Hollywood Swank Desk Review: Features You Need in Your Office

Furniture can completely transform a room, as well as your opinion of your environment.

If you work from home, or are looking for a new piece of furniture which will add class and practicality to your life, we’ve found the ideal product for you. The Hollywood Swank desk is a stunning executive desk which carries a home setting and professional feel. Let’s look at the features of it, and who exactly it’s suitable for.

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Credit: Amazon

A Bit About the Hollywood Swank Desk

If you’re seeking an answer to work clutter, limited work space or even a mundane, unimaginative environment, the Hollywood Swank is what you’re looking for. It’s sleek and elegant lines perfectly complement a smart mind, whilst perfectly combining glamour and luxury. As soon as people walk in the room, they’ll instantly notice this centrepiece and complement how its intricate details. Let's find out about the brand and product.

Background About the Brand 

This brand creates unique home furniture around the globe. The CEO and Founder of the company, Michael Amini, loves to travel and enjoy fashion in his spare time. As a result, he founded a company which uses his personal inspiration to create remarkable products. He creates his furniture designs by connecting with new cultures, traditional art and architecture. It’s his goal to create furniture that isn’t just practical and looks good, but carries an emotionally connection to different cultures, countries and heritages.

Michael is committed to quality and innovation and has an extraordinary ability to create intricate designs rich with hidden extras and features which aren’t already on the market. Aico Amini produces furniture which is tailored to their customers’ goals and desires. If you’re looking for an office desk which looks glamorous, embodies charisma, looks charming and is practical, then you can find one from their product line. It’s apparent that the customer truly cares about the end result of their products, which is why many feature velvet-lined drawers, unique lighting features and intricate carvings to show furniture in a whole new light.

The company’s imagination and high-fashion taste has seen them create an extensive line of accent pieces and commercial products which have helped the company continue to grow. By setting new trends and being environmentally conscious of their materials and resources, they’re making a difference beyond just furniture.

Who the Product is Great For

The Hollywood Swank desk is the solution every home worker has been looking for. If you’re in need of a new desk, or even some creativity and inspiration in your work zone, then this desk can offer that to you. Working at a desk shouldn’t just be practical, but inspiring too. Don’t you want to enjoy where you spend most of your time? This product is great for professionals and creative individuals who like to do things out of the ordinary. This desk was not created to sit in the corner unnoticed, but more so to direct attention to it.

We don’t want you to feel as those office work should be boring, but instead you should become excited about your space. As there are two drawers dedicated to storing files, it’s ideal for someone who works with lots of paper. Otherwise, you won’t use the desk to its full potential.  

Best Uses for The Product

We’ve angled this article to put a huge emphasise on how the Hollywood Swank desk can make your work-life more structured and easier. Don’t hide it away upstairs in a room that no-one will see, but bring it to light downstairs. If you don’t intend to spend nine hours a day in complete silence, zoned out from the rest of the world, bring your working environment into the living room to add some class and luxury. This stylish furniture was born to radiate, so we suggest giving it all the attention it deserves.

Built from strong and resourceful materials, it’s an ideal working desk for daily use. There’s no need to delicately shut drawers or gingerly place your device on the surface, because it can handle tough use. Of course, we recommend being as delicate as possible, but the metal drawers and wooden material are there to support your manic days. Due to the high price and intricate detailing, this is an adult product and not designed for children to draw on top of. As it’s also a light colour, it gleams in certain lighting, and any scratches or tears will be highlighted.

Features of The Hollywood Swank Desk 

The Hollywood Swank desk adds pure elegance and practicality to your home. The Aico Amini piece with metal legs carries a cavier finish and features beautiful diamond designs in addition to metal cabriole feet. Its variety of unique finishes and upholstery adds an element of class to any room of your house – particularly the office. Allow your home office to shine. Let’s take a look at the many features of the Hollywood Swank desk, and why it’s a must-have for your home.

1. Size 

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Credit: Wayfair

The Hollywood Swank desk comes in a reasonable and well-respectable size. Its overall weight is 277 lbs, with an overall size of 31” x 68” W x 38.25” D. The desktop section measures the same amount as the overall desk to provide a wide space to work on your laptop or hand write.

We love that it’s not too chunky to overpower your room, yet comes in a strong and sturdy exterior which won’t let you down. The sheer elegance of the metal cabriole feet add sophistication and are a stunning detail to make it highly dissimilar to other office desks. Consequently, it lifts the desk from the floor to not imprint carpets or leave marks. These feet also frame the desk nicely, whilst the vinyl textured wrap on the top of the desk is a practical size. The desk’s shape and design is evidently inspired by Hollywood dressing tables, and we admire this uniqueness to branch away from a typical oak working desk.

A chair can comfortably fit in the centre of the desk without damaging the exterior or forcing you to stretch forward to reach your laptop. As a result, we’re grateful for the ergonomics that the size offers. Because this Hollywood Swank desk is light and sophisticated, it wouldn’t look out of place in a living room. Why not brighten up the area with an additional cream chair and accessorize with a vase filled with flowers to awake your senses?

