JM Weston Shoes: The Style Secret of Successful Men

For those unfamiliar with the name, JM Weston is probably one of the most luxurious and powerful shoemakers in the world. It’s not just because their name is synonymous with quality in the minds of every French consumer; it also has to do with the fact that they used to own their very own tannery.

Before it was sold in 2013, JM Weston’s tannery supplied about 60 percent of all leather for many of the major men’s shoe brands out there. JM Weston is clearly in a league of its own, and today we talk about how this French brand can offer the highest quality of leather.

History of JM Weston Shoes

Founded in 1891 by Édouard Blanchard, JM Weston is a French luxury shoe company world renowned for its handmade men’s shoes. The story of the company begins in the heart of France’s Limoges region, where tanning and leather working were part of the tradition.

After establishing his factory, Édouard was soon joined in the business by his forward-thinking son, Eugène. His eyes were focused on the modern manufacturing methods used in the U.S. which proved to propel them towards national recognition.

Nowadays, the most famous models of J.M. Weston Shoes are the 677 Chasse (a robust outdoor shoe), the 180 Mocassin (an elegant penny loafer), and the 598 Demi-Chasse (a fancier version of the Chasse). You can buy J.M. Weston shoes from the company’s own boutiques, or from luxury department stores.

Authentic French Style

Despite the fact that J.M. Weston is quite an English-sounding name, the luxurious manufacturer embodies a very French – and a very Parisian – kind of elegance. Their shoes perfectly combine timeless style with a bold, contemporary twist. The famously classic shoes are injected with freshness and a nonchalant aristocracy.

JM Weston is not afraid to allow rich and raw materials to rub shoulders, or make calfskin suede shake hands with box leather. It puts cashmere alongside denim with courage, and the result is what makes the company rank so high even today.

JM Weston is the epitome of the French style – successfully mastering the opposites, making new associations, and pairing different eras. The company’s iconic loafer is a mere reflection of the subtle combinations that can be found in all of their shoe collections.

“It’s that way of taking aim and shooting fast and sharp that I call style.” – Jean Cocteau

Technique & Heritage

After all these years, J.M. Weston still succeeds in preserving their exceptional know-how. Traditional techniques – such as the Norwegian welt technique for the Chasse Derby shoe – are part of their French secret, as well as the fine-stitch seam on the apron of the Golf Derby shoe.

Some of the company’s models have become emblematic over the years. The Golf Derby shoe, for example, is a case in point; it was inspired by Percy and Aubrey Boomer, the famous golfing brothers, who only wore J.M. Weston shoes.

At the same time, the loafer – the company’s true icon – has become an integral part of J.M. Weston’s French heritage. The model can be reinterpreted indefinitely, meeting new needs and desires

Timeless Elegance

Iconic shoe models cannot help but travel through time and evolve with the look of men of every generation. To do just that, J.M. Weston periodically invites artists and designers to give their own perspective and interpretation of the J.M. Weston style. Sometimes, these invitations end up in unique collections, while others materialize in cultural projects.

Check out the J.M. Weston official website for more information about the company’s history and its progress over the years. Also, if you’re looking to acquire a pair of J.M. Weston shoes for men, feel free to browse our own selection below.

Mocassin 180 Brooklyn Brown

Part of the Indian Summer shoe collection, this iconic 180 loafer is a way of expression in itself. It boasts a mix of new material and colors, offering tribute to the most amazing capital cities during the autumnal season – Paris, Tokyo and New York.

Meticulously handcrafted in France (just like any other JM Weston shoes), these loafers are cut from a tactile mix of soft camel suede and full-grain leather. They feature plum-hued stitching that offers the shoes a characterful finish. You could wear your pair with no-show socks to be in line with the latest bare-ankle look.

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Plateau Derby

Each and every one of J.M. Weston’s shoe collections is constantly offering customers luxurious variations. They are the kind of shoes you want to hand down from generation to generation.

The Plateau derby makes no exception; it celebrates the looks of the Golf, as well as the Chasse derby shoe in a unique way. Handcrafted from grained calfskin leather (for the upper design) and a cogged rubber sole, these shoes add a modernity touch to the emblematic Chasse derby shoes.

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Cap-Toe Oxford

In today’s day and age, dress codes and definitions of casual and formal seem to have turned upside down and inside out. Therefore, a man must own at least one pair of shoes that can be worn pretty much everywhere. This pair of black cap-toe oxfords, designed by J. M. Weston’s creative director, Michel Perry, is just what you’re looking for.

Thanks to the no-nonsense toe cap, you can wear them with any kind of outfit. It looks just as natural with beat-up jeans as with a three-piece worsted. If you take good care of them – polished and dry – they’ll serve you forever. And that’s more than what can be said for most things these days.

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Mountain Boots

Why not be elegant at the top of the mountains, as well? These boots, with their pure and simple upper design, will do the job and then some. Leather straps are used to reinforce tension points, while “rivets” strengthen the whole assembling. The creative designer has also added a double-shutter on the back of the shoe and on the sides.

All in all, these mountain boots not only look good, but also make for some great outdoor exploring. These perfect details blend in an authentic, expert, and modern style, making the boots a symbol of an independent man on the move.

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Moccasin 180 Burgundy Boxcalf

There are many models of the moccasin 180, since it holds the honored place of having been designed by the brand’s founder. This flagship model features a timeless style and distinctive shape, as well as a unique fit. Surprisingly, more than 200 different shapes were tested and discarded until the final design was decided on.

J.M.Weston’s 180 burgundy boxcalf moccasin is one of the models still produced in accordance with the original fabrication processes. The same atelier in Limoges, France, is responsible for making the shoes you can call yours. This pair comes in a rich burgundy shade that makes a striking contrast to other styles in black or brown.

The Parisian style of the 1960s – pairing the iconic shoes with jeans, a bare ankle, and wayfarer sunglasses – is still as fresh today as it was back then.

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Cap-Toe Oxford Redesigned

Ever since the 1930s, the JM Weston 300 toe-cap oxford shoe has become an iconic symbol of the brand. However, the new model has been redesigned in a chic and versatile version that’s more suitable for an urban style. The crepe rubber sole is extremely comfortable, while the double topstitching line of the round toe gives the shoe a refined look.

With these stylish improvement, it’s no wonder the 300 toe-cap oxford shoe has become this autumn’s featured model. Cut from smooth and suede calfskin, this shoe hints to a relaxed, yet elegant man. The new toe-cap oxford shoe comes with a flexible and comfortable feel, which allows you to wear it in a wider variety of contexts.

The smooth calfskin comes in burgundy and classic black, while the suede calfskin is available in navy blue and camel. All of the models offer a cashmere-like feel that sets you off into autumn with a palette of warm tones.

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Grained-Leather Loafers

Coming straight from J.M.Weston’s factory in Limoges, France, these loafers are handcrafted from chocolate grained-leather. The label’s iconic loafers have a unique refined air that’s hard to imitate. The Blake-welted soles ensure comfort and flexibility, while also guaranteeing an easy repair after years of wearing. No-show socks can provide extra insulation in the winter months.

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JM Weston is – undoubtedly – a worldwide leader in the luxurious shoemaking industry. Any of the shoes we have presented above are meant to preserve the company’s prestige while also serving the customer with comfortable and elegant footwear. Shop with confidence!

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