The Kate Moss Perfume: A Whiff of Haute-Couture

It seems we all want to smell like Kate Moss. The supermodel is not only the favorite incarnation for the ethereal world of high-end perfumes, from Calvin Klein Obsession to Coco Mademoiselle and Charlotte Tilbury. Kate Moss perfume is in itself a brand worth more than a whiff.

The British beauty has signed 10 fragrances so far, the earliest launched in 2007 and the most recent in 2012. It’s not an outlandish gesture coming from the Kate Moss who, once she had conquered fashion advertising in the nineties, she had forever left a distinctive trail in her wake.

While Heidi Klum embodied the quintessential top-model, gracefully tall, long-legged and Victoria Secret curvaceous, Kate Moss stood up for the ‘waif’ look. Add a rock’n’roll rebel streak and a penchant for business, and it becomes apparent why the Kate Moss name endured for more than 20 years, defying the very definition of the fashion world – shifting trends.

Out of the 10 Kate Moss fragrances launched under the eponymous brand, we’ve chosen a select few that we think reflect the contrasts of their muse – a Kate Moss wild and edgy, a Kate Moss seductive and warm.

Kate Moss Perfume – Top 3 Fragrances from the British Beauty


Kate Moss by Kate Moss Perfume – 2007

First Launched Kate Moss Perfume


The self-titled first fragrance signed by the model, the Kate Moss Perfume represents the kind of seduction that triggers an olfactory ecstasy. The muskiness hits the nose first. Or rather, it envelops and wraps a blanket of orange blossom absolute, rose, patchouli, magnolia, ambrette, and vetiver around it. The tea rose shines a ray of sun over the sleepiness

The fragrance charms you to the edge of hypnotic sleep. And right at the moment when you drift away, the tea rose shines a ray of sun. Then, the spiciness of the forget me not and pink pepper stirs you into wakefulness. In a way, the perfume fuses the old English conservative and proper style with the rebellious hedonism of a young girl upon which an entire world throws itself. Does the story sound familiar?

Kate Moss Wild Meadow Eau de Toilette – 2010

Wild Meadow Kate Moss Perfume

A signature perfume is memories and visuals concentrated in an essence. So is the Wild Meadow recording the wanderings, sights, and adventures that define the British model. The white floral fragrance reflects the misty dawn of the English chillingly fresh countryside. The Wild Meadow builds on the sensual and unabashed femininity Kate Moss has become known for.

It opens with top notes of pink grapefruit, bergamot, and vineyard peach. The grand finale sees a twist of magnolia, rose, honeysuckle and skimpy undertones of benzoin and amber leave the final impression on the skin. The scent deserves a big wow, and so will the very affordable price.

Kate Moss Perfume Lilabelle Truly Adorable – 2012

Kate Moss perfume

Kate Moss is a mother by now. The Lilabelle fragrance is a love signature dedicated to her daughter. Is there any wonder then that the perfume is as candy-sweet and cashmere-soft as the pink-all-over packaging suggests?

‘Lilabelle Truly Adorable is dedicated to my daughter Lila, inspired by her girlish innocence. It captures the pure beauty and playful sense of fun of youth. Old-fashion floral prints have always been a part of my summer wardrobe. They were a true inspiration for both the fragrance and design’, says Kate.

Kate Moss perfume is designed to endow a woman to change the molecular structure of a room solely by entering it. All her fragrances are testimonies to the supermodel’s ups and downs, ecstasies and sorrows, elegance and street glam.

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