How to Wear Track Pants: A Step-by-Step Guide to Styling the Athleisure

Pants are no longer just aimed at men, but women too. 

Also, they’re not just made for comfort, but style and creating a fashion statement. We believe that fashion should be comfortable, versatile, stylish and individualistic. Track pants are a great essential to any wardrobe for those days when you’d prefer to be more comfortable. Let’s take a look at how to wear track pants for a variety of occasions.

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A Bit About How to Wear Track Pants

Track pants are commonly seen as workout gear. However, luxury athleisure has become bigger than ever. This look is as versatile as it is comfortable. But before we delve into how to wear track pants, we'll take a look at everything you need to know about this garment.

What Are Track Pants? 

Track pants are different to sweat pants, with the latter being thicker and aimed at cold weather conditions. However, track pants are made of a shiny, smooth material which aren’t usually windproof. Their origins go back to athletes training outdoors when it’s too cold to wear shorts.

Track pants were designed primarily for comfort and athletics. However, as fashion has evolved and people are more willing to take risks with their appearance, these come in a variety of lengths, styles and colours. No longer do they just come in one standard, block colour, but you can also purchase bold colours and patterns.

Who Can Wear Track Pants? 

Track pants are now versatile enough that literally anyone can wear them. However, we’re seeing them more popular amongst women than men. This is because fashion has evolved so much that people feel freer to dress how they want and to explore their personality through clothes and accessories.

Generally, women like to wear track pants for a stylish, casual look. It falls into the category of looking attractive but not like you’ve tried too hard – similar to the ‘messy bun’ look. You can wear them with flats and a tight top, or choose to wear high heels and team them with an oversized handbag. Don’t forget that you can go bold with the colours and patterns you mix it with to make you look more interesting.

Where Can You Wear Track Pants? 

We love that track pants can actually contour your body. Therefore, we recommend wearing them to formal-casual events. Avoid wearing them to a wedding, interview or professional occasion, because they don’t ooze professionalism.

However, there are other places to rock this look. For example, meeting your friends for a coffee, meeting the in-laws for the first time, or arriving at a hair appointment. They give you an edgy and confident look, so we recommend wearing them to an occasion you might wear high-waisted skinny jeans. Depending on the brand you opt for, they’re designed for comfort and practicality. Therefore, consider wearing them to events you might sit for a long time.

How to Wear Track Pants to a Variety of Occasions 

If you’re new to track pants, you might be aware that they’re a style which is energetic and out there. They’re not a pant designed to hide in the background, though are capable of keeping you comfortable all-day long. These fashion tips are especially aimed at women who are new to wearing track pants. Let’s take a look.

1. Accessorize with Feminine Accessories

how to style track pants, how to wear track pants

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When considering how to wear track pants if you’re love an elegant and feminine style, there are plenty of ways to achieve this. Add plenty of feminine accessories to help add softness to this look. For example, add a sparkling clutch, halter top or a high pair of black heels.

Don’t be afraid to inject colour into your accessories too, in order to accentuate these girly pieces. If you choose to wear a pair of sunglasses with track pants, ensure that you opt for ones which aren’t oversized, but instead are petite and rounded at the frame. Consequently, they’ll appear a lot more elegant and help to balance the athletic pants with a girly vibe.

2. Go All the Way with an Athletic Vibe

how to wear track pants

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The best way to wear track pants is for an athletic, relaxed vibe. They’re designed to hang low and freely and be teamed with a chilled sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. One of the most popular ways on how to wear track pants is with a pair of sneakers. Opt for a white pair if you own several track pants. This helps them to go with every palette without having to buy a separate pair each time.

For the top half of your outfit, finish it with your favourite sweater, but choose materials which are flimsy and thin to flatter your figure. Opting for materials which are thick and bulky will result in the opposite look you’re trying to achieve. Tie your hair in a messy bun. Alternatively, wear it loosely down for a relaxed vibe.

3. Wear a Statement Pair of Track Pants

how to wear track pants

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There’s no way that track pants aren’t versatile enough for every woman in the world to wear them. It doesn’t matter if you prefer loose-fitting clothes, or tight, sophisticated styles with a bold pattern, because there’s a track pant style for everyone. Specifically, if you’re heading to a casual-formal event and don’t want to wear jeans, switch up your look with an exciting pair of track pants.

Instead of heading for bland colours and one-tone palettes, mix it up with a bold pattern and vibrant colour. For example, black and white looks especially stylish with a plain, black top. To keep the rest of your ensemble equally as vibrant, complete the outfit with a killer pair of heels and an oversized handbag.

4. Style Track Pants by Colour-Blocking

One of our favoruite fashion tips is to colour-block. By definition, this means to avoid patterns and harsh textures, but wear separate panels of colour for each item. For example, opt for a black pair of track pants which offer a snug fit. Team this with a pair of red heels for the night, and flat for the day. Top if off with a smart shirt in a bright pink shade. The tip to achieving colour-blocking right is to choose bold, statement colours. Don’t be afraid.

Colour-blocking also enables you more freedom with colours, as they don’t necessarily need to be a traditional match. Sometimes trying unconventional colours together can actually look better than what people are used to seeing, because it looks more edge and individualistic.

5. Choose Your Fit Carefully

The best thing to consider when thinking about how to wear track pants is their fit. Some pants look better on people than others because they’re the ideal fit for their body shape and size. Generally, avoid track pants which drag onto the floor. You want them to end around the ankle in a neat style. This should be achieved without having to fold or roll them up.

Stick to the natural texture and shape of your track pants. If they come with rolls, keep them like that and don’t add any more, otherwise they’ll look unnatural. We also recommend accentuating the waist by enabling them to hit the narrowest part of your natural waist. If you wear a blouse of top with them, tuck it in with a slight drape. As a result, you’re left with a stunning hourglass shape which everyone dreams of.

6. Avoid Chunky Shoes

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We’ve seen plenty of fashion disasters with track pants. The most common sighting is people wearing a chunky shoe with their pants. This doesn’t look especially stylish because you need some skin on show to balance out the thick material of track pants. As these are an exercise-themed pant, wear them with a dainty pump or pointy toe flat.

The mixture between a high and track pants works wonderfully to add some attitude and style to your overall look. Your style will always look on point if you opt for a pointy shoe too. Go the extra mile and push the boundaries by going an extra centimeter higher than you ordinarily would. There are plenty of shoes to wear with track pants, and you can even brave bold colours to accentuate an edgy and daring vibe.   

Do You Have Any Tips on How to Wear Track Pants?

We love the vibe and energy that comes from track pants. They’re extremely versatile to suit most occasions, and comfortable enough to want to wear again. With so many ways to accessorize these fashionable pants, we wanted to share with you our favourite fashion tips if you’re new to this style.

Do you have any tips on how to wear track pants? Or perhaps you know some amazing designer brands which sell stylish and comfortable versions. If so, share your thoughts and opinions in the comments to keep this conversation going.

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