Lampuga Boost Review: Every Water Lover’s Dream Come True

Surfing is an excellent experience for your health, mind and fitness. 

It’s been scientifically proven that spending time in water makes you more relaxed. But if you’re not a confident swimmer or surfer, what are your options? Luckily, thanks to technological developments, there are a few great options on the market. One such is the Lampuga Boost – an electric surfboard which has revolutionised the surfing experience. We've reviewed this product to provide you with the details you need to determine whether the Lampuga Boost is the motorized surfboard for you.

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Credit: Flickr, maxime raynal

Things To Consider Before Buying The Lampuga Boost

The Lampuga Boost is one of our favorite electric surfboards available. Even still, it's quite an investment and there are a few important considerations to make. We've broken these down below to ensure the Boost is a great fit for you.

lampuga boost

Credit: Lampuga

Current Availability and Measurements

When you purchase a traditional surfboard, you get to see it in front of you. However, the Lampuga Boost isn’t yet available in-stores and only for online purchases. As such, it’s worth considering the measurements at home so when it arrives, you anticipate your height and weight on the electric surfboard. You can customize the colour and design to your liking, but do consider that you may need to contribute 50 percent of the total price upfront.

Price and Your Surfing Habits

At around $12,000, the Lampuga Boost isn’t the cheapest gadget on the market. However, we are impressed with its capabilities and feel that this price is fair given its experience. We feel it’s important to stress how often you’ll use it. Do you often travel to beaches? If not, would you be willing to expand your travel experience to be on water more often? It’s a shame to leave this incredible electric surfboard in a cupboard and not to use. As it's electric, it can easily seize up if stored too much and not used often.

Time on the Water

On the other hand, maybe a battery life of 45 minutes isn’t enough time for you in the water. Consider if you could accept two hours’ charging time and less than an hour in the water. There are ways around this though, as you can purchase a portable charging kit to boost its power in-between surfing.

Awesome Features and Benefits of the Lampuga Boost

There are so many reasons to purchase the hottest water gadget. Lampuga Boost just does that -- boosts your confidence, your experience, and the fun. It's a prime surfboard for learning how to surf or becoming a stronger surfer. Let’s take a look at our favourite features and why you need to add this to your bucket list.

1. Removable Battery

lampuga boost

Credit: Lampuga

The Lampuga Boost reinvented its style and functioning in 2018, and now comes with a removable battery. Weighing around 20kg in total, the battery is nearly half the weight of the Lampuga Boost, which is responsible for its immense speed. Unlike competitor versions, the battery is easy to replace. You can even extend your ride time with spare batteries. If you own the Lampuga Air or Rescue, you’ll be pleased to hear that the batteries are exactly the same.

Charging the battery isn’t time consuming either, as it only takes around two hours to fully charge. Once placed in the Lampuga Boost, it offers 45 minutes of fun. For people familiar with surfing and water sports, this is ample time to have some fun without cutting it short. When it’s time to renew or charge the battery, removing it is quick and easy. This is a great feature in order to make the process quick.

2. Speed Like Nothing Else

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Credit: Lampuga

If you like speed, you’ll love the Lampuga Boost. Travel up to 36mph (58km/h) on a secure surface, and catch the waves like no other surfer. On average, surfers fetch between 5-10mph, with more experienced surfers capable of reaching around 20mph. However, we love that the Lampuga Boost is capable of nearly double the average surfing speed. It’s the fastest electric surfboard to date, and we can’t see anything taking the lead any time soon.

The electric surfboard tips the scales at 37kg (including the powerful battery), which means some might struggle to drag it across the water on their own. With some assistance, you’re ready to glide through the waters at a touch of a button. It’s sister version, the Air, comes at a lighter weight, making it easier to manoeuvre on your own. Although the electrics do the work for you, you still have to engage your core muscles for balance – so it’s a combined pleasure and workout experience.

3. It’s Made From Quality Materials

lampuga boost

Credit: Lampuga

It’ll give you peace of mind to know that the Lampuga Boost is made from quality materials and resources made in Germany. Its head-turning design will have everyone on the beach looking and wanting one. However, they won’t be staring because it’s noisy, as it offers a nearly-silent experience. This is surprising given its sheer power and speed.

Although it’s electric, it’s built on a rigid platform similar to traditional surfboards. This means you’ll blend in, whilst having people admire your impressive skills. Its design is also suitable for surf lovers so you won’t get confused as you transition to your regular surfboard.

Streamlined, sturdy and ready to power through the water, the Lampuga Boost is able to tackle the toughest, strongest waves whilst holding you securely on top. You’ll never feel out of control though, as the thrust control and steering belt keeps you leading the way. The emergency stop system is a safe touch to keep you safe in the event of a wipe-out. Other traditional surfboards can’t promise this, so we like the safety features implemented into this electric version.

4. It’s One of The Most Durable Surfing Experiences

lampuga boost

Credit: Lampuga

The Lampuga Boost is an improvement on its earliest model in 2015 which reached a maximum of 33mph. The design and creation is more durable and sturdy too, which can withstand more wear and tear and extreme weather conditions. Its body is made of carbon-fibre which makes it more water resistant than other competitor models. This material is strong and stiff, whilst remaining lightweight. Don’t be concerned about water damage either, as carbon fibre is corrosion and chemical resistant.

