Top 9 Luxury Fashion Brands Every Fashionista Should Wear

The luxury market grows exponentially year after year. If we are talking about the most successful luxury fashion brands in terms of market value, Louis Vuitton is the name on everyone’s lips. However, in the past years, other high fashion clothing houses and designers topped their international fame with equally breathtaking revenues.

Nevertheless, when it comes to a fashionista’s wardrobe, the market value of a certain brand matters less. What does matter is that brand’s unparalleled dedication to offering women the best there is in the world. From clothes to shoes, from bags to bling, some luxury fashion brands go above and beyond to satisfy the most sophisticated of tastes.

We put together today a top fashion brands list of luxury fashion brands any self-aware fashionista should wear. These brands are not about the latest trends or the newest color patterns of the season. They are haute couture at its finest. They represent heritage, effortless elegance, a statement of class, refinement, and femininity you will not find anywhere else.

1. Louis Vuitton

luxury fashion brands louis vuitton new hobo bag

The leather goods monogrammed with the famous LV logo are a must in any sophisticated woman’s closet. Louis Vuitton can supply you with endless high-end accessories and ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, and sunglasses, among others. Louis Vuitton dominated the luxury fashion brands market for many years. Not so long ago, the brand received a well-deserved spot in Forbes’ Most Valuable Luxury Brands of 2013 List.

Wearing a Louis Vuitton bag, trunk, or stylish piece of accessory is about making a statement on how you understand fashion in its deepest meaning. You will not look flashy, but you will turn heads everywhere you go. The discrete LV monogram on your bags will clearly show the world you are one of the selected few.

2. Gucci

luxury fashion brands gucci accessories

Life and luxury fashion would be nothing without a pair of Gucci shoes or a Gucci purse. The legendary Italian brand became one of the most successful and exclusivist fashion houses of the 21st century. Although today Gucci is a part of the Gucci Group and belongs to the French company Kering, you cannot mistake a Gucci product for anything in the world.

A pair of Gucci shoes, a leather belt or the famous crocodile shoulder bag by Gucci are icons more than they are fashion apparel. The Italian leather, the artisanship, and the impeccable and deep knowledge of women’s desires this company shows are unparalleled.

One cannot speak about Gucci without mentioning Alexander McQueen. He was one of the designers that reshaped the 21st century. After working for more than a decade as an independent fashion creator, he started working for the Gucci Group.

Until his death, McQueen made a name for himself in association with his own brand, the Gucci Group, and the Givenchy giant. Much of Gucci’s success stands on the shoulders of this fashion innovator, re-creator, and visionary and today, wearing an Alexander McQueen signature fashion items means paying tribute to world-class taste.

3. Fendi

luxury fashion brands fendi new bags collection

The House of Fendi’s purse collection is something to dream of and make your own. This major brand does not only have a rich history, it also has one of the most resounding names in the fashion world. The image of Fendi will forever be associated with the Baguette bag and the iconic Peekaboo. These two iconic staples of high-end fashion put Fendi on the bright map of luxury fashion brands a long time ago.

Fendi purses are fabulous to the extent of being veritable artworks. You will not go wrong with a Fendi bag no matter what occasion you attend. Their sophistication lies within their simple yet breathtaking silhouettes. Add the heritage comprised in the Fendi logo and you will have one of the most sought-for purses on the planet, no matter what model you choose.

4. Dior

luxury fashion brands dior new collection

There is no fashion without Dior. You just have to pick your lux poison: out-of-this-world haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, timepieces, and fragrance, makeup, and skincare products. This company pampers women, men, and children alike and there is nothing you can dream of and not finding at Dior.

Paying a visit to a Dior boutique is an experience of a lifetime every fashionista should try at least once. The House of Dior is famous for its sumptuous, impressive, mind-blowing pieces of couture that may not always find their place out of a fashion show. However, just like the famous Dior lipstick, the famous Dior dresses turned celebrities into fashion icons.

There is no way you can miss a Dior item in your wardrobe if you share the respect and passion for beauty as the famous house does.

