Luxury Candy Brands Around the World You Need to Know About

If you choose your candy properly, there are many health benefits to it.

However, artificial flavours and over-eating it can lead to health problems. But, imagine eating delicious food which actually isn’t that bad for you. We’ve searched the Internet for the best luxury candy brands and can’t wait to share them with you.

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Luxury Candy Brands You'll Love to Eat

We’re fascinated by the history and background of these luxury candy brands. Each one is unique and not afraid to push boundaries. Priding themselves on only the best, high-quality ingredients, they strive for perfection and don’t stop until it’s reached. With so many luxury candy companies to choose from, we’ve randomly selected a microscopic percentage of the many out there. Let’s take a look.

1. Choc on Choc

Choc on Choc is a fairly new luxury candy business which launched in 2003 in a village in the UK. Created by a father and daughter who loved chocolate and messing around with it in the kitchen, they decided to turn their hobby into a global business. Together, they shaped the business as it is today. They pair firstly made enough chocolate to take to a trade show in Birmingham. To their amazement, they came home from this show with numerous orders for their shops. It was at this point that they realised it would really take off.

The father and daughter (named Flo and Kerr) taught themselves how to make delicious chocolate to delight their new customers. To stand out from the crowd and competition, they came up with original ideas, such as layering chocolate on top of chocolate. By creating beautiful and unique designs, customers simply couldn’t get enough of their delicious creations and amazing details.

To this very day, the company offers a unique range of handmade chocolate and continues to grow the business on this basis. Although they’ve moved to bigger premises to cater to wide audiences, they are still a small, family business at heart. Kerr makes the chocolate moulds in a shed, whilst Flo runs the business and operational side. But, they continue to design the chocolate together. Despite their huge growth, their chocolates are made by hand and staff receive in-depth training before stepping on board. Currently, they product around 63,000 chocolates a week and don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

2. ​Wally and Whiz

Wally and Whiz is another successful luxury candy brand. They started their amazing journey in 2015, in a small apartment in Copenhagen. Kristian Them Hansen created the first ever Wally and Whiz winegum. The owners of this luxury candy brand have a passion for winegums, and still to this day, focus their business and products on a love for this delicious candy. Most winegums are produced or filled with pig’s gelatine. Also, they continued high levels of artificial colours and flavours. As a result, they’d leave an unnatural, synthetic after taste – not to mention, it not being good for your health! With a huge proportion of society not eating conventional winegums because of how they’re made, many fans around the world were missing out on these delectable treats.

After spending many time researching, and testing alternative flavours and textures which didn’t use any type of gluten or animal addictive, it was a long job which soon became worth the effort. With a large variety of ingredients to choose from to reach the tastiest and most natural product possible, it was a difficult task. It wasn’t easy to create a winegum which tasted delicious but didn’t use unnatural flavours. Several months of hard work later, and the perfect balance process was finally reached.

This involved a controlled process of small amounts of corn starch as the only stabiliser. A dehydration process then follows this, which lasted 75 hours. Viola. The first winegum was created.

3. Charbonnel et Walker

Charbonnel et Walker is one of Britain’s first and finest chocolatiers. This amazing, luxury candy business founded in 1875 and continues to rise from strength to strength in this current day. The original shop opened at 173 New Bond Street in Mayfair, and still remains there. How amazing that they became endorsed by the Royal Warrant as one of the few chocolatiers around the world to Her Majesty The Queen. Their iconic customers include: Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, Wallis Simpson, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Alec Guinness, Lauren Bacall, Noel Coward and more.

What makes their chocolate so adored? Their hand-made to the traditional recipes of Madame Charbonnel. This luxury candy business is known for its dark chocolate, which is made from the finest dark couverture. As a result, the taste is rich and provides an unforgettable experience. Also, their luxurious hand-made boxes and satin ribbons complete the look and make an exceptional gift for every occasion. Beautifully packaged and presented, their chocolates will delight everyone. They’re simply a gift to charm your senses.

They’re well-suited for people with a sweet tooth. With a delectable range of smooth truffles and sweet delicacies in the UK, there’s no other luxury candy brand like Charbonnel et Walker. The taste of their current creations isn’t much different than past ones. Although, they take longer to make their products due to the maturing process. Also, they’re always researching and on the lookout for the best high-quality ingredients. Each mouthful tastes like heaven and you’ll want to eat more and more.

4. Rococo

Rococo aim to please every customer who has the pleasure of tasting their luxury candy. Founded in 1983 by Chantel Coady OBE, it’s now stronger than ever and has a bright future in front of itself. The owner wanted to change fine chocolate's taste. Following on from a Saturday job selling confectionary, Coady wanted to create her own empire of luxury chocolate. Inspired by the senses that real chocolate has, she wanted to make delicious recipes people would love.

On the top floor of Rococo Tower in South London is one of the most important rooms at Rococo Chocolates. Here, their team of dedicated and skilled chocolatiers come up with delicious new recipes and produce award-winning chocolate collections of truffles and caramels. They use around 15 different couvertures to make the center of their chocolate range and constantly develop new flavours to get the most out of their results. They follow a process where they line up all of their milk, white and dark couvertures and then decide what to pair them with. The sniff, snip and taste process of each ingredient is highly important. They’ll then add a small bit of chocolate for flavouring. They aim to find something that doesn’t just work with the ingredient, but stands out.

They use a pure blend which doesn’t interfere with anything on the side, though provides a delicious coating to protect the chocolate. The team sincerely care about choosing the best and ethically sourced ingredients. As a result, they have their own farm to grow organic Caribbean cocoa set on the ‘spice island’ of Grenada.

5. Mast Brothers

Mast Brothers are a successful luxury candy brand based in New York City. Founded by brothers in their Brooklyn apartment, Mast Brothers has been at the movement of simple ingredients and traditional processing for as long as they’ve been around. Aside from their delectable flavours, this company believes in equal opportunities for staff, and provides a minimum wage of $15/hr to staff who work there. Their positive, fun team of individuals make it a pleasure to visit. At the cutting edge of the craft foot movement from the start, they don’t intend on slowing down any time soon.

Their chocolate is unique because it’s made from bean to bar, in-house. Using only traditional methods, they don’t re-melt their chocolate like other chocolate brands do. They begin the chocolate-making process by hand-sorting every bean to ensure it’s of the highest quality possible. The cacao is then lightly roasted in small batches for the best result. A cleaner then removes the shells which are then slowly refined under a granite stone wheel. This process takes nearly three days, and they’ll slowly incorporate the other ingredients. As a result, you’re left with the best possible ingredients.

The finished chocolate is poured into bar-shaped moulds, cooled, set and then wrapped. Their signature papers wrap the chocolate using antique equipment. It’s important to state that Mast Brothers source their ingredients from family-owned, organic farms around the world. They pay beyond fair-trade premiums to support and help regions and organizations. Using organic ingredients, they believe that only the best is suitable for their customers.

Do You Have a Favorite Luxury Candy Brand?

We hope you enjoyed reading the research and processes involved in creating luxury candy. It’s a time-consuming process which is well worth it in the end for the delectable flavours. With so many brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make the right choice for you. However, we’re confident that you’ll love our options above.

Do you know luxury candy brands which aren’t mentioned above? If so, share your advice and thoughts in the comments to keep this discussion going.

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