Strictly crafted at Lampuga’s factory in Rastatt, Southern Germany, it’s stylish and unique to look at too. As you watch it in motion, it maintains excellent speed throughout all wave sizes whilst keeping the surfer relaxed and comfortable. The handle keeps you upright and balanced and prevents any unwanted tipping. Powered by a 15-horsepower motor, the Lampuga Boost spews water off the tail to travel through water at an incredible speed. The agile and smooth angles improve the ride for all levels of water experience.

5. Easy To Ride and Handle

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Credit: Flickr, Marco Verch

You’ll be surprised at how much the Lampuga Boost can handle. The emission-free electric engine is low profile, though don’t let its low volume fool you into thinking it won’t travel fast. It’s quick and easy to get to grips to the Lampuga Boost – even if you’re not a confident surfer. This is all down to the front handle to help you grip on when reaching speeds of 34mph. You can customize the ride to your liking too, so if you’d prefer to travel slower, you’re completely in control.

The emergency stop is automated to prevent any injuries and keep you as safe as possible on the water. The controls keep you relaxed whilst pumping blood through your veins. Simply control the steering by shifting your weight from right to left or forwards and backwards. The built-in pistol grip enables you to easier achieve this whilst accelerating and decelerating to your preference.

6. Enhances Your Water Experience

Who doesn’t love spending time in water? However, not everyone is confident enough to pick up a traditional surfboard and hit the waters. But the Lampuga Boost gives you confidence and faith to become independent enough to ride waves. Not to mention, it offers a lot of fun no matter where you are in the world. Portable, and slightly shorter than your traditional surfboard, you can detach the battery to store in your home and carry in your car. This also means that it’s easier to carry around the beach to the waters.

Available in customizable colours, you can personalise the Lampuga Boost to your liking. Add a little bit of you to your latest water gadget. The 10kW engine is powerful, whilst not being too intimidating. Unlike the previous Air edition, you don’t have to inflate the electric surfboard. Simply attach the battery and you’re ready to go. Once you’re in the water, the speed gradually increases, depending on your preference, so you can go as slow or fast as you like.

What Surfers Have to Say About the Lampuga Boost 

Most owners couldn’t imagine hitting the water without their Lampuga Boost. Whilst some might feel like it takes the real experience away from surfing, many customers commented that it boosted their confidence to take up surfing lessons. You can easily adjust the speed and direction of the surfboard depending on how you want to ride. This is one of the most common positive feedbacks considering it can travel so fast.

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Credit: Flickr, Snapdragon1959


  • plus
    You don’t need strong waves or winds to get the full experience
  • plus
    A safe and exciting water experience
  • plus
    The fastest electric surfboard to date


  • close
  • Heavy to carry around on your own

It is worth considering that as the surfboard is powerful, the battery weighs nearly the same amount as its body. Therefore, you might need some assistance carrying it to the water. But, once you’re there, you’ll have one of the best moments of your life. If you can afford this luxury surfboard, we think it's certainly worth the investment!

Alternative Motorized Surfboards to Catch Waves

If you’re looking for a slower, lighter or cheaper alternative to the Lampuga Boost, we’ve found three products which might be ideal for you. Take a read of these if you’re a little intimidated by Lampuga’s high-tech and amazing features to introduce yourself to electric surfing.

1. Onean Carver

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Credit: e-surfer

Onean Carver allows you to choose between five different power levels. Unlike the Lampuga Boost where you accelerate and decelerate, it’s less intimidating if you’re unsure of speed in water. You can select which suits you and keep it at a constant speed to provide a more chilled water experience.

Constructed the same way as windsurf boards, the Onean Carver is incredible value for money, as the manufacturer will repair any damage once you ship it to them. This gives you a great peace of mind if it becomes worn.

If you’d like to give your surfboard a more personal touch aside from just colour, you can purchase optional batteries, handles, nozzles and impellers to make it feel more like your own. We recommend purchasing a spare battery if you like spending a lot of time in water to reduce idle time charging.

2. Onean Mantra 

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Credit: Onean

Onean Mantra is a sister design of the first alternative product. Designed to last 6 hours on water, of up to 7 mph (10 kmh), it offers a relaxed, chilled water time. Depending on how you like to spend your vacation time of where you’re located in the world, this might be an excellent alternative to the Lampuga Boost as you can unwind rather than get water crazy.

Designed for a slower, peaceful water experience, it comes with two footstraps which enables you to sit and relax whilst gently treading water. It’s even highly suited for children, though we recommend supervising them at all times. It has a much bigger surface area than the Lampuga Boost which can comfortably sit two children at one time. Alternatively, there’s even enough room for a picnic basket, bag and fishing equipment.

3. Jetson Li-ion Electric Powered Paddle Board

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Credit: Amazon

The Jetson Li-on electric powered surfboard is suitable for lifeguards to quickly travel on water to save lives. However, the general public can also purchase one. With four power levels, you can reach the waters quickly in more positions than the Lampuga Boost. Whether you wish to surf waves or travel quickly through water, the options are open with the Jetson electric surfboard.

Made from aluminium and not carbon fibre, it’s not as durable, though a lot cheaper than the Lampuga Boost. However, it travels easier and quicker through harsh winds and rip current conditions. As such, it’s an excellent alternative for locations with poor weather conditions. Its integrated jet provides a quick push for a shorter experience on water, but more fun.

Would You Own The Lampuga Boost?

We hope you enjoyed reading this honest and non-biased review of the Lampuga Boost. With so many amazing features and designed by a trusted brand who specialise in surfing products, the risks are minimised. Imagine taking this to the water and dramatically improve your water fun factor.

Would you purchase the Lampuga Boost? Let us know your thoughts, or if you already own one, contribute your experience in the comments.

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