The Hottest Luxury Startups Will Simplify Your Life With the Best Technology Today

The hottest luxury startups create path-breaking products that promise to make your life easy.

It’s not every day that a light bulb moment goes up for an innovator. And it’s not always that you get to improve your life with some simple, yet innovative, products. However, we are in some of the best years in decades. Technology has led people to innovate and create products that make life easy, even with complex information at your fingertips. That’s one reason why the hottest luxury startups are making the right noise. Not only do they have the right impact, they also put some of the best products and services in your hands -- a feat which which was not possible a few years back.

So, while you decide to choose some of the best products and services from the hottest luxury startups, we give you a few news-makers who are in high demand and getting the approval of customers. Take a look at these luxury startups.

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

The Hottest Luxury Startups With The Best Products and Services For You

While there are many new luxury startups in the market, some have made a mark above the rest due to their consistent products and services that meet your daily needs. Check out the list below.

1. ​Daily Harvest

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is one luxury startup that has attracted quite a following. And this is both from investors and customers. Daily Harvest started in 2015 by Rachel Dori after her quest for a healthy and quick balanced meal. She felt something was missing on the market. Daily Harvest delivers frozen super-foods to your door which are ready to consume when you want.

What makes Daily Harvest one of the hottest luxury startups is the faith and funding by two of their investors, Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams. These vegan-based, paleo-friendly frozen meals are gluten-free.

As one of the hottest luxury startups, they also emphasize that freshly prepared frozen food is healthy and keeps ingredients fresh compared to fresh food held outside for four to five days. While the startup began with smoothies, it has rapidly grown to include overnight oats, desserts and is also set to enter into lunch and dinner packs in January 2019. Check it out here.

2. ​Lyst

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

If you are into fashion, this is one of the hottest luxury startups you cannot miss. What makes it unique is that it aggregates more than 10,000 premium and luxury e-commerce sites for a personalized view for the customer. Besides, you also get the option for a universal shopping cart saving time and effort.

In the case that you come across a discount, but it is not the right time to indulge, you have an option to get special alerts in the future. As it connects 10,000+ designer stores with global customers, you'll find a wide variety of choice without having to jump sites or check comparisons. All you do is scan through your favorite stores listed and get the offers and options that refresh every hour. And that’s not all. You get to choose from 3 million products. Can it get better than this!?

3. ​Cudoni

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups


The hottest luxury startups check for gaps in the market and know just when to launch. One such of the hottest luxury startups is Cudoni. What Cudoni does is ease the stress of piling up luxury goods you don’t need. So, if you have luxury items lying around at home and you want to dispose of it, you know Cudoni is for you.

James Harford-Tyrer started Cudoni in 2015 and has become a preferred luxury goods seller in a short time. If you have designer clothes, bags, or accessories that are out of fashion you can contact the friendly staff at Cudoni who will take your goods and sell them without you having to worry about the process. They keep you informed about every sale and also dish out advise to save and keep your money secure. Check it out here.

4. ​Ministry of Supply

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Wonder if business and fashion wear go together? Ministry of Supply thinks so! This Boston based business men’s and women’s wear has been in existence for the last six years. While they have an online store, they also have retail outlets in Washington D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, and San Francisco. And, what makes this different from your other clothing is that it controls heat, moisture and odor.

These clothes go beyond the everyday wear and solve real problems of sweat, wrinkles, odor. As a result, the synthetic material is not only wearable, but also sorts many problems to prevent an unkempt look or odor around the office. And, since it works better than other traditional outfits you own, you’ll be cool and dry when you need to.

5. ​Unmade

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

If using only sustainable clothing has been on your mind recently then don’t look beyond Unmade. What Unmade is doing is taking the problem of excess usage of clothing and giving brands a choice to customize their offering. Through their platform, customers receive customized orders. Thereby, brands spend less on creating fashion waste, and Unmade looks after the entire process.