2. Material

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Credit: Wayfair

The top material of the desk is wrapped in a vinyl texture. Consequently, it’s comfortable to lean your hands and wrists on when writing or typing on your keyboard. Compared to some other desks on the market, this material won’t easily scratch and is resistant to everyday bumps and the occasion spillage. Simply wipe clean and dust to keep it looking in perfect condition. The base material is made from wood, even though it presents itself as something else. However, we love this chosen material because it exemplifies its natural beauty, pattern and lines. Wood is also naturally strong, so it’s durable and reliable, even when used every day. Wooden furniture makes a stunning focal point because it carries authenticity and an antique style. As such, this will perfectly accentuate any room of your house.

The price of this Hollywood Swank desk is a reflection of the high-quality resources and materials used to make it. In addition, wood isn’t damaging to the environment like plastic. We love that it’s eco-friendly, to leave a positive mark on the purchase. However, that doesn’t mean the resources and materials haven’t been carefully considered. As the drawers are made from metal it can tolerate extreme use. Metal finishes are well-sealed so with proper care, it can withstand general heavy use. If you do accidentally damage the drawers yourself, it’s easier to patch up and create a like-new look than other desk materials.

3. Capacity 

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Credit: Wayfair

The Hollywood Swank desk takes capacity seriously, because the company appreciates how important space and compatibility is to your work. Featuring one pencil drawer, two large file drawers and five drawers, this stylish desk sensibly utilises storage space. As the desk is designed to add a sophisticated and glamorous touch to any room, the last thing you want is equipment, documents, and stationery scattered on show. Instead, you can easily organise your stationery equipment in the specially-designed compartments to keep them safe and organised. That means no more hunting around the house for a pen, because everything will be to hand for you.

The two lower large file drawers are our favourite features of the Hollywood Swank desk. They completely revolutionize how you store your documents. Keep important files in a safe location you can easily access every time. The deep drawers offer plenty of room for a busy worker’s files without having to scrape your hand inside to locate your essentials. Positioned at the lower half of the desk, it provides a perfect balance compared to the top, where the smaller desks are. The pull-out keyboard shelf is useful for a separate keyboard to your laptop. Alternatively, you can use this as additional workspace for handwriting or separating documents.  

4. Surface Area 

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Credit: Wayfair

The surface space offers plenty of space to accomplish your daily goals. We love that it’s a unique surface area which could easily be a side table inside of a working desk. Consequently, it’ll perfectly compliment your home or office. If you choose to place the Hollywood Swank desk in your living room, add a plant or décor on top to make it look homely. Thanks to the elegant appearance of the desk, it won’t take away any character of your room, but actually add to it.  

In addition, you could comfortably fit a desk lamp on top of this desk without feeling squashed. The Hollywood Swank desk is an ideal piece of furniture for a busy worker who likes to have everything on display at one time. Thankfully, the drawers safely store your documents and accessories to keep the surface area tidy. However, if you find yourself working with multiple devices and equipment, there’s enough room to ergonomically work without making the surface look cluttered. Accomplish your daily goals in peace, with ample room on a desk which oozes sophistication. No more huddling around a worn, uncomfortable wooden table, and give yourself the proper room and attention you deserve to achieve your dreams.

5. Its Design

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Credit: Wayfair

Aside from the features and storage space of the Hollywood Swank desk, one of our favourite aspects of it is its sleek and elegant design. Sparkling in white, it shines from every angle, and looks even more perfect at night. Breathing a Hollywood classic style, it can easily be converted into a home office desk, vanity desk or side table in the hall. We love its versatility and vibrancy to enable customers to personalise it to their preferences and needs.

Great Products to Set Atop Your New Desk

Decorate the surface with delicate accessories to emphasise its beauty. Here are a few ideas of desk lamps to enhance its character.

1. Stone Beam Ceramic Lamp

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Credit: Amazon

This lamp will add extra glamour to the Hollywood Swank desk, and complement its slim lines and graceful style. Presenting itself in a streamlined design, coupled with a classic fabric shade, it’s the perfect combination of practicality and style. Its contemporary profile mixed with classic materials makes this lamp adaptable to your style. The cut-out patterns on the base add a distinctive look which complement the Hollywood Swank’s features.

2. Rivet Diamond Finish Lamp

hollywood swank pearl desk, hollywood swank desk, hollywood swank desk review, hollywood swank pear desk review

Credit: Amazon

This concrete-base table lamp comes in a stylish shape which won’t take up too much room of the surface of the desk. It adds a modern style which complements the casual décor of the Hollywood Swank desk, without overpowering it. The polished nickel with an on/off switch is a handy and quick design to switch the lamp on and off. The concrete base is durable and made from easy-to-clean materials. Presenting itself in a compact design, it adds subtle lighting to create a cosy feel.

What People Say about The Hollywood Swank Desk

We’ve scoured the Internet to see what other past customers have to say about the Hollywood Swank desk. Unsurprisingly, all the reviews we’ve found are positive and talk heavily about the elegant design and sturdiness of this furniture. Many people who purchased it did so because it stood out from the other typical desks we’re so used to seeing in a working environment.


