How to Choose Lingerie Based on Your Body Type and Shape

Have you purchased underwear that looks beautiful but doesn’t flatter your figure?

No matter how beautiful the underwear might look, if it doesn’t suit your body shape, it won’t do you any favours. Lingerie should make you feel sexy, beautiful and confident, not conscious. Let’s look into how to choose lingerie according to your body shape.

How to Choose Lingerie You'll Love

Lingerie comes in a variety of shapes, designs and materials. Satin and silk are the softest materials on your skin. However, breathable cotton is best for your intimate areas. If you opt for lace lingerie, ensure it’s made from high-quality resources so it doesn’t irritate your skin. Once you've settled on a material, it's time to select your lingerie. Let’s take a look at how to choose lingerie based on your body type and shape.

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The Most Important Step is to Consider Your Body Type.

When thinking about how to choose lingerie, always consider your body type. If you want to show your butt, opt for boy shorts. To enhance your butt more and make your legs look more toned, add heels to the ensemble.

If you’re big-busted, look for a bra and panty set which supports you. Specifically, choose built-in underwires. To enhance your bust area, avoid demi-cut bras. A corset is easily customizable to your shape and will draw in your waist too. Additionally, a corset is great to give you a more-defined cleavage. You can also draw attention to this area by playing around with different colours and textures. Add some shimmering powder to draw even more attention to the areas too.

If you’re looking to conceal your stomach area, there are still plenty of lingerie types to make you feel confident. For example, teddies are flirty and hide your stomach. A corset combined with boy shorts reduce the amount of skin on show. On the other hand, if you want to show off your legs, look for high heels and high-cut boots with a slit up the thigh, plus a garter belt.

1. Pear-Shaped Bodies

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If you have a pear-shaped body, you’ll have beautiful curves on your hips. The traits of pear-shaped bodies include a smaller chest and narrow shoulders with thick thighs and booty. Our advice is to focus on lingerie with contrasting colours to flatter your curves.

The main objective of lingerie for this body type is to balance out your shape on top. By defining the waist and adding in a deep neckline, you create an even body shape from the top to the bottom. Show some skin on top to draw the eye from top to body. You can afford to choose strong graphic prints and a plunging neckline.

Accentuate your curves further with low rise and high cut on the sides. This will make your legs look longer and slimmer. With a combination of these qualities, this helps to make a pear-shaped body appear thinner around the bottom half to create a balance. Also, flattering lingerie will draw attention to the most flattering parts of your curves.

To make the most of your cleavage and deliver a beautiful rounded shape, opt for a contoured plunge bra. These work wonders to reduce thickness as the cup sizes increase. Also, these bras make the most of your cleavage. However, if you want to avoid the bra and brief lingerie look, opt for a baby doll slip, or perhaps a sexy full-length dress. Consider asymmetrical hemlines for an added surprise.  

2. Curvaceous

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When considering how to choose lingerie for a curvaceous body, we suggest heavily focusing on bras which offer a lot of support. There are plenty of sexy options for a full-coverage bra. For example, details such as lace, blocks of colour and frills offer smoothness and attention exactly where you need it.

If a full-coverage bra isn’t your thing, a demi cup is a great alternative. These styles are perfect to show off your curves without losing the support. When looking for the perfect fitting bra, the thicker the band in the back and the straps, the sturdier the fit.

High-waisted lingerie bottoms are really flattered for a curvy figure. For a style which is practical, comfortable and sexy, full-coverage briefs are an ideal option. Enhance your curves further by wearing your bottoms higher up your thigh to show some more skin on your leg.

In addition, garter belts and suspenders are also a great option to flatten a stomach. We recommend looking for brands which offer serious support for curvaceous figures. Ensure your bra has an underwire option to provide additional lift. Also, lifting your breasts will make you appear slimmer. For some further support and to draw in your waist, look out for shapewear. You’ll still be able to breathe and comfortably move around, but it’ll make your waist look smaller. Not only that, but the right shapewear will also create a smoother, more aligned figure to smooth our any bumps.

3. Athletic Figures

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If you have an athletic figure, don’t hide it. With a toned body, you didn’t work that hard to now show it off. Luckily, you can wear many options, and aren’t restricted in what lingerie you can wear. In fact, you’ll look great in everything!

A bodysuit is one of our favourite options because it enhances your toned thighs and arms. Choose a lace option on top if you want to show off a little skin on your stomach too. If you are a muscular, don’t shy away from your body type but lean into who you are. Lingerie is the perfect choice to bring out your femininity. Look for lingerie sets with delicate details, pastel colours, lace, ruffles and frills. Add some drama on top with a colourful kimono to add delicacy to the overall ensemble.

For those of you who have an athletic body type, we recommend adding plenty of details to your lingerie. Bralettes are a great option to add softness to a strong built. Hug your curves and add shape to narrow hips with fitted bottoms. Also, suspenders cinch the waist in and add curves to places you didn’t even know you had them.

4. Slim Figures

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When considering how to choose lingerie for a slim figure, you can get away with lingerie with draws attention. Add volume to your top and bottom half and draw focus to places you want it. Rather than choosing lingerie types with a function, you can get away with choosing more frills and less function. This is because you don’t need as much support as pear-shaped and curvaceous bodies.

But before you head out and purchase the fluffiest, laciest lingerie, consider what you’ll wear the lingerie with. If you’re wearing a skimpy outfit over the type, you’ll want to avoid the extra details and ruffles. A bra with soft padding can create a perfect cleavage, whilst still looking smooth for your outfit on top.

If you’re looking for sexy lingerie, invest in some lacework. Crocheted lingerie is the latest trend which is hot, confident and daring. If you’re looking to add more volume to your bottom half, choose bolder colours and more details to focus the eye there. By wearing high-waisted knickers which sit on the waist, you’ll also enhance your curves. Also, take advantage of your body and opt for lacy thongs, or even sheer-paneling for a cheeky surprise. To give a serious lift, boy shorts are a courageous choice which will quickly become your best friend.

Do You Have Any Tips on How to Choose Lingerie?

We hope the above tips help to guide you into choosing the right lingerie for you. If it doesn’t make you feel good about your body, trash it. This pain-free guide will hopefully save you a lot of time and stress. Firstly, know your bra size and measure properly before purchasing lingerie. Wearing the right bra size should feel comfortable and enhance the way you look. Ditch any clothes which feel restrictive and unflattering to wear.

We’d love to hear if you have any tips on how to choose lingerie. Share your tips and advice in the comments to inspire others.

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