Essential Hotel Room Supplies Every Luxury Accommodation Must Have

The holidays are a busy time.

Apart from meal planning, home projects, and getting kids through school, there comes the task of preparing your travel plans too. Chances are that you may be staying in a luxury hotel while you hop around visiting family. If so, you'll want to feel pampered and comfortable in your accommodations. A huge aspect of this are the essential hotel room supplies. We've compiled a list of the must-have hotel room supplies to help your stay feel as cozy as your own home.

hotel room supplies

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Hotel Room Supplies You Must Have

Once you've nailed down which luxury lodging option you'll be staying at, it's time to check their offerings. A quality hotel will ensure that you have each of the following at your disposal. 

1. Extra Towels, Blankets, and Pillows

guest room supplies

The need of every individual fluctuates. Some people prefer to have separate face towels and body towels. Others have a low body temperature and as such, prefer to stay warm always. Providing extra pairs of towels, blankets, and pillows helps ensure comfort irrespective of the difference in likes and dislikes. In the event of a lack of cabinets or closest space, the hotel may even roll the items and place them in the baskets on the bed or on the floor.

2. A Wastebasket for Unwanted Things

A wastebasket in the hotel guest room is another basic element. Keeping a wastebasket shall ensure that the room is clean and a clear avoidance of clutter build up inside the room.

3. Wall Clocks or Table Clocks

guest room supplies

People have a cell phone these days for personal use. It would be an act of graciousness if there would be an inclusion of a clock in the room. Every individual prefers working clocks to check the time over the cell phone clock.

4. Optimum Space to Store Clothes

guest room supplies

Generally, while traveling you live out of your suitcase. Even still, it's nice to be able to hang up garments and stow belongings away in the drawers. Thus, it is mandatory that the hotel draw out enough space for guests to keep their clothes. As per the hotel room supplies, including a few hangers on the shelf is an appreciable work. It is better to keep two shelves empty for the guests to keep their belongings.

5. Door Hooks for More Space

guest room supplies

These are the easiest way to make space for keeping jackets, caps, and even purses. These hooks are helpful if you do not have enough space on the shelf or lack an extra chair to pile belongings upon at the end of the day.

6. An Electric Iron and Ironing Board

guest room supplies

This is the prime inclusion in the list of important hotel room supplies. Including an iron in the room increases the hotel's hospitality. It also helps the guests in the event they need it for their wrinkled clothes before going out for a tour or visit.

7. A Box of Tissues

guest room supplies

Generally, tissues are an important item that needs to be positively kept in any hotel room, and as such, they are generally mandatory. Keeping a box of tissues is preferred over the guests using bathroom rolls for an alternative purpose.

8. Basic Toiletry Products

guest room supplies

All hotel room supplies include the basic toiletries. These include shampoo, conditioners, toothpaste, soap and even lotion for the guest to use. To add more of a personal touch, the items may be placed in a basket and include a welcome note.

9. A Full-Length Mirror

guest room supplies

A full-length mirror is the best option to include in the hotel room. Everybody prefers to see the whole outfit before leaving the house. So, a full-length mirror in the room on an empty wall or even behind the door of the room or closet is a must. Alternatively, if there is enough space, you may find an upstanding mirror beautifies the room more.

These hotel room supplies allow visitors to have an enjoyable stay.

These are all the basic essential items. Each is a component of hotel room supplies, which every decent hotel provides its guests. By including these essential hotel room supplies in your room, the hotel excels in showing excellent concern and hospitality to its guests.

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