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Larry Ellison’s insanely impressive real estate portfolio — A look inside

Larry Ellison, the co-founder, and CEO of Oracle, the company that brought us the Java programming language that runs, well, almost everything on computers these days, is a multi-billionaire and isn’t afraid to show it off. Ellison’s impressive real estate holdings leave a trail of desire in its wake. Everyone wants what he has in Hawaii, Japan, and Lake Tahoe, Nevada, along with so many more locations.

It’d take a pretty penny to be able to rent – or even buy — one of his properties, which range from personal residences and hotels to restaurants and museums.

But if you can afford it, it’s definitely worth it. And if you can’t, it’s still worth it to look inside some of Ellison’s most sought after properties.

Japanese Temple

Ellison is known for turning his real estate into museums, and the Kyoto, Japan villa is no different. Situated on the Nanzen-ji historic temple grounds – a Zen Buddhist temple that dates back to 1386 – Ellison remarked that the property he purchased there would eventually become a “Japanese art museum.” It was listed for sale at $86 million, according to reports, although other reports have it that Ellison bought it for $100 million.


Hawaiian island real estate

Who doesn’t want to buy an island? Well, Ellison did just that. Or most of one, anyway, in Hawaii. He paid out between $300 million and $600 million to buy up 98 percent of Lana’i. After renovations to various hotel properties, he also bought two airlines, a couple of swanky resorts and, “as an experiment for environmentally sound practices,” he also invested in clean energy across 90k acres.

Lanai Island, ellison, real estate

Image by Forest and Kim Starr via Wikimedia Commons/CC-by-3.0


Lana’i Cat Sanctuary

Founded and run by Kathy and Mike Carroll, the Lana’i Cat Sanctuary came with the purchase of the island. As of 2015, the center housed at least 425 feral cats. The Carrolls rescued the cats from dumps and other sites near some of the Four Seasons resorts, where the cats like to prey on local endangered bird species.


Four Seasons Resort Lana’i

This resort, one of two Ellison purchased on the island, underwent extensive renovations and was closed for months. When it reopened in February of 2016, Ellison showed off a Nobu restaurant in addition to hundreds of newly refurbished hotel rooms, a golf course, and an “adults-only retreat” that boasts several beautiful waterfalls.


21 residential properties

After buying the two Lana’i resorts, Ellison went and purchased more real estate around his second resort, the Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i at Manele Bay. An additional 21 residential properties to be exact. Here’s a look inside one of those properties, located at 258 Hulopoe Drive, Lana’i City.


He paid between $775,000 and $6 million for the properties, paying out a reported total of about $41 million.

Featured image by Jeffrey Friedl via Regex.info/CC-By-NC-3.0



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