  • plus
    Stunning and Hollywood-style design
  • plus
    Futuristic and carefully manufactured to wow everyone who sees it
  • plus
    Deep drawers to store your belongings and keep your work environment organised


  • close
    Attracts dust if you don’t keep on top of cleaning it
  • Can easily scratch if pushed up against a wall

Many customers even touched on how people always complement their Hollywood Swank desk when they walk in the room because of how it adds glamour. It’s evident that people realise it’s made from high-quality materials and was designed with extreme care and attention.

Alternative Desks for Your Office

The Hollywood Swank desk carries a futuristic, yet contemporary design. It’s aimed towards hard workers who are looking for plenty of drawer space to store files and a large surface area for plenty of devices. However, we appreciate that you might be looking for a cheaper, smaller and maybe even more traditional working desk. As a result, we’ve searched the Internet for some exceptional alternatives we’re confident you’ll love.

1. Coaster Tucker Traditional Executive Desk

 hollywood swank pearl desk, hollywood swank desk, hollywood swank desk review, hollywood swank pear desk review

Credit: Amazon

If you’re looking for a more traditional effect than glamour, we think you’ll love this alternative product. Add a touch of sophistication with this beautiful office desk. It showcases intricate carvings and fluted details and is finished in a rich brown. If you’re searching for an executive desk which offers more storage in shallower shelves, you’ll appreciate these six shelves as opposed to two deep document file drawers.

This desk features a leather insert top and each drawer is filled with felt to protect your beloved equipment and essentials whilst they’re stowed out of sight. This is also an excellent alternative if you tend to have a lot of wires on display. The wire-management features enable you to tidily tuck away wires for a cleaner desktop. It also looks exceptional when pushed against the wall. Made from poplar wood, it’s stronger then the Hollywood Swank desk and is well suited to clumsy people who are prone to accidentally bashing their office chair into the desk.

2. Monarch Hollow Core Silver Desk

hollywood swank pearl desk, hollywood swank desk, hollywood swank desk review, hollywood swank pear desk review

Credit: Amazon

This Monarch silver desk is an excellent alternative if you’re looking for a cheaper version of the Hollywood Swank desk. If you’re a fan of sleek and contemporary designs, this white desk is the perfect combination of function, durability and design in a modern form. With clean lines, a floating top work station and sleek track metal legs, it’ll add a little glamour and an edgy vibe to your home office.

It’s also an excellent alternative if you don’t require a lot of storage space. This desk features two drawers which are adequate of storing files, hardware and accessories. However, it isn’t too bulky that it takes up a lot of space in your home or requires a lot of attention to arrange your work equipment. We love the metal silver legs to present the desk in a modern light and accentuate the room. This is an excellent alternative if you don’t have a lot of room in your home for furniture but are looking for a durable and stylish desk.

3. Coaster Home Furnishings

hollywood swank pearl desk, hollywood swank desk, hollywood swank desk review, hollywood swank pear desk review

Credit: Amazon

Accomplish plenty of work with this Coaster home desk. Beautifully finished in cappuccino with silver hardware, the desk features a storage cabinet with an adjustable shelf, drawer and file cabinet. It’s an excellent alternative for those searching for an office desk which is traditional with a modern edge. The floating surface provides a secret storage space underneath, but also breaks up the dark brown shade to add some light to the desk.

At 23.5” D x 55” W x 29.5” L, it’s a smaller alternative to the Hollywood Swank desk. This certainly isn’t a negative, as some workers prefer to settle for a slimmer desk. As a result, it leaves plenty of space in your room for matching furniture. As this brand doesn’t feature a pull-out keyboard drawer, it’s well-suited for someone who requires some surface space to work or who owns a desktop.

4. Sauder Desk in Wild Oak

hollywood swank pearl desk, hollywood swank desk, hollywood swank desk review, hollywood swank pear desk review

Credit: Amazon

Made from wild oak, this executive desk is heavier and sturdier than the Hollywood Swank desk. As a result, it’s an excellent alternative for anyone who has heavy or large objects on the surface to keep them secure. It screams CEO thanks to the dark colour and provides plenty of room to work, as well as store important items.

The desk features a large drawer with metal runners and safety stops for your keyboard/mouse. With two pencil drawers and two storage drawers, there’s ample room to organise and store your belongings so they’re not on display. Unlike the Hollywood swank desk, these drawers aren’t as wide, though are deep enough to store taller items. The cord management system enables you to pass through cords without having them on display like the Hollywood Swank desk. Thanks to the lower file drawers, it’s well suited if you often work with paper and want to organise your working environment.

Would You Purchase the Hollywood Swank Desk?

It’s time to get rid of old furniture which doesn’t add any happiness to your life. Completely transform your working space with the Hollywood Swank desk and modernise your attitude to home working. We hope you enjoyed reading about the many features of this executive desk, and why it’s close to our heart.

After reviewing customers’ feedback and the benefits of owning this, would you purchase this product? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments to keep this discussion ongoing.

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