New High End Furniture Shop from eBay: Highlights

If you have often been frustrated by the fact that you couldn’t promptly find a rare Paul Revere candlestick on eBay – or that other collectible antique piece – worry no more. The e-shopping company is here to help you: Meet eBay Collective, the place you will find all your high end furniture from now on.

eBay’s “elevated shopping experience”

The new eBay Collective is the perfect site for well-heeled consumers and interior designers who need to find antiques easier. Not only that, but high end furniture, fine art, and various objets d’art are also included in the new website.

It does help that eBay Collective also features the “Shop the Room” image recognition tool. All you have to do is hover over an image of a fine 18th century antique Chinese porcelain bowl, for example, and the tool will search the entire database of curated products to find a match. This new technology has been recently acquired from the visual search engine Corrigon (for under $30 million).

As Jill Ramsey, eBay’s VP of soft goods, explained, “Whether you are looking for a unique piece of furniture from a specific time period, or one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for your home that reflects your own style, eBay Collective will help shoppers to find that perfect piece.”

Collective’s Partnering Brands

Indeed, eBay Collective caters to a higher-end crowd – collectors and designers – but the newly integrated tool can help everyone. Any customer can use the “Shop the Room” tool to find items at varying price points. The integration also taps into eBay’s wider inventory.

At the launch, the site announced that 21 dealers were already on board, invited by eBay to participate with items for the new section. A quick scroll through the varied categories will show listings such as a pair of Gio Ponti Armchairs, a rare Andy Warhol signed screenprint, and a Mies van der Rohe Chaise Lounge in original leather. And that’s just the tip of the collectible iceberg.

The shopping company has also included content from Archdigest.com and Architectural Digest to further nuance the site’s information on decorating, sculptures and carvings, and other industry events.

The shopping company has also included content from Archdigest.com and Architectural Digest to further nuance the site’s information on decorating, sculptures and carvings, and other industry events. Some of the design suggestions by Architectural Digest include articles such as “How to Decorate with a Vintage Sofa” and glamorous NYC apartment inspiration.

Curating Millions of Items

Ever since its initial launch in 1995, eBay has become a commercial monster, with hundreds of categories for millions of products you can buy. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the company is looking for more efficient ways of curating its large inventory selection. Its 164 million active buyers are always looking for the next best thing, and eBay hopes to deliver.

However, eBay Collective is just the latest initiative; the company also launched eBay Wine this year as a means of catering to a specific demographic through a dedicated shopping portal.

Unfortunately, these niche expansions won’t bring too much growth for eBay. Even so, the data the company gathers from these efforts could help the company gain a better understanding of how its customers prefer to shop.

Now that we know that eBay Collective can do, let us check out some beautifully crafted, high end furniture items. While we’ll only present a short list, feel free to check out the entire inventory available on the website.

Real Bamboo Asian Dining Chairs

This unusual and unique set of four bamboo dining chairs is ideal for your vacation home. Built completely out of actual bamboo (even the seat slats), these chairs are strong and filled with character. Even though they look a little fragile, the technique used to make them ensures you will never have to worry about falling.

At the same time, other than bamboo slits and slots, there is no visible form of attachment. No two chairs are identical, given that they are handcrafted. Place a pillow in the seat for more comfort and a spark of color. Even though the exact origin is unknown, the set is in excellent vintage condition.

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Vintage Pair of French Louis XVI Style Arm Chairs

This beautiful pair of arm chairs has an overall unique take on the classy Louis XVI form. Inspired by the silk covering of the French Empire, they are upholstered in an intricate bee-and-wreath covering. The chairs immediately catch the eye with the tasteful gilded highlights engulfed in a dominantly pearl painted frame.

Handcrafted with style, these vintage arm chairs feature some fine carved details, such as rosettes on the arms and knees. The arms curve outward, but the overall form remains somewhat restrained. That makes them appropriate for any formal room without stealing the show. Resting over turned and tapering legs, the chairs are sturdy and secure.

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19th Century Austrian Biedermeier Cherry Antique Table

Expect the finest design if you are interested in this exceptional table. Its undistracted lines mixed with the partially ebonized and cherry veneered details make this center table ideal for any 19th century collection. The glossy French polish covers the round top with a finished veneer edge.

The harmonious and pure lines of this table mirror the soft curvature of the legs. The subtle tapering, on the other hand, adds to an airy and lightweight form. This is an exquisite antique that meets the needs of a pure, elegant and pristine home.

Condition Report: The table features overall minor surface wear to the French finish; it’s not the original finish. Both the top and the apron have suffered hairline shrink cracks throughout the surfaces. Two lobes on the apron have been replaced, so they are not original either.

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French Modern Brass Coffee Table with Clear Glass

If you are interested in a collectible with a modern feeling, this French brass coffee table is for you. The five separate pieces make up a round clear glass nestled coffee table with a polished brass frame. Four of the larger, quartered side tables fit perfectly under the larger round coffee table. It is an original French antique piece, dating back to the 1970s.

The advantage of the nestled tables is that they can be used either as whole round table, or separately. Their versatility makes them suitable for various settings in your chosen room.

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Asian-style Armoire Cabinet of Ebonized Maple

This vintage entertainment armoire cabinet is what your collection needs. It is strikingly similar to the vintage Chin Hua An line thanks to the black lacquer (ebonized) maple and burl ash polish. At the same time, it’s not just an entertainment center; you could use it as a dining room piece, suitable to hold serving pieces and China dishware.

Use it in the bedroom to hold linens or clothing, if that is what you need. Given its versatility, it can turn into anything you want – even a board game and blanket cabinet! Thanks to its style, it works in most settings: traditional, contemporary, or eclectic. It’s not only beautiful, but also useful and in great vintage condition.

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French Louis XV Style Chaise Longue Recamier Settee

Crafted during the first quarter of the 19th century, this unique longue has a superb design. It contrasts with the angularity of the seat against the smooth undulation in the frame. The intentional lack of embellishment or carving of the surface highlights the curvy form. Instead, the shape allows the burnished gilding to bring out the soft and warm design style.

Its sturdy built has lasted the test of time, proving the chaise is a worthy investment. It was constructed with pegged tenon-mortise joints, resting on scrolled French toes. Your home décor will be enhanced by this rare and cherished piece of art.

Condition Report: Upholstery is not in an excellent condition. The back leg was cracked and had to be repaired, as well as several leg joints. Wear is visible along the settee’s frame and legs, as expected. One of the sturdy feet is missing half of the toe.

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Rococo Revival Carved Antique Foot Stool Ottoman

This ottoman is a beauty to look at: Its endlessly and undulating sinuous lines work perfectly with the flowing curvature of the apron and the rounded edges of the leather. The exaggerated curves – as well as the deep cabriolet legs and scrolling feet – add up to a precious collectible.

The seat is also comfortable thanks to a gorgeous green leather. Deeply stuffed, the ottoman is visually striking. Designed and handcrafted during the first quarter of the 20th century, the surface glows with a gentle worn feeling, but the natural wear is minimal.

Condition Report: Minor dings, leather worn as expected, some abrasions to wood; the overall condition is, however, outstanding.

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Are you excited about eBay Collective? Do you think this new section – filled with the best and priciest antiques – will help the company increase its annual profit? Talk to us in the comments.

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