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Inavi Black Master Dash Cam Review: More Than Just a Camera

When it comes to luxury tech, brand names are important, but sometimes not nearly as important as the features they offer.

The Inavi Black Master dash cam is not as recognizable a name as “the Go Pro” is or the “Flipcam” was. In fact, any camera-based technology is suspect in the current environment. Once the purview of photography specialists, high-quality cameras are in every phone, tablet, and laptop made today. Luxury cars are coming with cameras installed in them as well, though mostly for parking assistance. So, getting a camera specifically for your car dashboard seems almost superfluous. But that couldn't be further from reality. 

inavy black master dash cam, inavy black master dash cam review

Actually, investing in a dashboard camera is a smart and cautious thing to do. Though, smart and cautious doesn’t make for great marketing, especially in America where “dash cam footage” is usually associated with bad news. Still, the dash cam is a very popular accessory outside of the United States, especially in Europe and Asia. It’s catching on in the States more and more. And we’re going to tell you why we think the Inavi Black Master dash cam is going to be part of the reason why.

A Bit About the Inavi Black Master Dash Cam

Before you purchase the Inavi Black Master dash cam, you’ll want to examine both the device and your needs. We’re going to take a deep dive into the camera and its features below. But you should also consider what sort of features you need in a dash cam.

Who Makes the Inavi Black Master Dash Cam?

Inavi is a Korean company that specializes in dashboard cameras. In Korean the name is spelled “아이나비.” Inavi is their preferred English phoneticization, at least according to their official YouTube channel. In decades past it would be difficult for a company like Inavi to break into the global market. (Of course, their product wouldn’t have existed decades ago.) Yet, thanks to Amazon, drivers from across the world can avail themselves of the high-quality Inavi Black Master dash cam and their other products. This may not be a name you’ve heard before, but it’s a name your probably going to start hearing about more and more. 

What Is the Inavi Black Master Dash Cam For?

Put simply, the Inavi Black Master dash cam is used much like you would use a Go Pro or other wearable camera. Only instead of strapping the Inavi Black Master dash cam on yourself, you put in on the dashboard of your car. It will record footage as you drive or take a still image every second while your car is parked. Police vehicles have been equipped with these sort of cameras for decades. The purpose was to provide a visual record of traffic stops or other activities. Similarly, if the vehicle was ever in an accident, there was a visual record of it.

As this technology became smaller and cheaper, people across the globe began to use dash cams. Sometimes they catch something amazing, like a meteorite exploding the upper atmosphere. Sometimes they help police solve crimes. They also provide a visual record of any accidents, which is good for law enforcement and the insurance companies. Essentially, you’d want a Inavi Black Master dash cam in myriad “just in case” situations. You never know what you will record, and that’s honestly part of the fun.

Who Needs A Inavi Black Master Dash Cam?

Many of the most modern luxury cars come equipped with the latest features, including alerts for when the car drifts out of its lane or impending impacts. It’s still rare, however, for cars to come equipped with a built-in dash cam. (And, when they do, it will likely take a few generations before the factory models are any good.) So, if you want a record of any accidents or incidents that may happen in front of your car, you need an Inavi Black Master dash cam. Similarly, if you want a visual record of each second that passes while your car is parked, this can do that for you. However, if your car doesn’t have lane alerts or certain analytical features, this camera can address those needs as well. We explain more about how below.

Features and Benefits of the Inavi Black Master Dash Cam

In order to best highlight what the Inavi Black Master dash cam has to offer, we’re going to look at it from different angles. First, we’ll go through the technical details, explaining how it’s powered. We’ll examine the image quality and specific functions. Finally, we’ll take about the awesome extra features Inavi offers.

1. Tech and Specs of the Inavi Black Master Dash Cam

inavy black master dash cam, inavy black master dash cam review

The most important part of any dash cam is the camera. The Inavi Black Master dash cam is actually two cameras. The front camera shoots 2K video at 2040 x 1080p. This makes incredibly sharp and detailed video. The rear camera shoots in high definition, 1280 x 720p. This camera can also rotate 360 degrees, so you can shoot from any angle, and it can be set to be always on and recording just like the front-facing camera. Your vehicle powers the device, so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

The camera is equipped with an automatic power management system that both ensures safe operation at high temperatures and will stop drawing power from the car to prevent discharging the battery. The Inavi Black Master dash cam also has a dual save feature. Your video is saved on the memory card and the internal memory. It supports Format Free 2.0, so you don’t need to worry about formatting them every so often. Videos are saved as an AVI file, so you won’t need another program. 

2. Video and Image Quality of the Inavi Black Master Dash Cam

inavy black master dash cam, inavy black master dash cam review

As mentioned above, the video you will capture with your Inavi Black Master dash cam will be in stunning 2040 X 1080p, 2K quality. These are going to be sharp, detailed videos that will look stunning, even if it’s the same old commute you make every single day. In fact, sometimes the camera might be able to see a little bit better than you. This may be because of the Sony Exmer CMOS image sensors found in both front and rear cameras. Or it could be the man smart features that come with the camera.

This dynamic device offers a number of image correction features, which you can apply in real-time on the three-and-half-inch LCD touchscreen display. You can turn on night-vision on those dark, back roads. You can use a feature that adjusts contrast on sunny days so the video isn’t washed out. Thanks to the handy IPS touch display and voice control options, you can make sure you are always getting the best images.