5. Chanel

luxury fashion brands chanel new collection embroidery details

Coco Chanel’s name is synonym with the femininity revolution and female liberation. Today, the Chanel name brings along the legacy of a woman who saw the future and reshaped it in her own image. From the first decadent silk pajamas for women to the Chanel No. 5 perfume, and from the iconic Chanel suit to the legendary Chanel shoes, this house changed the very way we perceive women and fashion.

Chanel is today one of the biggest and most powerful luxury fashion brands in the world. One of the most expensive Chanel items is the “The Chanel “Diamond Forever” classic bag, an item so exclusivist, few can truly comprehend it. Today, the brand addresses all women with a deep understanding of luxury and beauty – celebrities or not. For a unique experience, no matter what Chanel signature piece you want to get, we recommend a visit to the Paris store. It will be an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

6. Prada

luxury fashion brands prada clothes and accessories

Even the devil wears Prada, as Hollywood was so kind to remind us. Prada is always in top 100 fashion brands of the year, no matter the year. With an impressive market value and reputation that transcends time and space, Prada is something to wear with reverence. Prada is what we would call a trendsetter in casual conversations, but it is more than that. It is also among the houses who shaped the future of women.

Prada clothing and accessories symbolize novelty. Although a creator and a harbinger of innovation, Prada has a few unique staple items you simply cannot live without if you are a true fashionista. Some of the latest creations include the Prada Georgette dress, the Prada floral-printed denim dress, and, of course, the Prada signature bag.

For a dash of sophisticated hi-tech fashion display, you can also try the Prada LG mobile phone.

7. Hermès

luxury fashion brands hermes kelly bag

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word Hermès? The fashion house’s legendary bags collection? Is it the fabulous Birkin bag, a purse so exclusive and famous they made an entire Sex and the City episode around it? Do you instantly think about the Hermès cult-status iconic scarves? Is it the Hermès perfumes that make your heart sing? It really does not matter.

One of the most powerful fashion brands in history, Hermès aims to please. It is bold, big, sophisticated, expensive, emblematic, and forever surprising. Just like a fashion house should be. It is one of the most valuable luxury fashion brands as well in terms of market value. Owning a Hermès signature fashion item, accessory, or fragrance is a statement in and out of itself.

8. Jimmy Choo

luxury fashion brands jimmy choo ballerina collection

Jimmy Choo’s shoes redefined what we call today “red carpet fashion”. The brand comes together with a glamorous aura. It may be because of the sexy and sophisticated high heels. It may be because of the stylish and iconic Jimmy Choo flats – an example that a visionary creator can perfectly blend in luxury with utility.

Jimmy Choo is a pioneer in all regards as luxury fashion brands are concerned. Besides the market value of the company, the brand stands for outstanding femininity achieved effortlessly. Beautiful Gal Godot is a huge fan of Jimmy Choo flats and for all the right reasons. Much like Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo shoes come with a story of subtle style and infinite glamour turning any woman into a princess.

On the other hand, you should know that in a world praising pumps and high heels, Jimmy Choo is one of the few daring to redefine flat shoes and comfortable footwear without losing a drop of that red carpet aura all his creations share.

9. Tiffany & Co.

luxury fashion brands tiffany and co jewelry

If diamonds are girls’ best friends, Tiffany & Co. made sure this state of facts would always remain the same. Tiffany markets its brand luxury items as the definition of taste and style. The company itself is an arbiter of elegance. It is the perfect example of luxury done right with that certain je ne sais quoi that still fascinates and inspires.

From its signature engagement rings to the latest pieces of jewelry for men, Tiffany & Co. takes femininity to the next level. You may not be the Audrey Hepburn style of woman. With a modern take on fashion and a contemporary joie de vivre, you may be the exact rebellious and original fashionista type that big designers love.

Nevertheless, do not for a second think that Tiffany’s jewelry and accessories are for formal, old-fashioned, Hepburn-style of women. On the contrary. The visionary American designer comes with pieces that will appeal to any personal style and quirkiness.

Picking up the scarves…

…Tell us what of these luxury fashion brands do you love. Do you already have signature items from any (or all) of them? Do you have other suggestions of luxury fashion brands that all fashionistas should wear?

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