Holiday Party Outfits to Stand Out From The Crowd Tonight

It’s officially the Christmas-party season, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

If you’re stuck on some suggestions of what to wear, let us share some of our favourite holiday party outfits. Ditch the boring suit, matte black shirt and long skirt. It’s time to add sparkles, glitter and fun to your attire. Let’s uncover the best outfits to show your personality and fun factor for everyone to see.

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Bit About Holiday Party Outfits

Christmas is looming. Whilst many of us are finishing off our gift purchases, the majority of us are searching through our wardrobe to find a comfortable and luxurious party outfit. Is a black dress appropriate? Is a festive jumper too laid-back? Do you wear a dress, or will jeans suffice? With all of these questions spiralling around in your head, it’s time to get to the bottom of holiday party outfits.

What Type of Dress Code Should You Aim For?

Let’s firstly express that Christmas only happens once a year, so it’s a switch to waste a glamorous outfit for a chilled attire. The dress code should lean towards formal rather than casual. As a result, this means you should leave the snapback, trainers and ripped jeans at home. If you’d wear your holiday party outfit on a Saturday afternoon, then you’re going to casual. However, if you’d wear it to a wedding reception, then it’s a little over the top. Consider accessories – such as shoes, handbag and jewelry – which will glam up your outfit.

Even wants to look fabulous and feel their best at a holiday party. Therefore, you may wish to purchase something new to make yourself feel special. However, if you do have a go-to sparkly dress, then this could work for sure. Being comfortable is equally as important, as if you feel anxious about your outfit, you won’t be able to properly let yourself go and enjoy the night. We recommend considering the type of event before making a purchase. For example, if it’s at a bar, you may spend the majority of the night on your feet. Therefore, don’t purchase high heels you can’t comfortably walk in. On the other hand, if you’re participating in some activities, consider wearing clothes you can easily move around in. More than anything, it should be apparent that you’ve made an effort, and this includes in your clothes, makeup, accessories and hair.

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Why is Looking Good at This Event Important?

What is all the fuss about anyway? Does it really matter what you look like at a holiday party? Well, the answer is… absolutely! Rather than pressure, it’s an exciting opportunity to relieve your prom moments, or those special occasions in your life which don’t happen that often. Some people feel that there’s competition to look better than others. However, some just enjoy the chance of dressing to impress.

Getting out of work attire and wearing an outfit which shows more of your personality and fashion taste is a great way to express your true self to co-workers and others. Consider upgrading your regular outfit with some sparkly boots and a stand-out top. Don’t feel as though you have to become someone else for a night in order to be liked. Instead, consider it an opportunity to feel like a princess for the night.

Making the effort shows others that you care and are serious about the people you’re spending your time with. It gets people engaging. Just by people making the effort with their clothes, this follows suit with their attitude too.

Gorgeous Ideas for Holiday Party Outfits 

Now, let’s get down to what we suggest you wear to a holiday party. Usually, the party planner will notify attendees of what to wear to the event, so take this into consideration before heading to the department store. More than anything, we want you to shrug off the formal office attire, and opt for something brighter and more fun. Inject some character and eye-drawing details, whilst still keeping your dignity and remaining professional.

Here are some ideas for holiday party outfits. We’ve provided a varied list to suit everyone’s styles, preferences and the events too.

1. Cocktail Dress

Make sure you’re dressed to impress this year, by wearing a cocktail dress. This type of dress is a great way to grab attention, especially if you’re usually wearing something tame around the office. There are so many variations of cocktail dresses, which enables you to play around with colour, texture and length. As Christmas only happens once a year, you can afford to take a risk and go all out with bright colours and glitter. However, keep it classy. Avoid showing too much skin. If you’re comfortable exposing your legs, then limit what’s on show on the top half of your body.

Also, you want to choose a classy cocktail dress, which means opting for a fit which isn’t too skimpy. Embracing your figure is perfectly fine, but if it’s apparent that you’re trying too hard, then you could end up embarrassing yourself. Some people can get confused when picking a cocktail dress, because they think that it has to fit tight. However, consider having your dress tailored to your shape, and your body will thank you for it.

For practicality reasons, it might be best to try a mid-length cocktail dress. The best holiday party outfits aren’t too racy or flirty. Instead, they’re classy and glamorous. Do consider finishing off your outfit with a shiny handbag. This is a particularly great idea if you choose a black/neutral-coloured cocktail dress. Here are two suggestions of cocktail dresses to stand out amongst other holiday party outfits.

