High Level Luxury Auto Brands Trying to Enter the Indian Market

Some of the most famous luxury auto brands are trying to reach the Indian market by opening mobile showrooms all throughout India. But what are these brands, what is the goal behind this initiative, and how will it influence the luxury auto market? These are only some of the questions that we are going to try answering today. Stay tuned!


Why are luxury auto brands opening mobile showrooms and pop-up stores all around India? Well, first of all because they do not have the same amount of car dealerships across the country. Well-known Indian brands such as Maruti and Tata have around 3,000 dealerships opened all over India. This provides customers with easy access to their cars. On the opposite side, luxury auto brands such as Audi or Mercedes only have a maximum of 100 such dealerships. Of course, this is not at all a fair fight. And it also explains why luxury brands are experimenting with different techniques to try and get more costumers direct access to their automobiles.

Who? – Luxury Auto Brands


But what are the luxury auto brands that are trying to enter the Indian market through mobile showrooms and pop-up stores? Well, one of the pioneers of such an experiment is Audi. The brand has started this initiative in 2015. They opened mobile showrooms where people could experience what is like to own an Audi. The showrooms were opened predominately in lower tier cities such as Meerut, Aligarh, Agra, Kota, Ambala, Hisar, Muzaffarnagar, Amritsar, and Saharanpur.

But in 2016, the company seems to be even more ambitious. This is also good news for people living in India who are thinking about purchasing a luxury automobile from Audi, but do not have a dealership close to them. The company will visit 20 cities in 2016, among which Patna, Siliguri, and Jamshedpur.


But Audi is not the only luxury auto brand that has though of this idea. Mercedes-Benz is planning on opening pop-up stores for the full Mercedes experience in the shape of temporary showrooms. So the people will have plenty of time to experience all that the brand has to offer. The company will spend 7 to 10 days in each city. In total, they will be visiting 6 Indian cities in 2016.


Possibly the most important question is what will people be able to do in these mobile showrooms and pop-up stores? Well, first of all, they will be able to see cars and accessories displayed by Audi and Mercedes-Benz, book test drives, and get in touch with dealers in case they want to buy a car or they need any kind of support after a purchase. The purpose of these two luxury auto brands is to bring their products right at the doorstep of people who normally don’t have access to them. Furthermore, they want to introduce people to what it is like to own an Audi or a Mercedes.

And we’re sure that many people will be excited about this unique opportunity. So all in all, the initiatives of both Audi and Mercedes are sure to be a success on the Indian auto market.

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