can easily use public transport, then do it. Limit the number of cars on the road and take a positive step to protect our world.

If you avoid having a car, we’d love to hear your side of the story. Leave us a comment with how you reached your decision.

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