Because Unmade considers the cost associated with the brands, it also looks into customer patterns to pair it with the brand's manufacturing process to reduce the overall cost. This unique sustainable method has led to Unmade creating a unique brand identity and an opportunity for customers and brands alike as one of the hottest luxury startups.

6. ​MM.LaFleur

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Curating a professional yet fashionable look for work can be quite a task. MM.LaFleur knows this best. Since their customers are women who barely have time for themselves, they have an excellent collection for the working women of all sizes.

Because you might be in a mood for different styles, you are never short of the right dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, jewelry or accessories to go along. Your one-stop shop for a classic yet professional look comes from MM.LaFLeur. Additionally, their stores in Chicago, NYC and Washington D.C are open to in-store styling, giving it a personalized touch.

7. ​Giannico

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Another of the hottest luxury startups that has made it big in a short three years is Giannico. While a love for design helped Nicolo Beretta come up with the idea of classic and chic shoes, it has only grown better and bigger since then. If you are on the lookout for some trendy designer shoes to show off, there is no better than original Giannico shoes.

Social media has played an essential role for Giannico with many influencers and bloggers eager to collaborate to create a style statement. The online boutique gives you a glimpse of the styles and design you can look forward to and happily showcase among your friends.

8. ​Front Row Tribe

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Front Row Tribe is an online luxury service that lets you rent the latest collection without having to invest in it. It not only makes you ready for front row runway seats, it keeps you prepared to pick and choose as and when you have the need. In fact, the process involves renting the dress for four days.

Simply fill in the registration form with your details and measurements, and the seamstress will alter the dress accordingly. However, if you don’t find a perfect fit, then you can ask for a backup dress or an alternative. The Front Row will try to arrange as feasible. And some instructions come with the dress.  All you have to do is follow them to keep the dress in good condition. However, in case of any damages, there is a €5 insurance fee that will cover accidents.

​9. ​Secret Escapes

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Luxury travel can be quite an experience. And we can vouch for the sheer elegance and class. However, the journey becomes sweeter when you have luxury deals to make it better -- especially when the deals come with low prices and the option for booking.

Secret Escapes is a luxury deal site that gives you some of the best discounts as a member. As one of the hottest luxury startups, they search for the best luxury deals and verify them four times to ensure it is legit.

And, that’s not all. You get to go right to the booking site from there and book your trip immediately. Best of all? -- you also get the option to book your dream luxury vacation six months in advance and avail of some great discounts. 

​10. ​Set Jet

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

As a privileged member of Set Jet, you get to sit in one of the most luxurious jet flying experiences ever. And that’s because Set Jet ensures their pre-screened members are well-taken of in flight. As an esteemed member, you get a VIP private jet charter to six prominent locations like Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange Country, San Diego, and San Francisco. So, if you wish, take a non-stop flight to and fro from these destinations or arrange for a plane when you need.

That’s not all. When you fly with Set Jet, you are in the company of some of the most efficient military-trained pilots. The customer service is impeccable, and so are the partners associated with the service. 

11. ​BidtoTrip

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Another of the hottest luxury startups that is making waves in the travel industry is BidtoTrip. It is an auction site that lets you bid for auction packages and be a likely winner for their luxurious travel package.

The benefit of bidding on BidtoTrip is that you can get as much as 70% off the total price. Because their mission is to make travel accessible to everyone, all winners win a trip. When you win, you are entitled to stay in a four or five-star hotel with all amenities.

1​2. ​Journy

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

While going on luxury travel is a dream for many it can get tedious when you sit to plan. Imagine having a travel designer to do that for you. Journy does just that. It takes away the tedious process of planning your itinerary within your budget, likes, preferences and also experiences you don’t want to miss.

Besides, getting in touch with Journy does not mean you have to choose their preferred hotels or let go of your miles. They consider your preferences and bookings. However, do note that Journy does not make flight bookings.

1​3. ​Heuritech

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Heuritech is one of the hottest luxury startups that focuses on using artificial intelligence to get accurate results using data. Here, the impact is on different verticals in the fashion and retail industry. Besides that, what it attempts to do is improve the probability ofmpositive results with better predictions and continuous learning.

