Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter Review: A Powerful Drone With a Playful Side

Shopping for new drone can be a lot of fun, even if it is a little overwhelming.

There are more choices than ever before and each one claims its own unique benefits. But if all the options seem like too much to consider, we'll help narrow down the field. We think the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter is a great option for drone enthusiasts at all levels.

It's simple enough to operate for even novice drone operators. But the powerful features and clever accessories will fit right into expert hands as well. We'll get into some of the important details in the review below. And if you're still not convinced it's the drone for you, we'll give you a few other great options to consider.

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

A Little About the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter

A range of new brands have popped up in recent years. As technology advances and interest among the public grows, there's a big market for new drones. But at the end of the day, it's performance -- not novelty -- that keeps one of these devices on top. That's why we consider the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter to be a drone to watch.

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

Background About the Brand

Holy Stone has been around since 2014. That might not seem like long, but in the rapidly expanding drone market, it has provided some great advancements. As it stands, there is a wide range of products available. 

Some are small, folding drones. Others are big, powerful aircraft for the serious hobbyists out there. But the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter occupies a sweet spot that will likely resonate with any fan. No matter which product you choose, you'll find excellent customer service and reliable products. And since you can count on the quality, the only other factor is your favorite drone's capabilities. Keep reading to get some of the important and impressive details of this flying machine.

Who This Product is Great For

No matter how long you've been involved with drones, you want something that's easy to operate. And we think this is one comes with some of the simplest operation for such a powerful product. 

Maybe you'll call it a toy. Perhaps you'll consider it a tool. But whatever you expect out of a modern drone is likely found in the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter. 

Best Uses for This Product

There's a lot to recommend about this drone. But like many in this class of high tech toys, it offers different benefits depending on the user. Some just want to catch some cool views of the skies around them. We think such casual users will have more than enough to get the job done.

But if you want to get some extra performance out of your drone, you'll still be pleased. A powerful motor and high definition camera give you lots of functionality. And you can keep an eye on all of it from the palm of your hand.

Features & Benefits of Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter

Now we'll get to the good stuff. There's more to this product than meets the eye. Some of it has to do with the motor powering this beast. Then there are accessories like the camera and functions such as the innovative headless mode. It all adds up to a drone that should be on your list regardless of who you're shopping for.

1. Connect to your smart device

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

It's one thing for a drone to have a great camera attached. But if you can't watch it live from the palm of your hand, you're missing out. That's one of the reasons we recommend Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter.

For starters, it's easy to connect this drone to your phone with a user friendly app. Get a first person view of whatever your quadcopter is seeing on its flight. Keep that live video handy so you'll never lose sight of its movements. And you never know what you'll find with its long lasting battery. 

A high definition 720p camera gives you a clear view of the skies around you. And with a 120 degree field of vision, you'll never miss a thing. Best of all, it's completely accessible through any WiFi connection. 

2. High definition camera

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

Sure, it's nifty that the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter lets you keep a live view of your flights. But if the camera isn't up to the job, what's the point? Luckily for consumers, this drone comes equipped with a great high def camera. 

Whether you're interested in capturing images or dynamic video, you'll be ready to go. And everything is easy to operate, so you can be capturing the scenery in a matter of minutes.

A six axis system allows this quadcopter to remain at a perfect position for your observations. And you can even hover in place with hardly any noticeable movement. So not only is the camera up to the task, the drone itself is always ready to assist. Take off again in any direction to go capture some more great videos and pictures. And it is all available to even the most inexperienced drone users. Just give it a few practice flights and you'll feel like a pro in no time.

3. Headless mode

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

It's one thing to say that the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter is easy to operate. But by activating headless mode, you'll see how simple it really is. This will allow you to determine what constitutes forward and reverse. 

There's not designated head or tail to this clever toy. And that means you can take off in any direction you choose. Plus, you'll get plenty of flight time with a long lasting battery combination. 

4. Bright lights for night flights 

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

We think you'll enjoy flying the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter almost any day. But what if you want to operate your drone at night? That's where bright lights come into the picture. They illuminate the sky in a way that makes it easy to see where you're going. 

You might end up with some incredible photos and videos you didn't expect. Because flying a drone at night is an experience unlike anything you can find during the day. Whatever time you decide to fly, you can count on a clear, precise record of your flight.

What Enthusiasts Have to Say About the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter 

You don't have to rely on our review to determine if this drone is right for you. We've also scoured online retailers to find out what actual users have to say. Find some of the most common reactions below. 


  • plus
    Easy to operate
  • plus
    Long lasting batteries
  • plus
    Headless mode


  • close
    Mid-flight drifting

We think you'll agree that there's plenty to like about this product. But if you're still not sold, keep reading for a review of three other excellent options. 

Alternative Drone Brands to Consider

The Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter is a powerful option for enthusiasts of all skill levels. But if you aren't quite sure it's for you, just keep reading. We've collected a few other options we think are worth your consideration. 

1. Parrot Anafi

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

If you're all about the best picture quality available, you might want to consider the Parrot Anafi. It's got a powerful zoom and lot of other great features. Plus, it's mounted to a camera that has great control and stability. Artificial intelligence is built in to make sure you always get the best images possible.

It all combines to an easy to use and very effective gadget. You can also count on a long 25 minutes of flight time. And since it's powerful enough to withstand even rough weather conditions, you can always fly with confidence.

2. DJI Inspire 2

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

DJI has built a reputation for high quality drones. And the top of the line is the Inspire 2. It really offers some expert functions the Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter doesn't deliver. For that reason, we think it's a great option for pros and those with really high expectations. 

Strong batteries, an incredible camera and stability beyond compare make this a great product. Of course, all that performance comes at a premium price. But if you're looking for the best around, you probably don't mind paying for it. And you're sure to impress all the other enthusiasts when you start showing it off.

3. Yuneec Typhoon H

Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter, Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter review

You can tell a lot about this drone by the amount of critical praise it has received. But beyond the awards, there's a really great quadcopter. We think it provides a professional grade product without the high price tag.

Fly this drone for up to 25 minutes, all the while capturing some of the best images and videos imaginable. And an integrated seven inch touchscreen interface makes it easy to operate and control. The high definition 720p camera will record in almost any situation. And you can even set it up to fly autonomously for the easiest operation possible.

If you've been considering whether to buy a new drone, now might be the right time.

There are some great options out there, including Holy Stone F181W Quadcopter. But there are many more impressive products to review if you know what you're looking for.

We hope our guide has helped narrow down your search. If so, share this article with the tech fans in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions. 

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