Badgley Mischka Women's Sequin Drape Back Cocktail Dress

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Firstly, this cocktail dress achieves so much without being over the top. It offers a stretch fit which means it’ll be comfortable to wear for an entire night. Also, we love the beautiful attention to detail on the sequins. Consequently, it actually looks prettier up close than farther away. The choice of colour on this cocktail dress is particularly beautiful too: it helps to not make the dress look too over the top. Not to mention, this shade is flattering on most skin colours. Unlike some other cocktail dresses, there is no bad side to this dress. Therefore, the back is equally as beautiful as the front.

Also, the loose straps ensure that this dress doesn’t dig into your shoulders, whilst you can still wear a bra and it not be noticeable to others. We suggest keeping your hair simple and classy with straight locks, or a tied-up bun. Finish of the look with some neutral-coloured high heels.

Adrianna Papell Women's Long Sleeve Short Beaded Cocktail Dress

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We love that this cocktail dress is flattering on all body shapes. The bateau neckline is enough to expose some skin, whilst maintaining a professional status. By mixing this detail with the sheer long sleeves, it makes one of the best holiday party outfits because it’s slightly flirty without being too much. Also, these sleeves are practical for the cold weather.

If you want to try something different which won’t make you feel uncomfortable, then this is a must-have to add to your holiday party outfits. The length is desirable too as the attention lies in the glitter beads and sequins. Hand-embellished and crafted with skill and expertise, this dress is absolutely stunning and will turn heads everywhere it goes. Complement the look with a pair of nude shoes and a dainty handbag. We love how the model in the picture has styled her hair; it looks effortless and classy.

2. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have been around for a long time, and make a great go-to for holiday party outfits. They’re effortless and easy to wear, although make you feel and look like you’ve made an effort. They’re a statement piece which aren’t designed to hide in the crowd. As a result, you can take more risks with glitter and sequins. Even ditch the plain black shades and opt for something more exciting. Layering up the jumpsuit with a tailored jacket adds an extra sophisticated appeal. Be careful not to exactly match the colours, but think outside the box with a contrasting shade.

We love that there are so many variations of jumpsuits. As a result, you can opt for flared legs and complete with flat shoes. Alternatively, bring the focus to your top half by choosing detailed straps or exposing the neckline. There’s a wonderful convenience to jumpsuits with cocktail dresses and other attires just can’t offer. For example, you can move around easily in them. Also, you don’t feel as though you’re trying too hard with your holiday party outfits because they’re effortless to wear and accessorize.

If you do choose to opt for a black jumpsuit, then take a risk some other way. For example, play around with where the eye is drawn. Are you truly embracing your figure or just wearing a baggy outfit to feel less exposed? Wear a long-sleeved jumpsuit if you have a pear-shaped figure. You may also wish to choose a style which sits on your hips and appears to make your waist look narrower. These two jumpsuits below are perfect for holiday party outfits and will turn heads as soon as you walk through the door.

Adrianna Papell Women's Knit Crepe Off The Shoulder Jumpsuit

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This jumpsuit is stunning for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s a simple black colour which is a safe go-to if you don’t want to look as though you’ve tried too hard. Also, this shade is ideal for an event or occasion in where there’ll be activities to participate in. Made with high-quality materials, this jumpsuit is a life-saver and will bring the party to life.

We love that this jumpsuit features 4 percent spandex to hug and embrace your figure. As a result, you’ll feel confident and beautiful, without having to wear a tight holiday party outfit. There’s no way we could share this stunning jumpsuit with you without referencing the beautiful long sleeves. This beautiful detail makes this jumpsuit more than just an ordinary one. Therefore, you can play it safe with your shoes and even wear flats if that makes you feel comfier. Finally, by exposing the neckline and shoulders, this is perfect for athletic figures.

Black Halo Women's Angie Jumpsuit

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This is such a stunning jumpsuit and one of our favourite holiday party outfits. It’s so effortless to wear and doesn’t flaunt too much skin, which makes it ideal for the office environment. Also, the contrast of block colours gives this jumpsuit versatility. With long sleeves, it draws attention to the waist, which accentuates your curves and helps to give you an hour-glass figure.

This jumpsuit looks like two separate pieces – of which are perfectly combined to leave you with little worry so you can enjoy the party. As your neckline won’t be on show, you can leave your necklace at home. However, play around with some oversized earrings to bring some additional excitement to the outfit.

3. Sequin Dress

When choosing holiday party outfits for you, we suggest considering a sequin dress. This popular style makes an appearance at holiday parties each year. As it’s Christmas time, why not add some colour and sparkle to your wardrobe? Not everyone dares to take the risk with sequins, but if you follow our advice, you can’t go wrong. Opt for a high neckline to avoid showing too much skin, and keep your overall look sophisticated. Also, be careful not to overwhelm the look with excessive sequins and matching the dress with even more sequins. Instead, keep your jacket neutral, and your shoes simple. Otherwise, people won’t know where you want them to look.