It also captures social images to gauge the impact these have on the customers. Through the use of artificial intelligence, it detects the customer preference and which images are likely to trend and create a long-lasting impression. Know more here.

14. ​Bowery

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

For those interested in having an indoor farm but are not sure how to go about it, Bowery, the new luxury startup is the answer. They make indoor farming possible by way of natural seeds, vertically grown crops, and LED lights that mimic the sunlight. Because there are no artificial GMO included, it relies on nutrients, water, and light to develop naturally.  To know more about Bowery, check here.

1​5. ​JetSmarter ​

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

The JetSmarter app lets you choose your private trip on the jet of your choice. So, whether it is a private trip alone or with the entire family, you can decide whether you want a massive jet, super midsize, light jet or helicopter to fly. With access across 170 countries, you have many options to choose.

From an intimate flying experience only for your family to sharing flights with other members, you avail premium services at affordable costs with the same service you’ll expect in a private jet membership club. And the perks extend to flight discounts, access to VIP events, luxury partner benefits, and 24/7 concierge.

1​6. ​Hello Alfred

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

We all know it can difficult to make time for our daily chores. So whether it is shopping for groceries or running small errands, there is never enough time to keep your laundry clean or tidy your home. That’s where Hello Alfred comes in. Hello Alfred tries to provide the much-needed support by being your personal assistant.

And, as your trusted help, you get to rely on services like cleaning your apartment, having someone pick the groceries for you, getting the dry cleaning done, party planning, pet care, and also shipping packages when you need it.

17. ​Deliveroo

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Deliveroo is a food delivery app that connects you to your favorite restaurants. While you choose your preferred food and restaurant, Deliveroo ensures it reaches you as and when you want it. So, choose from Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, or go deep and check for desserts, healthy foods, and even your daily snacks.

Besides these, Deliveroo lets you track your order on your mobile and delivers in less than 30 minutes. And, if there are any new restaurants in the vicinity, you also get to try them once they get listed with Deliveroo. Best of all, Deliveroo helps local new restaurants set up with data insights to help reach customers faster.

1​8. ​Arylla

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

For luxury brands fighting the never-ending battle of verifying returned goods, Arylla is one of the hottest startups that promises to solve this problem. Arylla does this by allowing luxury brands to get invisible serialized and permanent serial numbers on products.

Also, the advantage of such a system is that it protects against warranty fraud, return fraud, diversion, and is a part of the circular economy.

1​9. ​Aveine

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

Wine lovers will know that wine is best when aerated. But it’s important to know for how long. For this, the Aneine wine aerator scans the wine bottle, and depending on the wine, instills the right amount of air to make it perfect to consume in that state.

And, because it is portable, it is a delight for wine lovers and wine sellers too. A must-have tool wherever you go. Aveine is one of the hottest luxury startups since it has a unique preparation that makes wine consumption an absolute delight.

​20. ​Alcméon

hottest luxury startups, luxury startups, new luxury startups

If social media is a direct line for your customer support, you know it’s crucial to reply as soon as possible. And if there are issues or conflicts, then they need an immediate solution.  However, it is easier said than done. Since customers want direct interaction with their brands, Alcmeon uses artifical intelligence to automate and interact with customers without delays.

For example, recently Alcmeon has launched a Twitter bit for one of its clients. This virtual frontline lets brands connect at a personal level without human intervention. Also, this reduces the time lapse and quickens the pace of customer service, thereby giving an upper edge over competitors in the market.

The hottest luxury startups have products and services that simplify your life and increase productivity.

Even as brands and customers are growing increasingly connected to meet the demands of the market, the hottest luxury startups are filling in the gaps. It won’t be long before some of the best luxury products and services are accessible in a matter of moments without having to lift a finger. Until then, we hope you choose some of these products to quicken the pace in your life and smooth your work.

Do you use any of these hottest luxury startup products or services? If so, share it with us in the comments. If you are yet to try out some of these life-changing products, we suggest you don’t wait any longer!

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