LG Electronics 720p Smart TV Review: Hot Features in a Sleek, Slim Frame

There's a wide selection of incredible options in the smart television market.

But the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV clearly stands out from the bunch. Why has it remained such a popular option since its debut? We'll get into all the impressive details a bit later. For now, let's look at the product as a whole. 

This is a sleek screen with a clear view from any angle. And it has a bevy of clever options that are easy to use right out of the box. It's the perfect size for a wide range of spaces. And its timeless design is a surefire match for almost any decor.

lg electronics 720p smart led tv, lg electronics 720p smart led tv review

A Little About the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV

You'll find plenty of smart TV models at any big box store or with a simple Amazon search. So why should you buy this one? Well, that depends on what you want out of your product. Check out the specs behind this TV to find out if it's the right fit for your needs.

What do smart televisions provide? Simply put, they cut out all the hassle when interacting with streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime. There are several big names involved in this emerging sector of the marketplace. And each example accomplishes a similar goal in its own unique way. That gives consumers plenty of room to be picky. We think the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV is an obvious contender. But it will be up to you to determine if it meets your needs. Rely on the guide that follows to help make that decision a bit easier. 

lg electronics 720p smart led tv, lg electronics 720p smart led tv review

Credit: LG

Background About LG

LG has been around for a while and it has a knack for creating products worthy of a buzz. But don't question whether the interesting package has the inner workings to back it up. These products occupy that rare ground where both affordability and innovation can live in harmony. That's why you're almost guaranteed to get a good deal when you buy an LG product. And it's a lot more than just televisions. You can make your next smartphone or washing machine an LG, too. And get the same innovative attention to detail in whatever bears its unique logo.

Who This Product is Great For

Anyone interested in a great TV that will fit in almost any space should consider this product. It's got a 32 inch screen, which might be small for a main living area. But in a den, basement or bedroom, it could be the perfect addition. Love to watch cable? It's easy to plug up anything you need to the range of inputs and plugs. But if you're a cord cutter, it's simpler than ever to log in and watch your favorite streaming content.

Best Uses for This Product

Whether mounted on the wall or sitting on your entertainment center, it makes a great addition. Catch the big game in full high definition. Plug in your favorite video gaming system. Just relax on the sofa while your reruns of an old sitcom play. Whatever you choose to do with the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV is bound to please.

Features & Benefits of LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV

Each of the following functions might rank differently on your scale of importance. Depending on what you're looking for out of your TV, you'll look for different capabilities. But we think that every area listed below is evidence that LG got it right. So shop with confidence when after you read the guide that follows. If these features look great to you, count on the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV to deliver.

1. Crisp, Vivid Display

lg electronics 720p smart led tv, lg electronics 720p smart led tv review

No television is worth watching without a great image. And you can count on some of the deepest and richest colors you've ever seen in such a small screen. The tech behind this picture is one of the clearest on the market. And LG has truly paid a lot of attention to the smallest details. That means everything you see is true to life and bursting with bright hues. And there is plenty of light to push the image out. The viewing angles are such that there is no bad seat in the house. So no matter where you end up, everyone in the room can count on a beautiful picture and a good time.

2. Clear, Vibrant Sound

lg electronics 720p smart led tv, lg electronics 720p smart led tv review

Of course, if you can see everything clearly and can't hear it, you're missing the experience. So the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV pays special attention to the quality of the sound. And when you check out the picture, you're sure to appreciate the audio at the same time. The company's Virtual Surround Plus system offers true sounds across the spectrum. Enjoy everything from the quiet creaks that add suspense to a horror movie to the loud blast of rockets. Whatever you hear will be represented in an incredibly accurate way. 

3. Rich, True Colors

lg electronics 720p smart led tv, lg electronics 720p smart led tv review

The final detail creating a complete viewing experience is the reliability of your color display. Are reds vibrant and recognizable or dull, blending in with the oranges? You won't have to worry about the intended color of anything on your screen anymore. Whatever the shade, it will be perfectly represented in your LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV. The combined effect of the color display and other features is unmistakable. You'll feel like you're there far more than when watching almost any other 32 inch screen.

4. Simple, Innovative Features

lg electronics 720p smart led tv, lg electronics 720p smart led tv review

Perhaps the best part of the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV is its ease of use. Plug it in and you'll immediately be able to start logging in to your favorite streaming apps. Then your experience will be complete. Everything will come through in crystal clear resolution with sound as true as when it was recorded. This is a relatively small TV that packs a big punch in virtually every category. And we didn't even mention the fact that it's actually affordable. LG once again proves you don't have to settle when it comes to an entry level small smart TV.

What Consumers Have to Say About the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV

As you can tell, there's plenty to recommend in this product. But you might prefer to hear directly from consumers who have actually ordered and used it. That's why we searched a range of online reviews to find out what people had to say. And the most common pros and cons from our research are listed below.


  • plus
    Vivid color
  • plus
    Excellent value
  • plus
    Great sound


  • close
    Limited connectivity
  • App selection

Shopping for the LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV might come close to delivering it all. But if you're still not sold, keep reading. We've selected a few other options that give it a run for its money.

Alternative Smart TV Options to Consider

Here are three other smart televisions from brands with a proven reputation for quality and reliability. Check out our brief reviews and see which one comes closest to meeting your needs.

1. Toshiba Fire TV

LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV

Fire TV is a unique take on the smart television trend. It is operated by Amazon, so it comes with many clever features. One of our favorites is connecting to the Alexa voice command. You can download a variety of app including the standard Netflix, Hulu and other big players. Then you'll have a wide range of options including your favorite channels to music options and free content services. Whatever you want to watch is within reach if you have the Fire TV. And Toshiba makes great hardware to hold all those great features.

2. Insignia Fire TV

LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV

Insignia has become a big name in the smart television market. It is known for offering good value with a low entry price and a bunch of features. But we particularly like it when paired to the Fire TV platform. Get all the features you'd expect in a sleek frame. Best of all, it's yours for a price that you're sure to appreciate even more after you start watching it.

3. RCA HD TV/DVD Combo

LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV

Don't need all the streaming options? If you have a DVD collection you still want to easily watch, check out this RCA option. It's got a built in player for all your digital movies. And you'll still be able to hook up external devices like a Roku player for the additional functions. But this is a proven contender from a reliable brand. And whether you hang it or place it on the optional feet, it looks great. Plus, the picture is bright and vivid, ensuring years of reliable performance.

The LG Electronics 720p Smart LED TV is an excellent choice for a variety of consumers.

And if you're looking for a great TV to add to your home, it's certainly worth consideration. Don't settle for the first option you find, though. Take time to consider all the features available in the marketplace. And match them against your own needs and preferences.

We hope our guide has helped narrow down your search. If so, share this article with the tech lovers in your life. And leave us a comment if you have any fina thoughts or questions. 

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