Lingerie Types to Suit Your Body Shape and Preferences

Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off.

First developed in the nineteenth century, lingerie is a way to free women. Since its birth, they’re made with comfortable, high-quality fabrics and exceptional designs. Don’t be nervous about making your first purchase, as it should feel empowering to find the perfect piece for you. Let’s take a look at the different lingerie types and what makes each one unique.

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Different Lingerie Types to Choose From

Understanding the difference between lingerie types is a great way to find the right underwear for you. For underwear fabric, choose 80 percent cotton and 20 percent elastane for comfort and flexibility. Also, wearing similar colours and fabrics will make the look appear more uniformed. Here are some of our favourite lingerie types and how to decipher between them all.

1. Push-Up Bras

Push-up bras are one of the most popular lingerie types. This is because it suits almost any body shape. This underwear re-centres the bust and creates a strong cleavage. As a result, the busy is lifted to the centre panel. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s padded. If you want your bust to look bigger, then we suggest opting for padded bras. But to make them appear more lifted, push-up bras are an ideal choice.  

These bras boost your bust and have earned a reputation for suiting small and medium chest sizes. However, this isn’t the case, as they also suit large chest sizes. With age, genetics and pregnancy, push-up bras sculpt and lift. Essentially, it doesn’t matter what chest size you are to purchase one. Of course, you can combine a push-up bra with additional features such as plunge, padded, unpadded and other options.

To choose the right push-up bra for you, consider your chest size. If you have a large chest size, you won’t need to make your chest look bigger. Therefore, opt for a soft model or one without padding. These add volume to the sizes and underneath the bust for a lifting effecting. As a result, the size of your chest will spread evenly to get you a well-balanced chest. On the other hand, if you have a small chest, you may wish to go for padded bras. The padding gives you a bigger cleavage and a rounder chest. You can even get options with removable padding and different sizes.

2. Suspenders and Stockings

Another of the most obvious lingerie types are suspenders and stockings. Mostly worn for the perfect pleasure to visually reveal your body, these add excitement to a relationship. Designed with care and attention, suspenders and stockings are a treat and sexy luxury at its finest. Of course, you can wear these lingerie types whenever you wish. Also, they come in an array of designs to suit your style and preferences. For example, there’s classic sheer, fishnet stockings, lace and more. This all depends on wherever you choose to wear them, your style and which aspects of your body you’d like to reveal the most.

Your suspender belt should feel comfortable and secure on your waist. As you can adjust the fit, it’s down to personal preference if you attach them whilst you’re standing or sitting. To decipher, consider if you’ll be sitting or standing more and arrange your position accordingly. Stand and sit to check that they’re perfectly place at a comfortable and practical height.

Some women are confused about whether they wear knickers under or over the suspender straps. Again, this is down to personal preference, although it’s more comfortable to wear your knickers underneath. Consequently, the straps enable you to move naturally. On the other hand, if you prefer to have easier access for the toilet etc., then wear your knickers over the suspender straps. Most importantly, it’s crucial that you choose an option which suits your needs and comfort.

3. Corsets

When shopping for corsets, bear in mind your waist size (usually in inches). Many stores don’t refer to sizes as small, medium and large, but in inches instead. So, before you head out, ensure you take an accurate measurement of your waist. Bend to the side. Wrap measuring tape around your body where your torso forms a natural crease. If you’re measuring at or just below your belly button, you’re not measuring the accurate pasty. This part of the process is important, because choosing the wrong size means you won’t benefit from a corset. It’s critical that you choose the appropriate size to shape your figure. Attempting to purchase too small a size can damage the material and cause discomfort and difficulty breathing.

If you haven’t worn a corset before, don’t try to lace it too tight on your first try. You need to give your body time to get used to the garment. When you put it on, listen to your body. If you experience pain or discomfort, this is clearly an indication that you’re wearing it too tight. Don’t lace down the corset more than two inches over a two-hour period. When shopping for a corset, consider the entire outfit and not just how the corset looks. We recommend planning your outfit before shopping for a corset. Lay down everything in front of you before getting dressed too. You also have the option of wearing the corset underneath or on top of your outfit, depending on your preference.

4. Babydoll

The babydoll has quickly become one of the most popular lingerie types for adults. It is generally worn as a bedroom luxury lingerie, and there are a variety of choices. This is a piece of luxury lingerie which is comfortable and flexible to wear. You can wear it like nightwear, or as an undergarment (which is a popular option since the 1970s). If you have a petite body you may wish to choose a babydoll that is less frilly. This is because frills and ruffles draw attention to the face and bust. If you have a small chest size, opt for a design with a v-neckline. This wonderfully enhances the bust area to give you a splurge of confidence.

These lingerie types come in a variety of lengths, although usually are slightly shorter than a skirt. By wearing it shorter, it’ll enhance your legs to make you appear taller. Also, a shorter length will generally look sexier, although you should always consider how it makes you feel. With so many colours and styles to choose from, we recommend choosing an option which suits your mood. The great thing about babydolls is that you can look sweet and innocent, thanks to pastel shades and simple designs. On the other hand, you can appear more sexual with darker colours, elements of lace and detailed sections.

5. Bodysuit

Lastly, one of our favourite lingerie types is the bodysuit, which has quickly come in high demand for numerous reasons. Bodysuits are different from other lingerie types, because you can wear them outside the bedroom without getting strange stars on the street. By pairing bodysuit lingerie with correct pieces, it will look stylish and luxurious. Specifically, bodysuits have shot up in recent years as part of an essential wardrobe garment. To wear a bodysuit comfortably, it’s all about understanding how and what you style it with. There’s so much versatility with this lingerie type – including sleeves and no sleeves. Some are pretty and delicate, whilst others are more practical to keep you warm in cold weather. Most bodysuit’s sleeves are crafted from beautiful floral lace with soft fabric to add comfort and warmth to your body.

In addition, bodysuits have many different types of bum coverage. Choices include: thong, bikini, Brazilian and panty portions. In fact, we’ve never seen a bodysuit with a short attached. Depending on your preference, you can purchase high cut or low cut. As this type of lingerie stays tucked and attached underneath, they always look and stay smooth. Even if your tight tank top stays tucked into your trousers, it can shift and bunch up. However, a bodysuit remains sleek at all times.

What Lingerie Types Are Your Favourite?

Lingerie is powerful because it can express a lot about a woman, and there are so many varieties of lingerie types. Whether you choose to opt for a bodysuit, corset, push-up bra or anything else, ensure you make your choice based on what makes you feel comfortable.

Always consider your outer clothes, as this is crucial for your overall look. If the base of your outfit isn’t smooth, the final ensemble will look creased and uneven. Choose lingerie which is lively, soft and comfortable. You should feel confident and sexy when wearing it, so consider the fabric and how it feels on your skin. After reading about the different lingerie types, what’s your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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