Here’s How You Can Add Fonts to Your Apple Devices

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you might have wondered how to add fonts to mix things up.

Well, unless you're a hacker and don't mind voiding your warranty, you might not think there are many options. One of the best and worst things about Apple, depending on your perspective, is its security. This means your hardware and software is under Apple's control and less susceptible to third party bad actors. Although it gives you a secure device, this translates to fewer customization options -- especially if you want to add fonts. Like so many problems in our modern world, though: there's an app for that.

Finding the right app to add fonts to your device

The New York Times recently published a "tech tip" giving readers advice on finding the right app. As it turns out, there are several services allowing Apple users to add fonts from TrueType and OpenType. Just go to the iOS app store to find a few. A good search term to use is "font installer." Some of the most popular options are iFont, Fonteer and AnyFont. 

Installing one of these apps will allow you to create files that work seamlessly with other platforms. A document created on an iPad or iPhone could look identical to one from a Mac or PC program. This is great for those who rotate between a multitude of devices throughout the day.

Here's where your new fonts will show up:

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Unfortunately, installing new fonts on your Apple devices will not mean they will show up everywhere. You will be able to use your new options in a number of helpful ways, though. The fonts should show up in your word processor and other documents, including spreadsheets.

And if you already have the licensing rights to fonts used on your desktop, you still might be in luck. Some companies allow their typefaces to be installed on iPhones and iPads through specific steps. Check with your licensing firm has such an arrangement. 

How much does it cost to add fonts to my Apple device?

If you are set on customizing your iOS device with new fonts, you won't find the cost prohibitive. The apps themselves usually have a nominal fee associated. Once you get inside, though, you'll typically find the need to spend more for certain fonts. For what you spend, you'll get a convenient way to either download new typefaces or receive them via email to your device.

There are similar options for Android users, too. Not every app is compatible with both operating systems, though. So make sure you're picking the right app to add fonts to your device.

It might be worth it to add fonts to your phone or tablet.

Almost everyone walks around with some variation of a smart device these days. That makes it harder than ever to really make your iPhone or iPad your own. With some of the apps described in this article, you can do exactly that. Describe yourself how you want to after you add fonts to your device.

Share this article with the Apple users in your life to share the tip. What's your favorite font? Let us know in the comments section below.

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