Looking at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Love Story

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce is a hot topic on the internet at the moment. While rumors are massively spreading, and the social pages are filling with memes, let’s look back at Hollywood’s golden couple’s love story.

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The popular actors met at the filming of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston, and Jolie was a single mother of Maddox, which she adopted from Cambodia. Although many believed that their relationship began while Brad was still married, Jolie denied the rumors several times.

 “To be intimate with a married man when my father cheated on my mother is something i will never forgive myself for. I won’t be able to look in the mirror if I did that. A man that cheats on his wife doesn’t attract me” – said Jolie.

She admitted that their love was born while shooting the movie, but that they only remained good friends till the end of the shooting of the movie.

“We spent a lot of time thinking and talking about what we want in life and realized that we like many similar things. A long time we remained very, very good friends” – said Jolie in an interview for “Vogue”.


Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt said that they will get divorce in January 2005.In March the same year, Jennifer filed for a divorce.

At the beginning Brad and Angelina’s relationship was only rumors. But their love was revealed when paparazzi saw Angelina, Brad and Maddox on a beach in Kenya.

screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-10-39-49-amSeveral months after the divorce, Brad and Angelina shot an editorial for ”W” where they portrayed a happy married couple with children. The photo shoot was critiqued by the public, and Aniston wasn’t happy.

“The world was shocked and I was shocked” – said Aniston a year later.

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Angelina revealed that she was pregnant in January 2006, and several months later adopted Zahara from Ethiopia. 

To escape the paparazzi and the media, Angelina and Brad went to Namibia where their first biological baby was born. Shiloh was born on 27th of May in 2006. At the end of the year, the couple stepped on a red carpet together for the first time.


Angelina adopted Pax from Vietnam as a single parent. A month later, the boys surname was changed to Jolie-Pitt.



At the Cannes Film Festival, the couple revealed that they will be parents to twins.

jolie and pitt announce twins 2008

In July the same year, Jolie gave birth to Knox and Vivienne in France. The first photos of the twins with their parents were sold to “People” and “Hello!” for 14 million dollars. They donated the whole sum to their foundation.



In an interview for “Parade”, Brad spoke about his eventual marriage with Jolie. “I have love in my life, a soul mate–absolutely. When someone asked me why Angie and I don’t get married, I replied, ‘Maybe we’ll get married when it’s legal for everyone else.’ I stand by that, although I took a lot of flak for saying it–hate mail from religious groups. I believe everyone should have the same rights. They say gay marriage ruins families and hurts kids. Well, I’ve had the privilege of seeing my gay friends being parents and watching their kids grow up in a loving environment.”

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“The children definitely connect us, but a relationship can’t exist only because of the kids. You have to be interested in each other and have really, really amazing ad exciting moments together. We do. We love being together. We enjoy it. We need it and we always find special time just for us. We stayed connected. We talk. That’s really important” – said Jolie.

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Jolie denied the rumors about a secret wedding.  “I’m not pregnant. I’m not adopting a child at this moment” – said Jolie.

In a interview for “Parade”, Pitt said: “One of the greatest, smartest things I ever did was give my kids Angie as their mom. She is such a great mom. Oh, man, I’m so happy to have her.”


“I mean, how many stories have you read that aren’t true, stories about me and Angie being married or fighting or splitting up? And when we don’t split up, there’s a whole new round that we’ve made up and we’re back together again! We’ll get married when everyone can. We’re not splitting up. And we don’t have a seventh child yet.”

“I put much more emphasis on being a satisfied man. I’m satisfied with making true choices and finding the woman I love, Angie, and building a family that I love so much.  A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss.  … That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”


Brad finally proposed to Jolie. Pitt’s manager confirmed the news: “Yes, it’s confirmed. It’s a promise to the future and their kids are very happy. For now we don’t have a wedding date.”

The wedding ring was designed by Brad in cooperation with Robert Procop.

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Angelina revealed that she had a double mastectomy after genetic tests revealed she had a big risk of breast cancer. In a letter, she wrote how she received support from Pitt.


“I am fortunate to have a partner, Brad Pitt, who is so loving and supportive. So to anyone who has a wife or girlfriend going through this, know that you are a very important part of the transition. Brad was at the Pink Lotus Breast Center, where I was treated, for every minute of the surgeries. We managed to find moments to laugh together. We knew this was the right thing to do for our family and that it would bring us closer. And it has” – wrote Jolie in a letter for ”The New York Times”.


angelina jolie and brad pitt wedding

The pair got married in the castle Miraval, France, on 23rd of August. Jolie stepped to the altar with her oldest children – Maddox and Pax. Her dress was made by Versace.

After the wedding, the pair started filming their second film – “By the Sea”. The romantic drama is written and directed by Jolie.


bradgelina 2015  


angelina jolie and brad pitt

Jolie filed for divorce and demanded custody of the six children. Substance abuse and anger problems are cited as the reason for the divorce. Apparently, Jolie made this decision because of Brad’s interactions with the children.

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