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Largest property in California up for sale for $72 million — A working and wild ranch!

If you ever wanted to own a piece of California property and can afford to do so, now is your chance. Currently, the largest piece of land for sale in the state, the “iconic” N3 Cattle Company ranch, located in Livermore, California, will set you back about $72 million, according to reports. With more than 50,000 acres of diverse terrain up for sale (over 80 square miles), the listing is even larger than the entire land area of San Francisco, California, and runs through four different counties.

Although it is a working ranch for the last 85 years (at least), the listing states that the owners maintained it as “vital and rare” and as “wild as it has been for hundreds of years.”

This ranch is governed by the Williamson Act – known as the “California Land Conservation Act of 1965.” This Act allows local landowners to restrict their land to specific agricultural (and other users) while signing contracts with the local governments.

In exchange, according to the Act:

“…landowners receive property tax assessments which are much lower than normal because they are based upon farming and open spaces uses as opposed to full market value.”

Included in the property, run by “fourth-generation rangers” are creeks, diverse terrains, hunting cabins, a main house, and four employee cabins. Not to mention the 80 square miles of watersheds and localized wildlife across the land, and more than 200 miles of private roads, according to the report.

Also included on the property are:

  • Corrals
  • Hay Barn
  • Horse barn
  • General stores
  • Sheds

As for employees, because this is a “wild” ranch, it can house about 3,200 “stockers” per season. Additionally, it’s home to about 650 “cow and calf pairs” all year round, while having room for more than 1,500 cow and calf pairs during the season inside their fenced and cross-fenced portion of the property.

If you’d like a shot at owning this ranch, it’s listed at California Outdoor Properties for $72 million.

Check out a video tour of the ranch here:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube Video

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