Top 3 Luxury Headphones for Flawless Sound and Extra Class

In ear, on the ear, over the ear. Headphones, like most things in life, come in all shapes and sizes. However, if you want to walk the streets cloaked into the sound world of your choice, expect to hear that cha-ching sound accompanying the price tag. Our luxury headphones include those sought-after noise-cancelling features, but also require a sky-high budget.

Top 3 Luxury Headphones for the Ultimate Sound Experience

The Sennheiser HD800 – The Over-the-ear Headphones

Sennheiser luxury headphones

The realm of high-fidelity audio spans wide and limitless. However, no need to get stuck at the crossroads of the mighty sound system market. There are some guiding criteria to help you choose one track.

For example, over the ear headphones stand out as the best option if your requirements include high comfortability and total audio depth. How long can you hold your breath for? Because the Sennheiser brand is the ultimate diving experience for your ears.

Once you don’t mind the ‘hulk’ of all headphones smashing any style subtleties – the bulky design really looms large and 330 grams heavy over your head – the Sennheiser are definitely the luxury headphones of the year. The engineering is top notch and the sound exquisite.

But all the glorious choirs of headphone paradise come at a price. Get yours for $994

The Diamond Cover Monster N-Pulse – The Jewel Headphone

Diamond Monster luxury headphones

Arguably the glitziest headphones in the world, the Diamond Monsters are the bejeweled version of luxury headphones. However, don’t think for a moment those Swarovski crystals are just a cover up for poor sound quality. This is not a case of glamour with no character.

On the contrary, these DJ-styled beauties have plenty of essentials to make for the essence. To give you the audio print on them, we’ll just say the bass is thump and the highs are Swarovski crystal clear.

However, as you’d expect, all this bling is going to cost you a mint. <Get yours for $873. . The fashion statement is included.

The Audeze Sine – The On-the-ear Headphones

Girl with luxury headphones

What’s the difference between on the ear and over the ear headphones? If you’ve lived through the MTV scene of the 80s, the first model will send shivers of both recognition and nostalgia down your spine. The on-the-ear, swanky Audeze Sine are the modern, high-tech descendants of the Walkman headphones.

Not only are the luxury headphones from Audeze Sine a real deal at $499.99, but the pair has the distinction of being the first on-ear headphones to use planar magnetic drivers. At least, this is what its marketers rave about. The sound is spacious, as this is the main feature of the on-ear model. However, that doesn’t translate to any sound leakage or noise distortions.

Throw in an extra $50, and your retro headphones will be joined by a ‘lightning cable’ that connects your microphone to an iPhone 7.

Audiophiles want more than a pair of functional luxury headphones. Producers know that and include that glut of features in the price tag that you’ll find very hard to resist.

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