We suggest having some fun with your hair. What’s the point of wearing a sequin dress if you’re not going to make the effort with your hair too? Depending on the style of the dress, you might wish to go for an edgy hairstyle, or loose curls. Consider the tone you’re setting, as well as your hair type. To keep yourself warm, add a sequin-free jacket to your outfit. Avoid shiny leather or bright colours. However, continue with the colour palette, but allow the dress to do the talking. Here are two of our favourite sequin dresses we couldn’t resist sharing with you.

Women's 1920s Gatsby Dress Art Deco Sequin Fringed Flapper Dress

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This dress is everything you want holiday party outfits to look like. It flows, glimmers and sparkles as you move. However, we love the neutral and deep colours used in this dress to embody a vintage feel. The mixture of beads and sequins gives it a unique feel which will catch everyone’s eyes. It’s glamorous, sophisticated and sexy all at the same time.

It’s full of flavour and character and screams to get on the dancefloor. Our favourite feature is the jagged front fringe to accentuate your curves without trying too hard. As a result, it gives you a perfect silhouette instantly. Scrape your hair away from your face, and allow this dress to take over the show.

Monique Lhuillier Women's Long Sleeve Sequin Dress

holiday party outfits, what to wear to a christmas party, christmas party outfit ideas, christmas party attire, cute christmas party outfits, christmas arty outfits, what to wear to a christmas party

If you’re searching for holiday party outfits which completely redefine your look, then this is an ideal option for you. Take the risk and have some fun with fashion, whilst not making any mistakes. Thanks to the shimmer and sequins adopted in this dress, it gives off a modern and energetic vibe which we love. The excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail makes this an iconic dress which people will remember for a long time.

However, we understand that holiday party outfits are all about how you feel about yourself. This beautiful red is elegant, classic and perfection. The love sleeves juxtaposed with the open back give it a sexy, yet respectable feel which will help you to feel at your best. Finally, perfect the look with a contrasting pair of black heels.

4. Fun and Energetic Party Shoes

Finally, you can’t have successful holiday party outfits without the right pair of shoes. However, consider your clothes before purchasing shoes which catch your eyes. For example, if your dress is made of sequins and features bright colours, then opt for a pair of neutral-coloured shoes. Aside from colour and patterns, bear in mind the shape and design of your dress. For example, if you’re exposing your neck, then balance out the look with a pair of chunky heels.

More than anything, you should feel comfortable wearing your shoes for hours at a time. Therefore, make sure you wear them in and choose the correct size for your feet. Otherwise, you’ll spend the entire night sat down and not get to show them off to anyone. A fierce pair of shoes shout out to the crowd and create an energetic mood which other accessories can’t always quite capture.

Celebrate Christmas in style with daring heels, and opt for platforms for additional comfort and support. You deserve a pair of shoes which elongate your legs and make you walk taller and prouder. Here are two of our favourite party shoes to add to your holiday party outfits.

DLHH Lady's Women's Peep Toe Stiletto High-Heel Sandals

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The most impressive feature of these shoes is that they have so much texture and details to them. For example, we love the comparison of a thin high heel with a thick, solid platform. This unique feature makes these shoes stand out from the crowd. With the open toe, they enable your feet to breathe so you can participate on the dance floor for hours without your feet hurting.

Finally, thanks to the neutral colour, these shoes aren’t too overpowering, and will match an array of holiday party outfits – particularly a black dress. The manufacturer of these will gladly customize and adjust the shoes to perfectly fit you. However, we suggest ordering them well in advance to allow for this customization.

Women's Ankle Strap Stilettos High Heels Criss Cross Sandals

 holiday party outfits, what to wear to a christmas party, christmas party outfit ideas, christmas party attire, cute christmas party outfits, christmas arty outfits, what to wear to a christmas party

These party shoes are ideal if you’re looking at holiday party outfits. These are certainly a show stopper and are designed to grab attention. Therefore, if you’re looking for tame party shoes, then these aren’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re searching for high heels with a great balance between sexy and professionalism, then you should definitely consider these. The black colour means that these shoes will look great with almost any holiday party outfits.

You might be imagining that these will hurt your heel. However, the padded insole protects your feet whilst you’re partying for hours. Also, the high-quality material used on the ankle prevents these from digging into your skin.

What Are Your Go-To Holiday Party Outfits?

We hope you enjoyed reading our list of holiday party outfits. Always consider your body shape when choosing a new outfit, because more than anything, you want your clothes to flatter and motivate you. You can never go wrong with some glitter details. Alternatively, a simple white jumpsuit works equally as well if you team it with the right shoes and hairstyle.

Now that you’ve heard from us, we’d love to hear your fashion tips and advice. What are your go-to holiday party outfits? Share your suggestions or quick tips in the comments to inspire others. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, please spread the love by sharing with others.

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