3. The Inavi Black Master Dash Cam's Security Mode

inavy black master dash cam, inavy black master dash cam review

The video taken by the Inavi Black Master dash cam is shot at 30 frames-per-second, but sometimes the camera takes far fewer. When you are away from your car, this camera will still keep watch for you. In time-lapse security mode, the Inavi Black Master dash cam shoots one frame per second. Because this is much less data than is normally used, security mode can keep continuous watch for nearly four days straight. If anything happens, your car gets bumped or hit, the camera will record it. Of course, if the car or the camera is stolen, there’s nothing that can be done about it. This camera does not have a wireless function that allows it to upload images or data.

4. The Inavi Black Master Dash Cam's Warning Systems

inavy black master dash cam, inavy black master dash cam review

Like many dash cams, the Inavi Black Master offers a number of smart features that can help you be a better driver. You can enable the Safe Driving Assistant, which will offer warnings and guides on the LCD display as you drive. If you drift out of your lane, the Inavi Black Master will warn you. It will also keep track of your braking activity, as well as warning you when the vehicle in front of you starts to move. However, the Inavi Black Master dash cam does more than that. 

Using connector cables, you can tie the Inavi Black Master dash cam into your car’s nerve center. It will keep track of your braking, your accelerator usage, and even if you’ve used your turn signal or not. It will keep track of your speed, mileage traveled, and even the RPM record on the car. All of this is valuable data in case of an accident, but it also gives you information you can use to improve your driving. You can learn to brake sooner or ease off the gas more when the data is in front of you in cold, hard numbers. The Drive X system can help you understand more about what kind of driver you are. Not bad for a small video camera.

What People Are Saying About the Inavi Black Master Dash Cam

As long as a dash camera takes clear video, most users are satisfied. Still, what Inavi Black Master dash cam users seem to like best about it are its special features. There are videos online of people showing off the power of the night vision or sun smoothing features. The time lapse security feature is also something users are sure to be glad of. If you ultimately choose the Inavi Black Master dash cam, come back and let us know your review of it in the comments!


  • plus
    Plenty of smart features
  • plus
    Night vision and sun smoothing features
  • plus
    Both front and rear camera


  • close
    New on the global stage
  • No wireless mode or remote

There is little to dislike about the Inavi Black Master dash cam. There is no wireless remote, which would be very handy especially if voice-activation fails. There is also no wireless networking with your smartphone. The only other concern is the limited reach of the brand. If warranty or other service issues arise, you may have to send the camera to South Korea for repairs or replacements. Still, those are minor concerns in the modern global marketplace.

Alternatives to Inavi Black Master Dash Cam to Consider

While the Inavi Black Master dash cam is a great choice for most, no device is perfect for everyone. Depending on your needs or wants, you might want to consider some of the alternatives listed below. 

inavy black master dash cam, inavy black master dash cam review

If safety is your main reason for picking up a dash cam, then Thinkware’s device is for you. Small and cylindrical, it can record video in the front and the back in 1080p. What makes this even more impressive is that it has a 140-degree viewing angle. This can stretch out the image. This is good for evidence reasons but not-so-good if your goal is capture video for artistic purposes. 

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If you don’t want the cylindrical style and feel that 140-degrees still isn’t wide enough, then check out the Wheel Witness HD. This camera comes with a three-inch display, so you always know what’s in the shot. This camera can capture 170-degrees with a wide-angled lens mode. Everything it films is in 2304 x 1296p resolution, so you’ve got room to zoom in and look at things up-close. This camera has plenty of menus and options, so it could be confusing at first. However, just keep the manual handy until you are familiar with it.

3. Winy Dash Cam

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If it’s the lack of wireless access that’s holding you back from the Inavi Black Master dash cam, consider the Winy. It comes with some smart features, such as collision or lane departure alarms. It has a three-and-a-half-inch LCD touchscreen, and it’s durable. It can preserve video files in temperatures ranging from extreme heat to extreme cold. It also has a wireless feature that allows it to link up to your smartphone. You can control the camera, download or upload recordings, and clear the memory card all from the app.

The Inavi Black Master dash cam is an excellent choice for a camera, but it also works marvelously as security and driving assistance systems.

When people want a dashboard camera, they usually just want something that will get the video they need. The Inavi Black Master dash cam does that and more. Like many of its fellow dash cams, it can warn you if you drift out of your lane or if you are about to be in an accident. But it can also take detailed statistics of how you use your car. Sure, this information can come in handy for insurance reasons, but it can also make you a better driver. Or at least a more self-aware one when you hit the road in your luxury car. We live in a world of technological miracles, and the Inavi Black Master dash cam is one of them. Embrace it. If you end up regretting getting a dash cam, it probably means you’ve been lucky enough to never be in an accident.

Still, dash cams can be used for more than just evidence. Remember what it was like as a kid to drive to that far off relative’s house, a laborious hour or two in the car? Imagine having a visual record of it. It may be too late for us, but you could use the dash cam to help create records of memories we don’t even realize we miss. That’s the best thing about a camera. Sure, it can mean someone is watching, but it also always offers an opportunity to capture something truly memorable.

What do you think? How would you use an Inavi Black Master dash cam? Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas in the comments below. Don’t forget to share the article on social media if you’ve enjoyed it!

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