London: Places To Enjoy The City While Avoiding The Crowds

London is on many people’s bucket listt, but the city can get so busy that you miss out of the holiday of a lifetime. 

England’s capital offers an array of activities - from theatre to exploring historical attractions. But, the expense, and large groups can be off-putting and frustrating. Let’s slow time down and escape for a little while with these five places to enjoy London and escape large crowds. 

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Things To Do In London

During your stay in London, you'll want to be sure to include these great places on your itinerary. Break away from the crowds to explore lesser known areas:

1. Phoenix Garden - 21 Stacey St, London, WC2H 8DG.

Take a break from cars and the rush of the city, and unwind. Welcome to the peaceful Phoenix Garden. The Garden was converted in 1981 after being bombed in the Second World War, so it was renovated into a car park. Now, it's a tranquil plot to slow down and relax. Quietly nestled in the heart of London, the Garden is open 365 days a year from 9am-4pm. It’s an oasis of greenery and ponds with a fresh and light-hearted character.

2. House of Dreams - 45 Melbourne Grove, SE22 8RG. East Dulwich rail.

The House of Dreams is a museum within a terraced house. It comprises of personal art created by artistic visionary Stephen Wright, therefore not everyone knows about it. Located in the middle of an ordinary-looking street, this creative abode is packed with people’s trash artistically displayed. The entire walls in his house are full, and most of all, he continually adds to them. Many of the features date back many years, and offer hundreds of tales into the lives of ordinary London civilians. Expect doll heads, mosaic wall figures hand-crafted by Wright, while false teeth greet you at the door. 

3. The Sambourne Family Home - 18 Stafford Terrace, W8 7BH. High St Kensington.

Step into the Sambourne Family Home which was once lived in by Punch cartoonist Edward Linley Sambourne. His wife Marion, their two children, and their live-in servants used to live there too. Carefully preserved with personal items of their lives, this townhouse was left intact. It was occupied in 1910 and still resembles the era of nwhen people lived in it. Time travel to the late nineteenth century to see how Londoners lived, and cast your eyes on sketched drawings, oil paintings, costume collections and so much more.

4. Museums of Brands, Packaging and Advertising - 111-117 Lancaster Rd, London W11 1QT

Featuring over 12,000 original items from the Robert Opie Collection, the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising looks through the evolution and creativity of the packaging and advertising industry in the fashion, food, fads, toys and game realms. You can expect to see Rimmel’s makeup from 1890, the First World War Oxo Cubes, and chocolate bars including a Kit Kat from the 1930s. Turn the corner of a different decade every minute and open your eyes to how things used to look.

5. Little Venice – off Blomfield Road Pool of Little Venice London W9 2PF.

A tranquil canal area replicating Italy, Little Venice is the perfect place to escape the crowds and noise of London city. Embark on a quaint boat trip, visit its many restaurants and shops on-site, or stroll on foot to enjoy lavish views of the tranquil landscape. The Bridge House, a traditional pub close by, offers spectacular views of the canal to refresh and hydrate when you’re done.

Visit London and Have Fun!

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Credit: Pixabay, Free-Photos

Take a day off from the city life and enjoy peaceful views with life-long memories. These five attractions lead you off the beaten paths to experience all of London.

Have you visited any of the places above? Let us know in the comments.

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